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Super storm Sandy and the wake up call to remember our relationship with Mother Earth Soil and water!

Is it a coincidence that Sandy Super Storm chose New York /New Jersey  vver populated regions to send a message to the modern man of the big cities:Bring back the trees and other Natural settings uprooted by development and modern life of mobile phones and motorized living.

Here in S.Florida we did not learn our lesson yet after so many Hurricanes that washed onshore zillion tons of water and waste to man made structure.The river of grass has become gated communities and the farms that once thrived are now home for cemented structures and asphalt ..

Yet , we forget and want to learn how to grow our own food suddenly after we experiment with GMO food,fertilizerrs and other man made chemicals added to our food..When we become sick then we feel the heat and try to correct our diet by going back to the backyard to grow our own food.Surprise: The soil in S.Florida is SANDY!!!

Hardly a sandy soil can grow anything abnd if it did then the nematodes will step in and abort .So , people flocking from the upnorth regions to the sandy beaches of Florida want to learn how to grow their own food?They try for years and fail..simply because they do not know how to relate to the local soil,plants and climate.They spend money on books and classes.They spend money on stuff from the garden center.Still they are bound to fail .Why not unlearn the cold region way of farming and try to learn the hot region of Florida?

Best bet is to take one on one classes right in the garden and let their hands be immersed with the sandy soil of Florida without forgeting to ask help from a local urban farmer who has nothing to sell other than his horticultural experience and expertize working the Florida SANDY soil !

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