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What is in common between farmers and the Roman Empire?

The Roman Empire  did good things, excluding  conquerring other countries and trading and using slaves ,  to remember like for example: Introducing canals  systems for irrigation.

One other thing that most of us do not know was that the Roman Empire employed and enlisted FARMERS to go to wars.They had horses ,  and that was a prerequisit to join the military then,owning a horse!

So what is common now and then aboutThe Roman  Empire and Farmers? 


Simply speaking as many SMALL local  farmers now struggle to make a living (may be you have heard that they do well,but in reality they DO NOT!):They are  getting out of business and relinquishing their farms to the Big Agri or just abandoning it to the banks as they default on  mortgages or fail to  compete with the Mexicans or Chinese farming products .

I found a common an interesting denominator while watching a  below video clip , may be you can find the same thing too:It is good to know  that farmers of the Roman Empire were the soldiers as well , and much more,as this video clip shows:


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