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Legislation needed to protect FARMING LANDS and HISTORICAL LANDSCAPES from Development .

Take note:Fertile soil and local Small Bio-Dynamic Urban Farmers are  the next  undeclared endangered species..Unless We Act!

There are laws that protect certain ANIMALS who are listed as endangered species .If you shoot an endangered species bird you go to jail.In contrast ,there are no laws that protect a HUMAN BEING who is showing legal free speach dissent for cutting down a 1000 years old HISTORICAL TREE!

Two  local environmentalists in Florida ,were  handed jail sentences instead as they were among the environmentalist group that staged the protest.make way for more .

Ironically enough  , another local  commisioner _total so far indicted are five_was sentenced  and sent to jail for Developers related payoffs or  pay for play and other corruption charges.

We have lost almost all fertile farmland that follow natural horticultural procedures in South Florida .Now we have a lot of NEW gated communities and vacant buildings locked up and stalmating in a real estate market that is in financial limbo .

Hydroponic farms are now  sprouting as the alternative  .Not only did we lose the fertile soil of those fertile farms forever , but also we lost the jobs and the BUSINESS as well!

Lots of small local farmers are struggling to stay in business and  are moving  out of state  as the cost of living is skyrocketing , especially in Palm Beach County.

The good news is:There is a new  administration now and a stimulus plan help is on the way.Are there any incentives in the plan for small struggling local farmers ?Any legislations to protect and preserve farmlands from development?Any news about saving the Historical trees from deforestation that is causing more draughts .

Remember the RAIN is called so because it attracts rain.What are those concrete structures attracting other than FINANCIAL gain for property investment  institutions (and financial pain for taxpayers!)that were recently bailed out . DRAUGHT!

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