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Remember the movie that never made it to a theatre near you:OUTFOXED?Now it is playing back or shall we say PAYING BACK..but in a different story.Will the future reliable news come from bloggers?

I really want to share with you some news as they were told to us, how an official who works for USDA and has a say on many of  FARMERS  LIVES gets FIRED one day then gets HIRED the next day because of how we PAINT THEIR  PICTURE to the public ?It is said that "TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE"..How about half truths or deceptions?Will they set us on the path to SLAVERY  ?

Here is how one video "short cut snap" was revealed to the American people and painted -or shall we say "TAINTED "?-an official who is a good government employee -( working while a woman and black) -resulting in her being FIRED?( or forced to resign,whichever applies to your mind) yesterday,then HIRED today BUT  aftter the FULL STORY/VIDEO was told /released to the public.Yesterday was FIRED,I qoute:"

Then she was offered a REHIRE as per the acj blogger, below mentioned , thay  reported the story in  a different WAY, the least to say-I qoute ajc:

In the curious case of Shirley Sherrod, let’s see the whole tape

A couple of folks in comments yesterday brought up the case of USDA official Shirley Sherrod, a black woman caught on tape at an NAACP meeting here in Georgia apparently bragging about being less than diligent in helping a white farmer. The folks at Big Government posted a portion of her speech as part of the running feud between the NAACP and the Tea Party over which organization is more racist.

By the end of the day Monday, Sherrod had been forced to resign her post, and NAACP President Ben Jealous had released a statement agreeing with the forced resignation:

“Racism is about the abuse of power. Sherrod had it in her position at USDA. According to her remarks, she mistreated a white farmer in need of assistance because of his race.

We are appalled by her actions, just as we are with abuses of power against farmers of color and female farmers.

Her actions were shameful. While she went on to explain in the story that she ultimately realized her mistake, as well as the common predicament of working people of all races, she gave no indication she had attempted to right the wrong she had done to this man.”

(UPDATE: The NAACP has now pulled that statement from its website.)

After watching the video Monday evening, I wrote in comments that “what Sherrod says in that video — and what she apparently did — are deeply troubling… She might very well have earned a firing. But I’d like to see that rest of that video as well, because at the point it abruptly ends, she appears to be saying that it’s wrong to think in terms of black and white, that she came to see things as more accurately divided between poor and rich than by race.”

As I also noted, the folks at Big Government seem to have the whole video, since they also posted another segment, and it would be useful to see the rest of it. "

Today :She is  offered to be REHIRED.I qoute ajc blogger for quick reference:"



Obama administration apologizes, offers to rehire Sherrod

In his just-concluded press conference, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has publicly apologized to Shirley Sherrod for acting much too hastily, and without full possession of the facts. He seems to have taken his mistakes to heart, and his regret seems sincere.

The department has also offered to rehire Sherrod, an offer that she is reportedly considering.

I think it’s fair to say that Vilsack and the administration overreacted, out of fear and ignorance, and were “snookered” by Andrew Breitbart and others, as the NAACP put it. The secretary has now apologized, as has the NAACP. The actual perpetrators of the fraud have not followed suit, and almost certainly will never do so.

Sherrod gets a chance to tell her side of the story in an AJC story by Marcus Garner:

“But Tuesday morning, Sherrod said what online viewers weren’t told in reports posted throughout the day Monday was that the tale she told at the banquet happened 24 years ago — before she got the USDA job — when she worked with the Georgia field office for the Federation of Southern Cooperative/Land Assistance Fund.

Sherrod said the short video clip excluded the breadth of the story about how she eventually worked with the man over a two-year period to help ward off foreclosure of his farm, and how she eventually became friends with the farmer and his wife.

“And I went on to work with many more white farmers,” she said. “The story helped me realize that race is not the issue, it’s about the people who have and the people who don’t. When I speak to groups, I try to speak about getting beyond the issue of race.”

So let’s see the rest of the tape, Big Government. Was Sherrod giggling among black folk about the time she put it to the white man, as the leaked excerpt suggests, or was the tape a deceptively edited excerpt of a longer story about getting beyond the issue of race, as she claims?

Let’s see the tape. The evidence apparently exists to settle the question. Cough it up." Unqoute.

Telling the truth is always the way for FREEDOM , half truths or deceptions are the way for SLAVERY.Do not underestimate the power of a this case an "ajc" blogg!To focuss or not to focuss is the question!

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