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Top TEN green ways to celebtate EARTH DAY(Birthday?) April 22nd.. NATURALLY .Bonus:Native American Recipe to combat FIRE ANTS !

This coming Earth day let us celebrate in a different ALTERNATIVE  way.

Here are top ten  GREEN suggestions  .


1-Honor local farmers who use NATURAL protocols in farming. Buy their  locally grown produce .Support the local farming ecconomy.

2-Refrain from using pesticides and harmful chemicals .Instead substitute with preventive organic pesticides.Example: Fight nematodes and harmful pests with Oils:/Neem/garlic/essential oils like citronella ..combine with cayyenne pepper and Dr,Bronner liquid soap water solutions.

3-Dwellers of homes-villas with a yard:Turn over the non-productive grass loan front/backyard into a productive efficient organic vegetable/herb/fruit/edible flower garden.RECYCLE:Compost your kitchen scraps!

4-Dwellers of homes without yards/Trailers /vans /tents :Join  a community garden/ a local CSA /garden club/,take a COMPOSTING and register for one/Read :an alternative NATURAL  MEDIA  like: NATURAL AWAKENING /ORGANIC GARDENING/ blog .

5-Dwellers of apartment /studios:Buy local organic produce/ start a patio organic container  garden  ,use  heirloum seeds/ seedlings instead of GMO 's .

6-Dwellers of the open /public space:Do not litter the beaches/streets/woods with your beer /soda cans!

7-All of the ABOVE:Reduce your carbon foot print:Ride a bicycle/Walk to work(If close by)/take the bus or train.

8-Join an EARTH/Beach clean up day-. Volunteer at a local farm/soup kitchen/school/community outreach.Donate to a green energy project/ green earth non-profit charity organization.

9-Stop smoking.Fix your car exhaust.Reduce/eliminate  your consumption of: sugar products/ coffee/drugs-alcohol.BREATHE :FRESH GARDEN SCENTED AIR!

10-Honor the NATIVE AMERICANS by remembering their teachings."We do not own the EARTH .The EARTH OWNS US".As a tribute, start using an alternative Native American Recipe to fight and prevent FIRE ANTS:CORN GRITS! Bon ants appetite.


Happy EARTH DAY! (to come :)


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