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As golf courts grass and forclosed properties grass is blooming and booming everywhere ,food for humans are shrinking while their prices are skyrocketing!

How many Americans know how the Foreign Banks manipulate and control their freedom to own a home? I was reading an article about a foreign bank creating plighted neighborhood letting their repossesd/forclosed homes grass grow as tall as a man and leting them  run down without doing any maintenance etc....Some bank forclosed /owned properties are making  towns and cities look like third world shanti towns neighborhoods.Dont beleive me until you read this with your own eyes:

An example is a small coastal town (let us call it XYZ for now)where more homes are deserted except for drug dealers or prostitutes sneaking in at night to fill in the vaccancies!More crime and more grass is a by product of record Bank forclosed properties ..and no one cares so far!!!

I am looking for a land to grow vegetables and cant find any!Land here in Florida especially SF is earmarked for development and construction where the big bucks returns abide!Talk about our love for ownership and our pride of having a is becoming  a challenge  to keep your home of the AMERICAN DREAM!

How about some stimulus money to help convert those GRASSY FORECLOSED PROPERTIES into backyard farms for feeding the cows and animal farms of the midwest now under severe draught and grass lacking..Grass is booming in S.Florida thanks to the summer non-stop rain deluge?"Hell NO!!!Holly cow !!No cows allowed to feed on my  backyard GRASSY forclosed home?"A Foreign banker may cry!Seconded by a Golf course sportsman /millionaire Objection"No cows are allowed on on my private golf course "!!


On the other hand locally speaking.More than four commissioners in jail for corruption related to real estate kickback/deals etc..and some towns and cities  fighting to block funding of a new created office for investigating corruption!!!Who cares about providing affordable(like 1$ per month lease), land that is sitting idle -for an unemployed(lost farm to bank) local farmer to grow food locally and counter the increase of food prices?Check this article about food prices increase:

Add to this the global distress of food prices increase due to floods in Russia and Brazil in addition to the Mid west draught and  so on so forth never ending Climate Change weather impacts on growing end up in asking yourself:Are we running out of jobs,gas and food and homes at the same time?

So why not start looking for solutions .There are plenty of land ,golf courts and backyards that are growing just GRASS? Why not start a program to convert grass land to foodland?

It takes a change of thinking and an increased awareness and offcourse a change in course about how we look at people who are called farmers !Anyone out there who want to be a hero and offer  their backyard for growing food here in S.Florida? I am bidding with one dollar nominal rental fee per year and will share harvest and donate to soup kitchens.

Our phone operators are standing by..:(Just kidding:)

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