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How the "Farmer's Market"will reactto the DEFAULTS in the" FINANCIAL MARKET" , is the question to ask rather than "how to grow a tomato in a draught!

During the GREAT DEPRESSION the worst who were hit were the farmers and the factory workers.So far the GREAT DEEP RECESSION of our days is keeping us in a safe HAVEN altogether protected by trillions of DEBTS and virtually healthy market if you only read/watch  the "DAYLIGHT"MAIN STRWEAM MEDIA .


Farmers unlike politicians and merchants have their hands dirty with soil .No blood on their hands and green fingers unless they have an animal farm .I mean an actual anim,al farm different than the one of GEORGE ORWELL. WELL know what I mean..or don't you?


Come the financial draught news about the default and rising the level of national debt ..Are we going to receive those SOCIAL SECURITY checks in August or not.Some of my SENIOR friends are now considering to start a VICTORY garden in their backyards.

The news is not new to them , they lived in the DEPRESSION and they know how it looks like.So my senior citizen friend wants to get rid of the grass and start a tomasto garden..incase the socila security check did not arrive in August!

Here are some of the un MUTTED news to refresh your memory about the DEFAULT and the DEBT$ that iare  threatening our daily bread and butter:


As thwey say it is good to know.If you want to get into it is BETTER to know more LAST WORDS FINANCIAL PROGRAM  at CNBC .THE NIGHT LATE NEWS IS NOT THE SAME as the day light news..Is that why we have this as truth   "BEING KEPT IN THE DARK".???Wake up and read /watch the LATE DARK  NIGHT news.It is different!

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