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Criminal Gardening: Is Growing a crop of Tomato in your own backyard now a crime? Watch the news about this Georgia Farmer getting fined 5000$ for a CRIMINAL GARDENING!

I think this is not real what I saw _Click  ABOVE LINK to watch it_on YOU TUBE .What do you think? 

I think there is something not true about this thing.

 Sorry for the unintended  rhyme.I am skeptical unless someone calls WH , like they did with the last Georgia firing and rehiring of an African American  Agriculture Georgia state director for something she said but ,actually later on when investigated , itturned out  that she did not .

It was then  EDITED and fabricated by a blogger and later broadcast by a biased  news channel who just beleived his fabricated story for some reasons of its own..May be this TV coverage story  too is fabricated  ,since it is coming again from Georgia like the other story...

We , here in Florida  are SOUTHERNERS too like Georgia our next neighbor and we have our goofs to joke about!,Like ,we are known nationally and INTERNATIONALLY,for the HANGING CHAD or the BUTTERFLY BALLOT and jokes were made about us .LOL!

May be in Georgia they have something else to laugh or make a joke about? Is the "THE CRIMiNAL GARDENING " thing from Georgia one of tghose DIRT jokes?

I really do not know??.

Please , take me serious.I am an Urban Farmer myself and people usually think we farmers are good hearted and sometimes they joke how NAIVE we are..God Bless them .They make me laugh about those farmers jokes!LOL!!!!Keep them coming...May be this coverage story is another JOKE...LOL!


I am just posting the link as I received it .May be someone will prove that I am right : this clip about criminal charges for growing tomato is not true?

Do they have similar laws in Georgia like the ones in California about Medicinal Maijuana? May be they thought it was Marijuana ,like the recent raid of a school garden in California by police who mistook Tomato for Marijuana???Well, mistakes happen .


If that be the case,which I think IS AN INNOCENT  mistake. then we need to EDUCATE more people about gardening ,for example those who make a mistake like the one in California school garden ,should sign up and volunteer at a CSA or a community garden and do some community service to learn how the tomato look like and take  a course of PLANT IDENTIFICATION.

Gardening education should be obligatory at schools and colleges so that people will have a better awareness about where the food comes from and how to grow your own food in case you lost a job or a home etc..and save on the FOOD STAMP tax payers money!

They say it is better to teach how to fish rather than to give some one a fish...Try that at the garden.

 I am kind of confused what to beleive these days!

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I think it is a crying shame. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We all know what is going on, but we don't have the answers. Short of everyone in the entire country refusing to pay taxes, all on the same day, I really do not know what will get these regulators attention.

I am in no way suggesting that we should not pay taxes, but we should do something as a colllective group of Americans to protect our basic rights against these outrageous regulations.

Posted by Xenia on January 27, 2011 at 02:32 PM EST #

I am glad that you are aware and beware.I have a suggestion bettter than to stop taxes.Let us keep paying the taxes and BRING back the Founding Fathers MORALS.Or vote for farmers to be our representatives like we did before for Jefferson and Washington .They were farmers and Washington grew hemp!.I beleive we are desrving what we get because we no more appreciate the moral values in our society .For example watch on International TV how the world is looking at us through the WIKILEAKS !

Posted by Tony on January 27, 2011 at 03:11 PM EST #

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