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Garden Ergonomics,Anatomy and physiology for farmers and gardeners !


Super Foods: Herbs and Flowers you eat that can beat garden bugs !


 Mother Earth will be putting on a HAPPY colorful Mantel of wild flowers inviting snow birds, pollinators ,butterflies, and bees .Other garden   visitors will also swarm and invade the PRODUCTIVE garden: Beneficial and NON-Beneficial pests and gritters such as aphids , nematodes, racoons and other bug family members . Already South Florida gardeners and farmers are combating existing challenges such as the climate change the White Fly infestation , to mention the least .They need no more bad news . The good news is :There are Flowers and Herbs that could be summoned to rescue against garden pests and spring flu!! If you are an avid gardener or simply a beginner who invested time and money in growing your own food , then you will be scrambling to the garden center to buy pesticides , herbicides ,fungicides to protect your crop from being harvested by the NON-Beneficial pests. Think twice before you do so! Please: No fungus among us and No Roundup around!! Here are some Organic alternatives to consider.

Amazing LOCAL Non-GMO South Florida Super foods : ( NON POISONOUS) Herbs - Flowers you can Ever EAT , BEAT Garden Pests and never be Under the Weather!!!!: I-TROPICAL HERBS :

  1-Neem TREE (Indica officinalis) : I personally grow NEEM trees , eat and spray with NEEM products , to guard against myriad pests and gritters to name the least: White Fly- Racoons –mosquitos , westnile fly etc.. Neem oil and tea extracts work as Anti-Retro Viral agent that disturbs the incubation and further prevents multiplication of invading pests like the white fly for example. It does NOT KILL .It Prevents. It is safe to use around vegetables ,humans, animals and beneficial pests like the Lady bug. I also add neem leaves into my favorite salads and rice pilafs and soups! The taste is bitter… My mother used to say to me: “Bitter herbs like neem and dandelion are Better for your Liver. Eat and drink bitters during SPRING season to detoxify and purify your body-mind-spirit”. I have added bitters like NEEM to purify my garden from the non-beneficial pests!!!Use Neem Oil to prevent white fly aphids, mealy bugs,mites,scale,

2-Cuban Oregano: There is an old saying:” When in Rome dress like the Romans”. I have added: “When in the TROPICS GROW AND EAT what is TROPICAL LIKE NON-GMO “CA LA LO” or Tropical Spinach! ALSO BEAT THE TROPICAL PESTS WITH TROPICAL HERBS LIKE CUBAN OREGANO! Monsanto has patented GMO veggie/herb/fruit seeds like the conventional non-organic ones you buy from your garden center, and produced pesticides like Agent Orange and Round Up. Look for alternative Tropical and locally grown / harvested veggie/herb/fruit seeds like Everglades tomatos. cuban oregano , calalo and papya for example !

Remember your grandpa advice to eat" local honey and bee pollen.."!! The same applies to all other food you eat. The reason:Your BODY DNA identifies and relates to locally grown FOOD DNA!!!I will add this up:"GROW and Eat local or go LOCO!!!!"

Just say” NO to GMO” by simply using alternatives to chemical pesticides like neem products to combat nematodes .Grow Tropical non-GMO heirloom local super food green veggies like ” CALALO” .Spray with locally grown tropical Cuban Oregano extracts .Where to find them? I give away FREE SAMPLES for those who attend my Organic Gardening Classes and mention my AD at Natural Awakening “Mark Your Calender ”! Most valuable things are FREE like: Love, spring water , Air and wild flowers and herbs .. Born FREE in Nature !Never sold adulterated like in a plastic bottle: Always Hand Picked Fresh LOCALLY GROWN BY MOTHER EARTH!!! Gardeners and farmers posing only as EARTH KEEPERS!!!Be one of them!!

3-Garlic Chives(ALLIUM TUBEROSUM) :

 My ONLY problem with garlic is: IT smells “GARLICKY”. Everything else works GREAT magic to repell garden pests, intestinal parasites, COMPLAINERS/negative folks , spiders , vampires .I spray with garlic oil, tea/ extracts to repell most aphids / winged pests like the WHITE FLY .I discourage nematodes that attack the root system by planting garlic CHIVES around my veggie plants .It attracts beneficial insects and dispels the non beneficial ones! I eat garlic raw .I learned that when I worked at Hippocretes Health Institute! It is definitely a super food , besides being a pest control and an aphrodisiac as well!!! Ehem ..ehemmm! Also, I sprinkle bits of Cuban oregano and neem LEAF herb into my salad ,soups and add it to my spaghetti marinara. I also juice it and use tea /extracts to spray my vegetable garden and chase the garden pests away .My skin loves the oregano oil /neem oil when I use it as bug repellent/antioxidant to guard against aging .I HAVE A GARDEN MOTTO:" IF I CAN EAT IT ,THEN MY PLANTS CAN AS WELL USE IT TO BEAT PESTS!" Experiment . It is the best way to learn , and BELEIVE it WORKS!!



They come in variegated golden colors and shapes. Grow them from organic seed source. Good to combat many aphid pests . I personally sprinkle ORGANIC marigold flowers on salad and brew them as tea.

2-Nasturtium (Tropaelum majus ):

My favorite as appetizer , in salad and pest control/ prevention. Has glucotropaeolin- anti bacterial properties as known to native tribes of Peru who used them for medicinal purposes as well as a pestcontrol .

2-Sunflower(Helianthus annuus):

 Native Americans ( Lacota tribe/North-South Dakota ) grow them for snack food as well as to purify soil from unwanted heavy metals .I grow sunflower at my gardens to attract birds /pollinators .I snack on the seeds myself and buy sun flower butter as an alternative for peanut butter( is loaded with minerals such as phosphorous,manganese ,iron .. Another hidden cheap super food !

3-Echineacea (Echinacea purpurea):

 May be you recognize this flower from your Health Food Store Immune System Boosters herbal remedies. Make no mistake: This super food herb is also edible. You can eat it and use its power to beat the garden pests as well. I use the flower in my salads and brew it as tea !I grow it to buffer and protect my garden from garden winged bugs and pests :You name them !!!

Miscellaneous Safe Organic pest control treatments:

1-DIATOMACEOUS EARTH(DE): I have some of my garden students who used the edible food grade version and swear by its anti-pest power .If you have children and animals around at home and garden , this is a safe product to use to battle myriad pests and bugs. You may google it and learn more about how to use it or take it as food to chase away parasites and other pests that attack humans!!! 2-Borax: Safe to use indoors/outdoors to combat roaches and ants. 3-Corn grits: Use it to fight fire ants. Native Americans used it at their Sweat Lodges /INIPI to ward off ants!! 4-Natural PYRETHRUM ( Please ,do not use SYNTHETIC PYRETHIUM); use to fight flea beatles, aphids.. 5-Insecticidal soaps:I personally use diluted mix against amny aphids and oyher plant pests along with neem oil to interrupt the egg layning cycle of pests and therefore prevent them from multiplying.


The role of Green education to attain a sustainable way of life from a point of view of an urban farmer

Why Green Awareness is a pre-requisite to Sustainable Living?
Let my Educational green  work   answer  and not simply my words!
Talk is cheap they say...But walking your talk or walking the walk is the real thing!
 Don't ask me about how many successes I had , but rather how many times I fell and failed and kept on trying to succeed .When there is a "Will , there is a Way" . Persistence, repetition, and endurance have their merits in EDUCATION!

Why Lake Worth to start with? It was there where m first Organic Gardening Workshop sponsored by CDC , took place at Chief Sitting Bull Organic Community garden back in 2003.
Also it was there where I fascilitated " Composting 101" at the Palm Beach State College at their Green expo 2011 and prior to that I offered a series of composting  workshop  for the City of Lake Worth  2010-2011.
Then came the third wave of classes in 2013,  I was invited to  the Lake Worth Public library last October  .Talking about library classes,  I want to mention the  series  of gardening workshops at the Mendell WPB public library.
The last library series Organic Gardening  workshop  was at  Boca Raton  .All of the above were FREE .Giving back to the community is the RIGHT THING to do ..and say" THANK YOU"  in action!!

Your  library ,church , synagogue , community center , wellness center ,hospital , school ,Yoga Center, and non -profit organization  is next. Simply send us a reply if you are interested or just mention to erase  your address  from our email list. Our classes and workshops are FREE for non-profit organizations.

The classes are ongoing and continue to be advertised at my web or at the Natural Awakening Magazine PBC edition:" Mark Your Calender" section..
Many heart felt "Thanks You" to those who supported and sponsored my workshops  classes. They know who they are

I was fortunate enough , my workshop coincided time wise with  the efforts by the city of Lake Worth to put a control  lid on the FREE utilization of Chemical Fertilizers through  a "Fertilizer Friendly" ordinance,  in compliance with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection ..

As reported by the Lake Worth Herald (issue #42 October 17 ,2013,page 10):"Phosphorous and nitrogen ,the primary nutrients associated with the degradation of surface water ,are commonly  the primary components of fertilizers for turf and landscape application."

I believe in EDUCATING the public on Local Organic Gardening to raise the GREEN AWARENESS. We can change the world one local  garden at a time ,growing greens that replenish our air and soil and create a GREENER ENVIRONMENT for our children.

I have been Urban farming/gardening and fascilitating workshops since I graduated from UF Master Gardener Program back in 2001. I believe in LOCALLY GROWN  EDUCATION Tropical  Horticultural Education and Hands On Farming Experience in S. Florida are complementary and go hand in hand .

You need to learn "Farming and Gardening" the S. Florida Tropical way , from someone who lived,studied and worked the  S. Florida soil. Tropical farming is different but not difficult! The teacher will show up when the student is ready. Are you ready?

For presentations and classes :You may visit one of my gardens at YOU TUBE Tony Dagher Urban Gardener or contact me at : www,

Let us work together for a GREENER and Healthier World .Thank you for supporting Local Green  Sustainability ,urban gardening  education included!!
 We take pride for having an  organic vegetable  garden now in existence at the White House ,we also remember our Founding Fathers Farmers Jefferson and Washington who inspire us always to grow our own food .

Wishing you ALL  : Merry Christmass ,  Happy New Year 2014 ,  Happy Hanokah,   Happy Gardening!

TOP FIVE "LACKING" Challenges and "LIKELY"Sollutions for the South Florida Backyard Urban Farming.

As a Florida Certified Horticulturist who is currently involved in offering gardening classes ,consultations,and growing my own food locally , I can attest to the following garden  challenges and solutions for the new comer garden enthusiasts  :

 1-LACKING LOCAL EDUCATION-UNDERSTANDING LOCAL ENVIRONMENT:S. East Florida WARMER climate falls under the tropical regional  category  dominated by excessive heat,rain ,pests,tropical storms,humidity and SANDY ACIDIC SOIL .There is no easy way to garden other than a week end warrior- gardener  .Simply said you need to immerse your hands in the soil and sweat . Hands ON learning is the sollution ..This entails taking garden classes offered by LOCAL certified Florida Horticulturists who have studied the Tropical way of gardening at local schools or colleges like for instance :UF -extension Master Gardeners.Other self proclaimed farmers or gardeners who learned and farmed at a COLDER CLIMATE US-REGION like Alaska  for example will be a risk to take .One of my students was a qualified farmer snow bird from" UP NORTH ",who was hired to be a manager of a productive garden by a REPUTABLE world famous Wellness Health Institute "DownSouth" Florida".He confessed to me that he is having difficulty to GROW  healthy vegetables as he was not familiar with the SANDY SOIL of Florida .He asked for my help to teach him how to ammend and create a fertile organic soil.The IRONY is he posted a vaccancy for a gardener position and when I applied he turned my offer down as he felt that I might be a THREAT to take over his position ,as I have more local know how and experience than him.I laugh at such organizations that lack the common sense of hiring LOCALLY.They sense that their PRIORITY is making money LOCALLY  while hiring from OUT of State or GLOBALLY!! Solution:Learn from a locally CERTIFIED -EDUCATED and EXPERIENCED  gardeners -farmers.Learn from a Local.Grow local.Eat Local.HIRE LOCAL...It is all about local...s.....

2-LACKING LOCAL FERTILE SOIL :Sandy soil is infested with nematodes,debris,fertilizers to say the least.It is lacking HUMUS,worms,organic matter,minerals,beneficial bacteria ,compost and much more.Local farms have long been transformed into gated communities and developments .Alternative solution?New comers ,especially snow birds  with swollen wallets ,flood garden centers and spend fortunes on packaged soil that is ENRICHED with SLUDGE(reconstituted human sewage ),cow manure rich in steroids hormones ,antibiotics ,cow vaccine byproducts,sand contaminated with nematodes to mention a few.You figure out the rest?.Solution:Make your own soil.Take garden classes or research the internet /books to learn how .

3-Lacking local time to garden:People have time to work and make money.It makes common sense to find time to garden and grow your own food to EAT LOCALLY GROWN fruits and Veggies that contribute to keeping you HEALTHY in Body-Mind-Spirit.Unhealthy people working two jobs to pay the bills are actually giving more value to their DOLLAR than to their LIFE..Solution:Budget your time to make more time to grow your own healthy food .What is the use of being RICH with accumulated wealth when you have POOR health ?

4-Lacking local and space to garden:Welcome to S.Florida the land of SAND and DEVELOPMENTS!.Sand sand every where but no Land to grow food.Remember :"Water water every where but no water to drink "??Solution:Join a community garden.Grow a vertical garden at your limited space.Grow food in containers.

5-Growing  Local GREEN FOOD means NOT  going "LOCO" or GREEN "brain"WASHED : :That is the most challenging question.HOW TO BE A REAL GROWER not a VIRTUAL ONE.Get involved .Get your hands dirty not your head or heart.If you live in S.Florida sign up for my gardening classes which offer a lot of REAL LOCAL solutions for LAZY gardeners  .Find more reasons why to do so by reading my blog


The Swine Flu and You! .What are the symptoms and how to fight back HERBALLY!!!??

Locally speaking:This is the first time I come across so many sneezing and coughing , may be because I am taking more trips on the bus and the train..How about you and the Flu?Have you noticed that there is a scare going on GLOBALLY ,but not locally!!!.

With the absence of health insurance to many especially farmers and the unemployed or underemployed, one needs to gaurd his or her health .Knowledge and courage play an important role by spreading the AWARENESS and stressing the HERBAl SOLUTIONS.The  fight or flight response to sustain life naturally directs us to look for NATURAL solutions ESPECIALLY USING herbal medicine .FARMERS , GARDENERS AND HERBALISTS NOW  can educate the public from their experience with growing herbs and using them as FOOD   that help the immune system,beside vaccination offcourse!.Disclaimer:The information listed here is for educational purposes only and not to treat ,prevent or diagnose any disease .Consult with your health provider who is the only authority to help you incase you seek treatment for any medical condition.

To start with the EDUCATIONAL AWARENESS:Here is  what the MedWeb  tells us about the Symptoms of the Swine Flu FYI: I qoute:"

H1N1 Influenza (Swine Flu) - Symptoms

The symptoms of H1N1 flu are a lot like the regular seasonal flu. They can include:

  • Fever or shaking chills.
  • Cough.
  • Sore throat.
  • Body aches.
  • Headache.
  • Extreme tiredness (fatigue).

alan="">Some people also have vomiting and diarrhea. Most of the time, the illness is not serious. But in some cases, H1N1 flu can be severe and can lead to pneumonia, serious lung problems, and death

.Swine Flu FAQ


The H1N1 swine flu virus appeared in the U.S. in April 2009 and never went away. After sweeping the globe, U.S. H1N1 swine flu cases surged as schools opened in the fall. What is H1N1 swine flu? What can we do about it? WebMD answers your questions. What is swine flu? What are swine flu symptoms? Who is at highest risk of H1N1 swine flu? Help! I've been exposed to swine flu. What should I do? If I think I have swine flu,...

Read the Swine Flu FAQ article > >

Some people are more likely to have serious problems from H1N1 flu, including:

  • Pregnant women. The developing baby also is at risk for problems if the mother gets H1N1 flu.
  • People with long-term (chronic) health problems such as asthma or diabetes.
  • People with a weak immune system.
  • People who have serious heart or kidney disease or some diseases that affect nerves and muscles.
  • People younger than 25 years old.

Incubation and contagious periods

The time between getting infected with H1N1 virus and feeling sick (called the incubation period) is usually about 2 days but can be from 1 to 7 days.1 You can infect others starting 1 day before your symptoms start. And you may infect others up to 12 days after you get sick, although most people are infectious for about 6 days.1

WebMD Medical Reference from Healthwise

Last Updated: June 02, 2010." Unqoute
The Solution: There are controversy about vaccination so I will leave it up for each individual to decide on their own.Personally ,I choose HERBAL  FOOD solution for  building up IMMUNE SYSTEM  .It is affordable if you do not have medical insurance and RELIABLE too!!.Here are some HERBAL  SOLUTIONS  to consider :
1)The China (TCM)solution:
2)The India (Ayeurveda)  solution:
Check out for many herb growers and herbalists who offer locally grown herbs that are helpful as well.

Super storm Sandy and the wake up call to remember our relationship with Mother Earth Soil and water!

Is it a coincidence that Sandy Super Storm chose New York /New Jersey  vver populated regions to send a message to the modern man of the big cities:Bring back the trees and other Natural settings uprooted by development and modern life of mobile phones and motorized living.

Here in S.Florida we did not learn our lesson yet after so many Hurricanes that washed onshore zillion tons of water and waste to man made structure.The river of grass has become gated communities and the farms that once thrived are now home for cemented structures and asphalt ..

Yet , we forget and want to learn how to grow our own food suddenly after we experiment with GMO food,fertilizerrs and other man made chemicals added to our food..When we become sick then we feel the heat and try to correct our diet by going back to the backyard to grow our own food.Surprise: The soil in S.Florida is SANDY!!!

Hardly a sandy soil can grow anything abnd if it did then the nematodes will step in and abort .So , people flocking from the upnorth regions to the sandy beaches of Florida want to learn how to grow their own food?They try for years and fail..simply because they do not know how to relate to the local soil,plants and climate.They spend money on books and classes.They spend money on stuff from the garden center.Still they are bound to fail .Why not unlearn the cold region way of farming and try to learn the hot region of Florida?

Best bet is to take one on one classes right in the garden and let their hands be immersed with the sandy soil of Florida without forgeting to ask help from a local urban farmer who has nothing to sell other than his horticultural experience and expertize working the Florida SANDY soil !


After rocket fuel was found in milk and traced to cows feeding on grass at the Belle Glades Florida now we have Fire retardents in peanut butter..

Are we getting attacked by peanuts or milk or simply by drugs that render us cannibals?Who are the terrosrists behind contaminated foods and DRUGS that kill?Why are they legal to buy ?Why not regulate what harms our body and mind in forms of drugs or altered artificial food?

Check out this YOU TUBE about last wave of DRUGS?BATH SALTS? IVORY WAVE ?Chilling effects(Please be advized :Containing disturbing images or news):


Or this fuel retardent in our food:

 Here in Florida the Governer recently signed into law : State Employees must take DRUG TESTS.There is reason why .Pill mills clinics were raided by police and law enforcement .A lot of corruption and fraud lirks around and could be traced to drugs.DRUGS may be a suspect of triggering criminal behaviours .So why not make it mandatory to test all FEDERAL-STATE and MUNICIPAL employees for drugs use or abuse ?

Tax payers money should not go to drug users or abusers and such people should not be eligible to keep a state,federal or municipal position .

There are people who work and get paid with tax payers money and they are or have been on drugs and they abuse their positions with impaired judgements and cause law suits that expose local and state governments to pay settlements .An example is ex-commissioners who are now serving jail sentences and convicted  DCF officials etc...Just by reading the local newspapers we find out that we have a problem from using and abusing drugs and there is a solution>Drug tests and JUSTICE for all!


Climate change, weather change and how to be prepared?Earth Day green awareness and solutions to share ..

Weather conditions change from region to region.As for the climate change we are now on a new map/scale as a new standard classifying the agricultural regions in the US into a different scale of Zones than as previously recognized, due to a change in climate.To learn more about new USDA  map hardinus zones please check out:

To understand what a hardiness zone is , Wikepedia describes it as follows:"A hardiness zone (a subcategory of Vertical Zonation) is a geographically defined area in which a specific category of plant life is capable of growing, as defined by climatic conditions, including its ability to withstand the minimum temperatures of the zone (see the scale on the right or the table below). For example, a plant that is described as "hardy to zone 10" means that the plant can withstand a minimum temperature of -1°C. A more resilient plant that is "hardy to zone 9" can tolerate a minimum temperature of -7°C"

Gardners and farmers should pay more attention to the changes in climate as to protect their crops and be flexible in setting up their planting and harvesting plans.

According to the Weather Meteorologist:"Weather is the state of the air at a certain time and place".

Weather includes temperature ,air pressure,humidity.wind,clouds,rain,snow,storms.In order tp be able to predict the weather changes in the absence of a weather channel screen for example , one simply can observe the AIR layers closestr to the earth surface.Native Americans can tell when it is raining by simplu smelling the the air!How many of us are now able to predict weather changes ? Not so many thanks to the weather predictions offerd on TV,internet etc..

Another way of predicting the weather is to observe migration of certain birds..There are now climate changes in Florida where recently the rain has paid random visits .The grass is yellow at most of the front yards that observe the water restrictions issued by local governments.RAIN Water is now becoming a scarce source with the climate change in S.Florida.The Temperature is also changing extremely hot or cold..Plants are becoming confused and crop failure due to climate change is now a norm here.

Is there a solution one could ask oneself to combat climate change?

Earth Day is the time to stop and ask ourselves for ways to fight global warming and the simple answer to do so is to plant more trees,gardens and stop deforesting ,polluting our water and reducing the carbon foot print.  



The main stream media catches up on the Family Farmers losses in the aftermath of Irene.

I am so happy to read today in the NYT that finally someone cared about telling the tale of damages to farms and small farmers in the aftermath of TROIPICAL STORM IRENE.Check this out and my earlier blog article on the same subject .

I had the first response in reporting that farmers were hit the most especially in the New WEngland /Vermont?NY/Connecticut...Check this out  :




Mean Irene and the less" MAIN SCREAM MEDIA COVERAGE" of losses/damages to FARMERS/farms?

I am reporting this right now from FLORIDA , the home state of REAL HURRICANES and daily TROPICAL storms.Irene was just another normal tropical storm as we felt it here.No flooding or major "city flattening ".There were no "CATASTROPHIC"structural damages , not even tree debris or fallen  branches.Just someone drowned because he was surfing when MEAN IRENE was" flattening the EAST COAST "as the main stream media propaganda, especialy TV stations were reporting LIVE .

They were  keeping us in a PAINFUL PANICK non-stop coverage 24/7!I remembered the gulf war andf Iraq war coverage...they were hammering us about news of weapons of mass destruction while in reality it was news of MASS DECEPTION!

Here is another living example of UNBALANCED MEDIA coverage of the MEAN IRENE.There were so many scare coverage "HYPE" concentrating about losses to property/structures(Business/homes/infrastructure).And if they were documenting news for INSURANCE and EMERGENCY fund$ spending.Here is something no one wanted you to know:Hurricane IRENE was actually a tropical storm to reach NY as just a normal DEPRESSION, contrary to what the media and experts were telling us.

If you need a proof:Read the news of the AFTERMATH of IRENE.SERIOUS FLOODING and FERTILE soil desdtruction Damage is happening  far away from the EAST coast .There are so many farms and small farmers stretched in the NEW ENGLAND zone where Vermont,Massachusets and New Hampshire triangle of small family farmers are steretched and now affected with soil erosion due to flooding !Hello mainscream media.Anyone home?

Compare MEAN IRENE COVERAGE and RESPONSE   with the COVERAGE of "CARELESS"  LESS KATERINA COVERAGE/compensation$  .The latter costs were in the aprox 54 billions so far and counting .The former damages for all SIX STATES directly hit by IRENE costs are much  more less than those inflicted by only one(Louisiana)!but more media  fuss! Is it (reporting)for just monetary purposes like reaping more Insurance premium surcharge and emergency fund compensations etc?So far it is early to say but not late to speculate!

Family farms and small farmers are the next thing you will know who suffered most from the flooding as more crops and fertile soil get eroded and gone with the FLOODING.Watch this live i on you tube:

There is one thiing  missing in the coverage by the main scream media:Damages and losses to farms and small farmers specifically!

Talking about fair reporting and balanced journalism in the media , why farmers are alweays left behind?Floods and storms do destroy crops as well as flatten cities like the missing pictures portrayed of the aftermath of IRENE.Where are the photos of the damages to the recepients of emergency funds that were prematurely declared to the benefiary states even before IRENE hit their grounds?Was LOISIANA state given same attention before by media etc?



Getting Educated about Culinary and Medicinal benefits of Herbs and Supplements before we use(or LOSE) them!!

People tend to abuse DRUGS and end up in hospitals or dead.There is now an ADDICTION RUSH/ RASH that is spreading in S.Florida by COVENTIONAL MD clinics for PROFIT that prescribe and dispense on the spot PILLS for PAIN..Welcome to the PILL MILL big  business fraud that is being targeted by LAW ENFORCEMENT ..

It is good to know:Dr.Hulda Clark wrote three books :Cheif among them "The Cure for all cancers" exposed some vitamins and herbal manufacturors who "intentionally" added lead and other toxins to their supplements..That was back in the 1990's.What is new?

A MEGA pharmaceutical company also cleared the market of small owners of herbs and vitamin companies by BUYING Them and becoming THE controller of producing supplements in the market .It kept the names of the previous old  companies withiout change to deceive the consumer.The name of that Mega CEUTICAL company? You tell me?Get an education abvout what you put in your mouth before you get hurt !Another company a major Tobaco company has now a chain of food companies that it bought after the sale of cigarettes dropped down.Guess what they are doing with the food they produce?The same they were doing with the cigarettes:More additives,presetrvatives and toxins being added under the pretext of preswerving this and that!Get educated about who ptroduces your food?

Now the big Pharmaceutical companies are losing more money to the supplemnts and herbs business.So they are sending their lobbyiests to Washington to attack the Herbs and vitamins companies and drive them out of the market.Get educated about who are the companies that want to send you to the hospitals and feed you junk food and drugs for the buck of it?

Your best bet? Grow your own herbs and organic vegetables.You save on the grocery and hospital bill and God forbid ,you do not end up a life long drug consumer/ addict of the PILL MILL!

Get rid of the pill mill "addiction" and instead get an "education" about what you put in/out of  your mouth.No ignorance or fungus among us.. It is good to know:


How small farmers markets are going to dodge the DEBT DEFAULT?What is really going on at the Financial market?

There are so many speculations and hypothesis now bidding for a financial collapse  if the US dollar falls.The Farmers financial market is showing a distress signal as the heat and draught harvest the crops and more of the grain goes to produce the green oil for cars rather than for food.Prices for cotton and grains are soaring as more speculations are influencing the commodities market.

Farming Land is shrinking .As the markets for food production now react negatively wityh the Debt do the small farmer react ?

I am reading a book by Dr.Stephen Leeb : GAME OVER" and much of the hidden financial news are beibng revealed in thw pages.

Here are some glimpses for you to share and be patient to watch the story unfolds on your blank screen.Count for 30 before you give up watching it also as you click on top of page:The Cash Cow!..Be Patient :


How the "Farmer's Market"will reactto the DEFAULTS in the" FINANCIAL MARKET" , is the question to ask rather than "how to grow a tomato in a draught!

During the GREAT DEPRESSION the worst who were hit were the farmers and the factory workers.So far the GREAT DEEP RECESSION of our days is keeping us in a safe HAVEN altogether protected by trillions of DEBTS and virtually healthy market if you only read/watch  the "DAYLIGHT"MAIN STRWEAM MEDIA .


Farmers unlike politicians and merchants have their hands dirty with soil .No blood on their hands and green fingers unless they have an animal farm .I mean an actual anim,al farm different than the one of GEORGE ORWELL. WELL know what I mean..or don't you?


Come the financial draught news about the default and rising the level of national debt ..Are we going to receive those SOCIAL SECURITY checks in August or not.Some of my SENIOR friends are now considering to start a VICTORY garden in their backyards.

The news is not new to them , they lived in the DEPRESSION and they know how it looks like.So my senior citizen friend wants to get rid of the grass and start a tomasto garden..incase the socila security check did not arrive in August!

Here are some of the un MUTTED news to refresh your memory about the DEFAULT and the DEBT$ that iare  threatening our daily bread and butter:


As thwey say it is good to know.If you want to get into it is BETTER to know more LAST WORDS FINANCIAL PROGRAM  at CNBC .THE NIGHT LATE NEWS IS NOT THE SAME as the day light news..Is that why we have this as truth   "BEING KEPT IN THE DARK".???Wake up and read /watch the LATE DARK  NIGHT news.It is different!


Cell phones , ROUNDUP and the chemicals that are causing more diseases of no cure:Read this BIRTH DEFFECTS and more !

The United Nations recently released a report after conducting a study on the use of CELL Phones and Cancer.Unfortunately such news are not a big Headlines News by the Main Stream media.The public is being kept in the dark usually.It is better to light a candle of suppressed information rather than condemn the darkness as the Chinese proverb says!

Check out this link first about Roundup:


Cell phones caise cancer and head tumors.Beleive it or not?Check it out as the United Nations-World Health Organization reports:


I have dumped my cell phone,TV,Microwave long time ago.How about you?





How does climate change affect agriculture ?


Read how the draught is affecting 14 states from a recennt NYT and MSNBC reports :

Simply speaking , I can relate to you what is happening from my observations as an urban farmer here in S.Florida.

We are on Water Restrictions  extreme draught D$.Meaning that watering is allowed once a week in most of PBC.

Even though we started getting some rain releif lately, the Okeechobee lake is still below acceptable average level by two feet.


A friend of mine who owns a nherb farm is suffering dramatically as she has no water to irrigate her plants from the nearby canal .

The good news is that people are starting to take the situation seriously and save on water consumpyion.

The best bet is educating the public not punish their pockets in the beginning.

More people are feeling the heat in their wallets as the produce na dfood items prices move up.There is a trend to start growing their own food in backyards .I teach classes on organic gardening and my last class was fascilitated at the City of Lake Worth.The city is pioneering a Compost program .I am volunteering to teech composting and the class is for FREE.


More details at The Natural Awakening PBC Magazine and my event box @:


Education makes a difference.



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