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So you want to start a garden?What to exptect from a coach- gardener,a garden and is expected from you?

We humans tend to put much THOUGHTS of brain power into our life , while in fact - it is our expectations ,intentions ,habits and EMOTIONS that rule our behaviours and actions.

As an urban farmer , I have met a lot of people who wanted to do a vegetable garden but did not know what to do.So they read a book,shopped at a garden center and stopped.One friend of mine had the top soil bags waiting for a year in the backyard! Another procrastinated for six months before breaking the ground!Another had a phobia of strangers at her home .Another was a manipulator who wants work to be done for nothing or did not honor her word and pay the guy!Another said she is a woman and and is not supposed to touch the dirt.

If you live in the South and especially in Florida then you will understand why people do not appreciate gardening work as a high profile status!  Well , to go back to history we had the slave plantations a matter of fact we have a city named PLANTATION to keep the memory!

First: Work on your intentions.Do you want to eat fruits and vegetables or do you want to fight- and win- with the coach gardener?

Second:Work on your expectations.Do you expect yourself digging the ground weeding,planting and gardening? Do you have the time ,energy and BUDGET to do a productive ORGANIC vegetable garden?

Third : Did you do your homework first and got an idea of what is your plan to grow ?Did you try to educate yourself by reading gardening books,attending workshops,consulting a local gardener?

There are opportunities in life for us to take.There are people who can help us if we opted to SEEK their help.But on the other hand those people helpers and among them are the farmers and gardeners are not your new SLAVE or new GARDENER or new BOYFRIEND or (girlfriend)! In fact,They take the hardship of the extra mile to reach out beyond the field to those of you who live in homes with INEFFICIENT lawn fronts , idle backyards and try to help transform  them into productive vegetable gardens.Those helpers need to be respected and compensated.They do have their own expectations from you as well.

Both sides Expectations and Intentions should be made clear and put on the table  prior to ground breaking.This is how human relations excell, when communication is established on the grounds of mutual respect .


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