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New FDA Antibiotics for animals rules a triumph for Organic Farmers .Are Labels of GMO food next?

There are some good news and some good news in the horizon for small family organic farmers.


To start with : The FDA has set new rules for farmers using ANTIBIOTICS in animal feed.Farmers now need a prerscription from a veterenerian to do so .Read more :


How about humans who want to know what is in their food like genetically engineered organism,pesticides,antibiots fed to plants etc?


Here are some good news beeing cooked and need your signiture:

Do something to make the GMO label happen:!/petition/support-mandatory-labeling-genetically-engineered-foods-gmos/nkWHZ2Vm


This electuion year we need more walk your talk politics that answer to the needs of small family farmers .Farmers are also people who have rights for living their life and having access for health insurance,schooling, financial stimulus and the whole nine yards of GREEN LIVING or living in THE GREEN if you wish ...I mean not living in THE RED and always lacking or are left behind after the elections votes are cast!SEE you at  the ballots boxes in greater numers to support those who support the small FARMERS!


Make it happen.Speak up small family farmers!!



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