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The REALITY of Climate change -draught as one aspect only-.The problem and the solutions.

After so many years of crying wolf on the global warming, draught and climate change what is new?

I asked myself this question as I keep reading about the dilemma that now is on the agenda of politicians who seek elections and try to appease voters by frelating to their concerns.What had been done to bring solutions if ever we recognize that there is a problem.

I beleive that farmers and food producers in general are the ones directly affected as their crops become the direct hit when mother nature stops cooperating in producing crops.

Comes the flooding and drought dilemmas that hit Russia,Africa,Pakistan etc...More countries who are crop producers are now hiking the prices on wheat,barley cotton and more...Thanks to climate changes drought being one of them.

I was counting the number of days and nights of  no rain recently as the growing season started here in S. Florida.So far couple of days and one single night were rainy for the last thirty days.

The water restrictions alerts are resurfacing again and the local ( and national)news media is again focusing on climate change and drought again .

Back to basics.Here is a question to ask: Why do we call the RAIN FOREST so?Ask your ,self like I did .I am guessing the answer at the end of my article to give you time to reflect on an answer or guess ?


During the depression the most hit were the farmers and people who worked in the manufacturing sector.What is new in 2010?Blaming all evil on the face of a faceless persona like the climate can direct our anger somewhere else invisible and controversial,shall we say?

What matters is the Action we take to remedy a problem that is affecting our lives directly.Humans need food to survive among water and air .Take out food and water ,what remains is air...the only essential for life  without a price tag so far.

I watched the Movie "Wall Streat " recently and what drew my attention is what Michael Douglas says:"Speculation is the root of all evil".The Bible says:Love of Money is the Root of all evil.Combine both Speculation and the love of money you will get a clue about what I am talking about.Not yet?

Almost one million homes have been foreclosed by the banks not to mention farms , a study reveals.There is a vicious circle of withholding jobs,homes,crops and you name it so that more money is made.What about the lives that are ruined of the home owners and the farmers among others?When will the speculation stop?When will the drought and climate change stop...both have no face?

In reality the natural law follows cause and effect.When we cause damage then there are consequences.When we cut the trees and reduce the areas of cultivated land what happens..The cause of our Action is reflected in the effect of less RAIN.That is why we call the RAIN FOREST SO.Trees and green attract rain.Destroy more of the earth farms,trees,forests and nature  and as a consequence have no rain.Period.Reverse the process and the climate will correct itself.Common Sense Makes Sense not Science? 

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