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Local and Organically grown Food that boost long term and short term MEMORY

How about some good news to boost your memory without using any pills or medications...right from the kitchen.

In the middle east people have eaten HUMUS for thousands of years and enjoyed a youthful appeal especially when mentioning memory!

Chick peas are part of the LEGUME family.It is mixed with Tahini , olive oil garlic and lemon , later  HUMUS is born.

Here are some good sources to check out recipes of HUMUS:

Humus also is a good source of the B-vitamins that helps especially women handle HOT FLASHES and PMS..for the LONG RUN!!

Another memory BOOSTER  is GREEN TEA and the summer BERRIES...for the short run !

It is also recommended to take Ginko Biloba and Ginseng TEA as an EXTRA BOOSTING for the memory.

NOTE:Always check out with your health professional/Doctor before using any food/supplement/herb ..This narration is intended for INFORMATION ONLY, not to replace medical advice or prescription drugs.


OOOOOPS...Forgot to add the following:



Bonne appetit!





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