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This 4th of July :Declare your FOOD INDEPENDENCE from GMO ,Big Agri Corporartions and fossil fuel agricultural derivartives

Most of us farmers and gardeners go with the flow as far as what is the status qua of agriculture.Unless we change the way we think by awakening our quest for  sustainability and "fossil fule" free agriculture.

Oil now is contaminating our water resources whether on land or sea.The rush for declaring our food independence from chemically produced produce is now being accelerated by the Gulf Oil Spill.

Hands in the Sands is a new organization that is opposing fossil fuel and ocean oil drilling.They dio not have a web site yet , but they are gathering crowds here at the Florida and beyond beaches .

Here in Florida we do feel the burden of the oil spill not just on our beaches and tourist attractions, but also in our homes and farms as well.

People may have observed that the seafood that they used to buy locally here in the Gulf coast are dwindling especially oysters and shells etc..Food harvested from the ocean is now becoming scarce and pollured by the recent Gulf oil spill.

Farmers and farms are already being downsized and vanishing by the ecconomic crunch not to mention the oil spill which is now obliterating the Tourist industry which is second to farming.

Markets ,malls, beaches  and restaurants are closing .We feal the brunt and the heat of the summer both financially and physically.We need help and we need it soon before the rest of what is still holding on is gone.

We in Florida are surrounded by  the Gulf coast  where the oil spill is busy changing the ocean of water into and ocean of oil and the East coast where it is connected to the west coast by the gulf stream .A new tropical storm now is forming  in the west coast and the Hurricane season has just began.Imagine your life being squeezed by a Hurricane season and an Oil spill that has been active and pouring oil since last April and counting.

This Independence day we need to celebrate in a different way.We need to declare our INDEPENDENCE from oil and fossil fuel agricultural derivatives like chemical fertilizers and pesticides.We need to start growing our own food in our own back yards.We need to stop our cravings for drugs and alchohol and other man made and packaged food laden with chemical additives that were given the right to be there in order to preserve shelf life but shorten our own .

Farmers now are fighting back for their rights to grow seeds of their own choice that are not owned and patented by a few corporations that put a control on farmers making a living.

For the first time in US history farmers are now being heard .Their greivances now are being investigated .Lately the government has started a series of workshops to listen to farmers concerns .

There are significant decline in farmers and farms.There are monopolies by giant Agri corporations.There are patented seeds that are owned by those few corporations..there are more and more constraints on agricultural competition.For all of this , now farmers are uniting for their rights and the government is lending them an ear.More details below on :US Farmers Oppose 'Big Ag'in Anti Trust Hearing."in the down below web link@:

Have a Happy 4th.

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Excellent post!! we all need to move towards independence and away from big oil. would suggest your readers check out for info and steps to downsize your consumption.
Thanks for this post!

Posted by Casey on June 30, 2010 at 12:34 PM EDT #

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