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The New Earth and the NEW WORK from a vision to a REALITY -VISUAL!

The time and the ay is now .The vision is to create  jobs where there aint any!

My friend has an Herb Farm and she has been nervous about the early heat waves that are killing her plants and her business.The climate change is here .

Gas prices will hit $% by the summer and the food prices will follow suit.

We are at a turning point.Our values about what is worthy work and unworthy work are about to go upside down.The impact of the consumerism mentality is having a toll on us as we lose more jobs,homes,cars and you name it.Ownership and property values are going through a change not of HANDS but also of HEART! 

Soon the New Earth will be home for new wave of workers whose jobs are not defined as worthy because of the scientific  or hi-tech glitter.Soon there will be a rush for the new gold that we have shunned as unworthy:FERTILE SOIL!

The New Earth will place more value on ENTROPIC WORK!

Entropic work such as farming or productive gardening is the key to a SPIRITUAL life.

According to Fritijof Capra, author of "The Turning Point" A ZEN approach for meaningful working and living.Is it more of worth to work to live or live to work? 

I qoute:"Doing work that has to be done over abd over again help us recognize the natural cycles of growth and decay,of birth and death, and thus become aware of the dynamic order of the universe."The point is to reach for ORDINARY work that is in synchronicity and harmoney with NATURE!

What is more ordinary than FARMING? Only in America farmers and I mean Urban or small family farmers starve and lack health insurance and all the aminities and benefits that we- as humans- all need!This is not to mention the support  from financial stimulus to other social acceptance and status appreciation .The highest salaries in Europe are paid to CHEFS and Farmers are a valued resource and they have a better financial support from governments , unlike the status of small family farmers in the US who lack the essential help needed .The reason why is :Big Agri-Business dominates the industry!

Not for long , as we come closer to a NEW EARTH AWARENESS .Change is in the AIR!

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