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THE NEW WAY OF GREEN LIVING:GROW YOUR OWN! SO.What is NEW?"AWARENESS" that is good to KNOW before you :Start a GARDEN!

THERE are ways to do business and ways  to live as much as of high ways and routes to TRAVEL.Diversity is the KEY word if you want to LEARN HOW TO START AN ORGANIC  GARDEN.Start SMALL and LEARN BIG!

Unfortunately for the working people who want to be a week end garden warrior it is not enough .I have found out that Communication,Culture,Community and COGNITION ,play an important role of WHO WE ARE and HOW WE FUNCTION.BINGO!So , you want to START GROWING YOUR OWN FOOD because the OBAMAS have done so or because it is the new WAVE!??Here are the GOOD and BAD news:

GOOD NEWS: You need an able body(YOUR OWN) to use other than the migrant farmer's who is now to BLAME for the DEPRESSION which is making you LOSE your HOME-CAR-BUSINESS to the BAILED OUR INSURANCE -MORTGAGE-BANKS ,BIG BUSINESS TRIO!

BAD NEWS: You need to start the LEARNING PROCESS FIRST before you  to START DIGGING YOUR OWN GARDEN.Unfortunately the books - DVD -Information Technology and  what have you ,fall short of a Shovel or RAKE!..Using the SOFTWARE is not SUFFICIENT .YOU NEED HARD WARE!TOOLS and ABLE BODY! When was the last time you moved your body other than swirching a TV channel  at a GYM?Our muscles need to be trained to use basic gardening tools like a rake or shovel so that we do not end up with back injuries etc..They call it ERGONOMICS...THIS IS BASICS prior to digging.No Horticultural school I know of teach ERGONOMICS to agriculture students.Most of FARMERS and GARDENERS I know of HAVE BAD BACKS.Be AWARE! HAVE AWARENESS!LEARN ERGONOMICS FIRST.

GOOD NEWS: There are classes and workshops fascilitated by farmers on PRACTICAL GARDENING according to THE GEOGRAPHICAL ZONE..I do have  ones ready to order or attend . HERE IN S.FLORIDA , you need to learn about what and when to grow at the TROPICAL-9-10 ZONE.Reading a gardening book or going to college  is overdoing it..You need to look for simple way..and hook up with a PROFESSIONAL FARMER / GARDENER near you! VOILA!Instead of using your plastic at a mega garden center and buy it all ready made...WHY NOT MAKE and GROW YOUR OWN: COMPOST-SEEDLINGS ..FROM A TO Z.

The gardening way is SLOW and it is a PROCESS! Meaning : IT TAKES TIME and it follows the GROWING SEASON from start to end...HERE it is less than six months from November to March.So...Why are you waiting?You can start NOW by just LEARNING THE PROCESS and GETTING THE ORGANIC GARDENING AWARENESS!BEST WAY TO DO IT IS :HANDS ON..and on the GARDEN GROUNDS! !MICRO-Urban farming  is  different than MEGA farming!You need to start small.A container will do..But you need the EDUCATION LIVE and HANDS ON APRIORI!

My experience with new comers to ORGANIC GARDENING: They come from out of state zones,ask for handouts, want the GARDEN NOW.They are overwhelmed with the notes and know-how.They need time to digest the information,.They need budget to start the garden.They need help in setting up the process.Here are the topics that you need to learn about: Compost.Mulch.Organic Brown and Green Manure.Soil PH.Irrigation.Seeds.Seedlings.Organic fertilizers.Organic pesticides.What grows and what does not in your area and season.


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