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PEAK SOIL.Why Is it important to create your own ORGANIC SOIL if you live in a S.Florida .HOW TO DO IT!

After Peak OIl what we need to pay attention to is :PEAK SOIL.LINCOLN once predicted that soil is the next ENDANGERED SPECIES.With development destroying most of the historical ,commercial and recent farms in S.Florida what is left to consider are the BACK and FRONT YARDS!

Here in S.Florida the land was once known for SWAMPS and THE RIVER OF GRASS was the KING.NOW it is no more than DEVELOPMENTS and what is left is:SAND  SAND EVERY WHERE !

Why there are no laws to protect the farms  fertile top soil from being destroyed by development ?Why there are no laws to protect the drinking water from contamination like what is happening now at the ACREAGE?There are so many cries for helping the ENVIRONMENT.Last cry was after  the recent SNOW blizzards that closed down Northern states for unprecdented times and days.Crops are being damaged as the COLD fronts move to Florida as well.SOIL SOIL SOIL is NOW the  CRY for saving the EARTH after we cried GLOBAL WARMING for decades and no one was home in COPENHAGEN to DO SOMEHING about it .

Now we need to look closer at our backyards soil or shall we say instead :SAND!

Creating your own ORGANIC SOIL may be the answer to combat the S.Florida nematodes that inhabit what is left over in the soil.

Wonder why the plants die?It is not your brown thumb to blame.It is the SOIL!

The soil is the home of both friendly and non friendly organisms, just like our colon is the home of the intestinal FLORA , both the friendly and non-friendly  ones.The answer we usually use to combat dis-ease both to plants and humans is :Antibiotic for the latter and Round UP or PESTICIDES for the former.BOTH will kill them all:the good and bad guys!Organic soil hosts worms and beneficial bacteria that turn the soil into HUMUS.That is the rich organic matter neccessary to grow our crops which was present long time in ancient history of the earth!.We know that the TOP SOIL HAS BEEN DEPLETED.What we need to learn now is :HOW TO RE-MINERALIZE and RECREATE the soil.It takes MOTHE$R EASRTH 500 years to produce few inches of fertile top soil.We take for granted that we can grow as much as we want using fertilizers ,pesticides and soil chemical amendments .That is not valid any more.Organic farming is now the way of DOING HORTICULURE.Permaculture,sustainability,community gardens are just a few of  alternative approaches  that we might consider.Ecological farming,enhancement of bio-diversity in the soil,elimination of toxic cancer producing synthetic fertilizers and pesticides,fungicides,herbicides etc...

Organic farming in the city will be practiced by URBAN FARMERS who now have lost their jobs and are on the verge of losing their homes.Those backyards may be the new GOLD RUSH. LOCALLY and Organiccally grown produce has been now the talk of the town at GREEN markets near you.So what we need to KNOW in ORDER to be ABLE to GROW the ORGANIC WAY? First start by the SOIL.Whatever you feed the plants  makes the difference.You are what your soil is .Know your soil and the bset way is to GROW YOUR OWN.Here is HOW:

1-A key element to remeber.Steer clear from contaminated SLUDGE(heavy metals,pharmaceuticals,fertilizers,pcb etc..)

2-Use home composting to start with.Compost should be the basic.Recycle kitchen veggie and fruit  scrapps(no -meat products).

3-Ammend with Organic fertilizers :Bone meal,blood meal,bird feathers..

4-Enrich soil with sea weed,lime grounds,phosphate grounds.A good source for minerals5-Add brown manure(mulch,yard leaves ,saw dust etc.)A source for carbon.

5-Fortify with composted manure(range chicken,goat,horse),grain meal,coffee grounds.A good source of nitrogen.

6-To eliminate odor add borax,baking soda..

7-Top with local  solarized soil

8-Expose to the four elements:Air( aerial nitrogen) -Water(rain rich with hydrogen peroxide))-fire(sun)-Earth(worms)

9-Mix and mix.

10-Use it in your garden -mix with local solarized soil.

Trace minerals people.Paty attention to them.Our bodies were created from dirt and will turn into dust once we expire.So check it out.What kind of DIRT(SOIL) you want to eat from.You are what you eat or is it, what is eating you!

Happy gardening. our blog.

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Thank you for this information. I live in Fort Pierce, Florida and learning about the contaminants that are in our food, water, etc. I rent a small home and have decided to start my own organic garden to feed my family. Since it is S. Fl I had not realized that the soil that I would need could not only be expensive but sadly, contaminated. I started juicing the first of the year, and all of the scraps from that process will work well in my organic garden. Look forward to reading more of your posts. Take Care. Deb

Posted by Deb Schroer on February 15, 2010 at 04:14 PM EST #

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