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Homes and homeless ,farms and farmless..1% have excess and access while 99% have none or much "less"!

My friend shared some "estimated virtual " statistics about the homes that are empty and the homeless in the USA.The latter was 3 million of "registered" homeless and the former  of 13 million of  "forclosed "empty homes!!The figures may be higher than you can imagine if a REAL ACTUAL statistics applies!

I stopped to contemplate and ask myself the question of, how many farms or agrarian lands stand empty or deserted while there are so many farmers or able bodied men and women who are registered as unemployed or homeless that  can fill in the gap and jump start the economy just by working the land and PRODUCING food ???

Recently I met an investor who travelled all the way from overseas just to start an Urban Organic Farm on an empty lot of 4 acres .He is building the soil and the infrastucture and it will take him one year to start production.

How many farms were erased and destroyed along with their fertile soil that took hundreds and thousands of years to form just to be replaced by developers mansions or condos that now are sitting empty and vacant??

In this election year I did not hear any politician mention any promises to create more agricultural jobs or farms that could em[ploy more farmers.

Food prices are skyrocketing as a result of higher oil prices,draughts,floods etc..Politicians have money in the bank or banks who back them up and in exchange stimulus money keep the bank afloat to forclose more homes of the common working man and women..

The history of farming in US  lends itself to  outsourcing  our resources to: Mega corporations ,speculators,foreigners ,slaves,migrant farmers etc..

The one   missing link in the farming picture is the small local urban farmer who is marginalized,discouraged,depleted of resources,denied assistance , to say the least.

Farming our own food will jump start the economy as producing ,selling and buying locally grown produce will circulate our dollars within our border and not south or north or you name it where!!

Give the small farmers the land,funds,and help they need and expect more than crops growing.It is the ecconomy that will grow and we will have our  bountiful farms ,homes full and less of  homeless !

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