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Lessons for small farmers from the Great Depression.How to avert the new DEEP GREATER DEPRESSION 2011?How to survive the coming Debt Default Economic Reckoning ?

Not long time ago I tried to research the time of the Great Depression for some information printed in text books or newspapers from 1917-1936 and lo and behold.

Not a singlee word of Great depression was fed to the public opinion by the main stream media about the state of the depression during that time.We started to learn about the great depression in the books and news papers and text books that were published after the depression was over.Is there a similarity that is going on now?

Why we did not here about the Economic Reckoning auntill now when the S& P threatened to downgrade the US economy from its current to # A to God Knows what rating .Last time the #A rating was graded was back in 1917...

How was farming back in the great depresion? Here are some videos to watch and see for your own eye finally emerging:


Back then Do you remeber who was the president who was elected to blame for  the Depression? Check out the history books  after 1946..

Now they want to taint a president who was elected  and inherited two wars and TRILLIONS of debt  by the BUSH and Republican Administrations in general who launched the first Gulf war back in 1991 and still not yet done with ..The US was borrowing money to finance war and were the benficiaries? Ask HALLIBURTON?Ask Senators  Kucinichs and Ron Paul?

Wake up to the facts that are now emerging:

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