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How safe is our water-I?Find out more details about how RADIATION CAN CAUSE CANCER in this Florida Cancer Cluster AGRICULTURAL and RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY

Remember SILAS MARNER and John Milton  FAMOUS :Water Water evry where but no DROP to DRINK ?Well Come and meet the Acreage Community at this Convention Center which took place yesterday with a FAMED ENVIRONMENTAL CRUSADER :ERIN BROCKOVICH.Read more at:

What brings this to our attention is we farmers use water for irrigation and for consumption.In times of Draught like in California and concern about cancer clusters like in Florida , it is worth it to reconcider what we know or NOT know about WATER.

First thing as farmers we must be concerned about using the treated SEWAGE water.We also should refrain from using chemical fertilizers as it is now the case at the ACREAGE, the fertilizers chemiclas seap down into the aquifers in the end and we recycle them into our water wells.

The water wells inspected had residues of above the standard levels RADIUM 226-228 that causes cancer.There are at least ten families now at the Acreage area with members with cancer.

The time is ripe now  to follow the European standard of testing water and regulating it.So far No regulations.Lots of CONCERNS.

There are more ways to save the environment and our own families from harmful chemicals and radiations that make their way into our potable and irrigation water.I will follow with another article about the potable water in bottles and the risks that we are unaware of.We need more farmers and gardeners who DRINK and USE WATER  for IRRIGATION to raise more awarness about water.OUR FOOD and OUR LIVES depend on this important source that is becoming more  ENDANGERED .Stay tuned .Stay safe!

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