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Organic Gardening TIPS:How to protect your vegetable garden from cold fronts and POLAR VORTEX in South Florida and other valuable suggestions for the productive tropical zone gardens.

Happy New Year ..gardeners and farmers .
Stay warm by working out at your garden/farm "inclement  COLD "weather permitting!!!
Better safe than sorry: Are you ready to protect your garden against the cold fronts and Polar Vortex now to hit the gardens in S.Florida ??
Best EASY and handy way  to protect your Tropical garden against COLD FRONTS / FROSTS and LOW TEMP is : Use a special thermo thick cover that protects plants (Frost Cover).You will find it  at major garden centers and nurseries in S. Florida.
Meanwhile use common sense and your water hose to spray the plants during the day.Water temp is always warmer than air temp..says a Rocket Scientist!!!Well it is a cheap way but not enough though to safeguard against frost and severe cold fronts.
More tips and cold weather protection advice at:

Other S . Florida  garden tips to keep your garden thriving:

MULCH ...MULCH.. MULCH  , to insulate root system against extreme cold or heat temp , besides to keep soil moisture  IN and weeds OUT!!!Best garden advice for the LAZY GARDENER who loves LOW maintenance and less garden work!!!

Spread manure or compost over the garden and plow it under, if you did not do so in the fall, then wait for the summer season to enrich your SUBSOIL by adding organ8ic matter and composted manure , such as: Composted  chicken or horse manure..

Remember to refrain from adding FRESH MANURE into the soil as it will BURN THE ROOTS.

Compost manure prior to adding to soil as rule of GREEN THUMB>

Plant hardy vegetables and other cool-season crops NOW , such as lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, beets, carrots, radishes, turnips, spinach, peas, and cauliflower.

Start seeds of warm-season vegetables indoors for the coming SPRING growing season,such as eggplants ,peppers and basil,,.etc..

Make successive plantings of vegetables so that you have a continuous harvest throughout the growing season.

Get WOOD/Natural untreated lumbar for  plant beds or seed boxes ready for growing plants such as tomato, pepper.

Go native and plant CALALOO (S.Florida Spinach) .

Wooden raised  beds give protection against excessive heat or cold as they insulate root system.

Deadhead flowers to encourage new blooms.

Refrigerated bulbs should now be planted in prepared beds. Provide a layer of mulch for protection from cold temperatures.

Plant cool-season annuals such as marigold and nasturtium, in the garden beds to BEAUTIFY the vegetable garden and invite butterflies and bees pollinators

You can start seeds of warm-season flowers now to have transplants ready for spring.

Plant any trees and shrubs now. Water until established.

Fertilize established fruit trees using Organic FERTILIZERS ONLY such as composted horse or chicken manure.. Cover manure with top soil. Always!!!

Prune any damaged or dead branches from your trees and shrubs.

To control scale on fruit trees, apply horticultural oil like NEEM OIL  while plants are dormant and NOT at HOT TEMP direct sun..

Ensure that your garden is watered if it is getting less than 1 inch of rain per week.

You can apply dormant oil spray to deciduous fruit trees. Prune dormant fruit trees if needed.

Use lukewarm water to wash any dust off of your houseplants; check them for any diseases or insects.

Replace any chemical pesticides to kill weeds by using alternatives such as VINEGAR.

Happy and Healthy Gardening while staying WARM!!!

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