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Starting a summer productive organic garden in S.Florida

The temperature outside the air conditioned room is now climbing into the sizzling zone.It is getting hot out there and boy , still do you want to garden?

Well, I consider gardening as a THERAPY, so it is OK to sweat out the toxins and get extra vitamin D from some sunny outdoors productive active gardening.Also , do not forget the bonus:Eat from your own backyard fruits and vegetables and save on the grocery bill.

Most people who come to my classes ask me if it is possible to grow a vegetable garden in the summer here in S.Florida.My answer is YES.Vegetables are not confined to what you only know or eat.There are Tropical and sub tropical vegetables that thrive in the summer heat.For example ,take OKRA.

Okra is one of my favorite vegetables.My mother Sarah eats the Okra pod raw wrapped in a pita bread.She is now 92 years old and counting thanks to OKRA!

If you know waht OKRA does to your body then you will start right away growing it.Do not jump conclusions about  any hallucination ideas or ehem ehem you know what I mean!.That is not what I mean, what you are thinking!.Okra is a southern favorite dish and it is known for the locals how great it is to the Colon health.It is slimy though, but there is a way to take away the slime if you just steam it first!Voila.

Wil talk more about what grows in the sizzling summer of Florida.Stay tuned.

Happy Summer Gardening

Alternative Community Farmer

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