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White fly infestation attack as the summer heats up S.Florida

There are white flies all over .In the neighborhood where I used to live the white flies have turned the Gumbo Limbo tree into a a snow white color with white flies eggs and infestations completely covering the floiage and travelling to the neighboring palm and Cacti tree around my ex-apartment.This was one of the reasons rthat made me leave the neighborhood whic is infested really big time..

The white fly is almost taking over and attacking the green canvass in the area and looks like no one has started to do anything about it.

Any ideas what are best Organic Persticides to counter the white fly infestation other than neem and soap?Anyone who tried a home made recipe to combat the white fly other than the chemical pesticides?

Why are they taking home on certain trees like the gambo limbo? Questions are coming up while I look for a way to combat them without using chemical pesticides?Any idea/help will be appreciated



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