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Summer is visiting us soon this year  in Florida .The draught has added to the vulnerability of our VEGGIE gardens not to mention the hurricane season that officially starts in June.

Forget about it!

Here are some good news for those of you who reside in Hot or Tropical climates .Cool down with home made heat tolerant FOOD RECIPES!

Personally, I prefer the following:

Watermelon .Next comes yogurt andlast : SALADS made from locally grown veggies like Caribean Spinach or Kalaloo or PURSLANE!.

How to prepare  your own yogurt?

Easy as 1-2-3.

1_Get a gallon of Organic whole milk.Pasturize gently by a splash boiling.

2_Get a cultured yogurt cup from a health food store .I recommend the GREEK "Fage yogurt " or the ARMENIAN -for a sour one- "YERIVAN".

3- Wait until temperature of the pasturized milk falls to body temperature ( A quick dip of my pinky finger will tell me if so! 

Add the cultured cup of yogurt, gently spreading .Cover with a wool cloth or towel.Let sit overnight undisturbed in a dark place at room temperature.Place in refigerator for one more day. Stir on the third day and ENJOY.

My favorite recipe with yogurt is the GREEK SATSIKI.

Simply add above  home made yogurt to  2 crushed fresh Gelroy cloves of garlic,sprinkle some sea salt with  few minced parsley and mint leaves.Chop a cucumber after peeling.Mix.Refrigerate.Enjoy!HOPA!

My favorite cooling SALAD: Purslane SALAD.

1_Fetch  a handful of  wild grown puslane( mistaken and rounded up for a weed-loaded with OMEGA -3 !) in your backyard or order from a local farmer.

2_Chop favorite vegies and herbs, (mine are cucumber ,cherry tomato ,mint  and Cuban oregano leaves..)

3_ Crush two Gelroy garlic cloves into a pinch of sea salt and black pepper.Add three TABLE spoons of extra virgin olive oil.Juice one lemon.Mix all of the above,refrigerate for ten minutes. Enjoy and cool down!

Bon appetite!

Tony :)

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