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The Future Back To School will be instead:Back to the FARM!

I was not dreaming when:

A major local newspaper columnist gave me an interview to spread the awareness of Urban Farming ,and published it on the front pages of the local section back in 2008 .

A local city offered me a job to teach a Composting class for its residents to help reduce the cost of its recycling department, back in 2010-11.

A local college invited me to fascilitate a Composting class at their campus in 2011 to boost the Organic gardening awareness among  its college students.

 Urban Farming will enter from the FRONT DOOR to the class rooms , backyards ,hearts and minds of this generation and the ones to come to make the connection with the source of our HUMAN SUSTAINABILTY:SOIL!

Our food and water have been squeezed into  bottles , pills and capsules.

Our LIVING food nutrients have  been reduced into a  G M ZERO a lab bi product of  GMOs("G"enetically "M"ortified .."O"  !)

Common "Science" is be-coming  common "Sense" for a lot of college and school graduates who are seeking a different kind of DEGREE :BA (Basic Agriculture) as bestowed by Mother Earth through a hands on the soil courses!!!!

I have witnessed and seen the hardships of making a living for Urban farmers here in S.Florida.I have lost a half an acre community garden for a land fill.I have retreated to farm at backyards of home owners,churches,community gardens  and never stopped spreading the Urban farming awareness through workshops , even after losing my gardens and non stop relocations.People now a re waking up to the importance of LOCALLY GROWN UNADULTERATED FOODS(By Manufactured processed food ,packaging,chemical additives,pesicides,GMO,herbicides,fungicides, you name it   etc..) .

More and more of people are getting sick,obese by adulterated food.So it makes sense to grow our own!!!

Here is an article by the NYT to back up the new trend of " back to farming  "  new found  soil-'gold'en  rush of  college  graduates:



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