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What to expect when the unexpected happen as you strive to farm or garden?

As the Earth Day series of topics goes by , I ponder on the EXPECTATIONS of gardening or farming.Expect the UNEXPECTED to happen!


Usually we treat our garden project with some high profile expectations.Here is an example of a NEW gardener- comer's expectations :

1-I want my plants growing  high yields right now.

2-I want to work smart :Meaning that I want to harvest while others will do the DONKEY WORK!

3-I want the weather to be perfect all the time with least frost,storms,heat,draught flooding and so forth.

4-I want to bother not with crop failures or any pest or bugs destroying my crop.

5-I want to make a lot of money selling my crop to the rich.

6-I want my dreams of gardening be fulfilled even though I spend less time ,money,effort working the land.

7-I want to hire cheap migrant farmers to do the donkey work while I watch gardening programs on TV or spend more  time at  my lap top researching and acquiring more farming knowledge.

8-I want to use anykind of fertilizer ,pesticide or miracle  garden panache no matter what sludge or whatever to make my crops look  smarter or bigger .

9-I want to learn the gardening/farming process in one shot class or trial with no errors or delay.

10-I want all of the above right now.


Expect the unexpected and accept the unaccepted, but for sure you need to expect the unaccepted and accept it:Gardening or urban farming is a process to learn,apply and harvest.It takes time,resources and most of the time you have to partner with nature not against it!

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