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THE S.FLORIDA FALL GROWING SEASON IS IN.ARE YOU READY to start your own organic garden?

HERE,The fall season is the BEGINING of the growing season...not the END!

We in  S.Florida,are at odds with most of the other US regions ,with respect to our planting and harvesting timetable! While you guys UP NORTH prepare to harvest the pumpkin , we here DOWN SOUTH get ready to plant the pumpkin seeds!WE have no HARVEST YET, except for the summer crops like OKRA,CALALOO,WATERMELON...

So , what is required first ?

1-Setting our awareness compass to the SOUTH front .Get some education on GROWING YOUR OWN FROM A LOCAL FARMER.Books confuse you because they are written for general purpose.You need information abiout your AGRICULTURAL  REGION 9-10.

2-Adjusting our gardening skills to the way of the TROPICS.

Look for what grows best and not what you like and want.Attend classes and workshops in your area.Buy or exchange seeds from local growers .

3-Patince.Patience.Patience.It takes TIME!

4-Gardening is a process.So let there be a starting date .You learn as you go, but the best thing is to get a professional help at hand while you garden.

5-Join a Community Garden in your area.Learn the process first and then apply it to your own backyard.

6-Set a budget and make it feasable and workable, without the need to  file for bankruptcy or exploit  your Garden Counsultant !

I have met a lot of people who have a wish list to start a garden and it takes them years before they do it.They fail to ask for local prodfessional help.They rush to buy stuff from the garden center and expect that this will be it.They buy gardening books that were writen to accomodate colder regions.They are confused ,angry and still WANT TO GET THE GARDEN STARTED RIGHT NOW!So,they  go shopping for the convenient ready plants,bagged soil,chemical fertilizers ,pesticides ...and the bill : You will be AMAZED!!!!SOOOOOOOO expensive! So , what is the alternative?GROW AND MAKE YOUR OWN !WE CAN HELP!

Wait a minute.I know out side is soooooooo   HOT!There are zilions of mosquitos, and "NOTHING GROWS IN THE SAND...MAY BE BEACH CASTLES!"kind of attitude.Well , let us start small.Choose an area that is not prone to flooding .Raised beds is a safe way to garden in S.Florida just in case .

We need to work on ourselves first before we start digging.Awareness is important.Application of what we learn is important as well.Our attitude and our dedication to the GARDENING PROCESS will determine whether we fail or succeed.


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