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How small farmers markets are going to dodge the DEBT DEFAULT?What is really going on at the Financial market?

There are so many speculations and hypothesis now bidding for a financial collapse  if the US dollar falls.The Farmers financial market is showing a distress signal as the heat and draught harvest the crops and more of the grain goes to produce the green oil for cars rather than for food.Prices for cotton and grains are soaring as more speculations are influencing the commodities market.

Farming Land is shrinking .As the markets for food production now react negatively wityh the Debt do the small farmer react ?

I am reading a book by Dr.Stephen Leeb : GAME OVER" and much of the hidden financial news are beibng revealed in thw pages.

Here are some glimpses for you to share and be patient to watch the story unfolds on your blank screen.Count for 30 before you give up watching it also as you click on top of page:The Cash Cow!..Be Patient :

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