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Visualizations of an URBAN FARMER with an ORGANIC DREAM!

I am sending the VIRTUAL WORD  out to the ACTUAL WORLD  : I have an ORGANIC  Dream .

I am looking for fertile land   to  sow my seeds on and may be more...

A rustic old fashioned barn and a  house with much repair work, or a small agricultural land with a  log cabin - secluded in a natural wooded area with fertile soil, fresh spring water and electricity available.

A relatively small sustainable farm , run down and cheap.Preferably to partner with and share my experience of teaching and practicing Organic Gardening!

 If A child bearing  healthy female,divorced ,widowed,with or without children is looking for an active older vegeterian partner/  helper !Then we need to talk!

The promised farming  land could  be in the first stages of development with building a locally conscious sustainable community in mind.   – This land may be shared with someone with a similar DREAM who dares to think diversity and practice sustainability.

The weather should be  moderate – to tropical but not ARCTIC.

Where the sun shines most of the time,the rain  bountiful and the land fertile and beautiful!

Thinking rural :California,Georgia,Tennesee,Oregon,Washington,North Carolina !

 If you are looking for a helper, a farmer partner ,an organic  gardening teacher,a dreamer,a vegeterian caterer and or a market go getter -who is ethical non-smoker/no-drugs or drinker ,people and plant friendly , then  we need to CONNECT! 

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