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Linking the dots from pesiticides in baby food to contaminated vaccines causing Autism and making children sick!!

My neighbor has a child named Nicholas.He is 16 MONTHS adorable angel.So far he does not say a single word , he shakes tentatively with sporadic convulsions-His mom is taking him to a Psychiatrist Dr for evaluation , after receiving a letter from the clinic nurse confirming that he was vaccinated with the Mercury vaccine suspected of causing Autism .She is unemployed ,going to school and her husband  unemployed as well and they need your HELP and suggestions what to do???

I wonder how many new moms now worry about the food and the vaccines that soon will enter the bodies of their babies and render them vulnerable to new diseases like Autism for example?Just wondering ???

Then I thought about why not getting those new moms some education about the baby food in the market and the vaccines before they rush to a FREE clinic offering same!

Here what Mother Jones article published today has to say:


How about MERCURY used in the Vaccines causing Autism.??......Ther......e are convincing studies ..but available only in EUROPE which support this while here in the US it is the opposite where it is considered as Controversey thanks to the many Sadowy sponsored studies which clear vaccines from causing Autism.The best bet is to take a chance and READ the European studies which confirm that Autism is caused by mercury found in the vaccines and also read the counter US studies supported by the main stream media and various pharmaceutical funds .Here is a starting point:

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My question is...why don't people realize that they give their babies yogurt, the same stuff we eat or better yet , make it. They can also take a banana, add some milk and blend the stuff to the same consistancy as what they find in those expensive baby food jars. You can use applesauce right out of the jar. Carrots, beans, peas (not cauliflower or broccoli, nor cabbage) can be cooked first and then blended in the blender. As far as formula for milk goes, goats milk is the best second to breast milk.

Posted by Elaynna Mc Guffrey on June 20, 2012 at 05:26 PM EDT #

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