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Learn How to set up a Draught Tolerant Organic Garden in South Florida

Organic gardening in South Florida is a challenge.Gardening in the drought is another obstacle.For the new comers to the Torpical and Sub-tropical new zones of 9-10-11, you better do your home work first and learn about tropical gardening.

On saturday March 14 th I fascilitated a workshop on Basic Organic Gardening and I was swamped with a lot of attendants.i am planning another workshop on April 11th on Container Organic Gardening and here is the key.

I have noticed that while growing tomatos in containers during the drought season I was saving on the water bill and getting good results as well from my containers.A local farmer at the workshop asked me what do I add that my tomatoes have a lot of flowers while hers had a lot of leaf.I answered: Water!

Another good suggestion to consider in drought climates is : improve the texture of the soil by adding : sphagnum,vermiculites,saw dust,mulch to keep moisture longer in the soil.

Another solution to lack of water is to HARVEST THE RAIN.

Rain barrels now are in big demand.You can make your own like I do.

There are a lot of info at the internet where you may tap and lots of books at the library.

Another good suggestion for the Tropical region: Try to grow native plants .For example: I grow a native spinach called KALALOO or caribean spinach.It does not need a lot of water .

Best thing is to check web sites like and attend local workshops and classes that are offered for FREE.

Good luck in your gardening efforts..


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