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Climate change, weather change and how to be prepared?Earth Day green awareness and solutions to share ..

Weather conditions change from region to region.As for the climate change we are now on a new map/scale as a new standard classifying the agricultural regions in the US into a different scale of Zones than as previously recognized, due to a change in climate.To learn more about new USDA  map hardinus zones please check out:

To understand what a hardiness zone is , Wikepedia describes it as follows:"A hardiness zone (a subcategory of Vertical Zonation) is a geographically defined area in which a specific category of plant life is capable of growing, as defined by climatic conditions, including its ability to withstand the minimum temperatures of the zone (see the scale on the right or the table below). For example, a plant that is described as "hardy to zone 10" means that the plant can withstand a minimum temperature of -1°C. A more resilient plant that is "hardy to zone 9" can tolerate a minimum temperature of -7°C"

Gardners and farmers should pay more attention to the changes in climate as to protect their crops and be flexible in setting up their planting and harvesting plans.

According to the Weather Meteorologist:"Weather is the state of the air at a certain time and place".

Weather includes temperature ,air pressure,humidity.wind,clouds,rain,snow,storms.In order tp be able to predict the weather changes in the absence of a weather channel screen for example , one simply can observe the AIR layers closestr to the earth surface.Native Americans can tell when it is raining by simplu smelling the the air!How many of us are now able to predict weather changes ? Not so many thanks to the weather predictions offerd on TV,internet etc..

Another way of predicting the weather is to observe migration of certain birds..There are now climate changes in Florida where recently the rain has paid random visits .The grass is yellow at most of the front yards that observe the water restrictions issued by local governments.RAIN Water is now becoming a scarce source with the climate change in S.Florida.The Temperature is also changing extremely hot or cold..Plants are becoming confused and crop failure due to climate change is now a norm here.

Is there a solution one could ask oneself to combat climate change?

Earth Day is the time to stop and ask ourselves for ways to fight global warming and the simple answer to do so is to plant more trees,gardens and stop deforesting ,polluting our water and reducing the carbon foot print.  




How does climate change affect agriculture ?


Read how the draught is affecting 14 states from a recennt NYT and MSNBC reports :

Simply speaking , I can relate to you what is happening from my observations as an urban farmer here in S.Florida.

We are on Water Restrictions  extreme draught D$.Meaning that watering is allowed once a week in most of PBC.

Even though we started getting some rain releif lately, the Okeechobee lake is still below acceptable average level by two feet.


A friend of mine who owns a nherb farm is suffering dramatically as she has no water to irrigate her plants from the nearby canal .

The good news is that people are starting to take the situation seriously and save on water consumpyion.

The best bet is educating the public not punish their pockets in the beginning.

More people are feeling the heat in their wallets as the produce na dfood items prices move up.There is a trend to start growing their own food in backyards .I teach classes on organic gardening and my last class was fascilitated at the City of Lake Worth.The city is pioneering a Compost program .I am volunteering to teech composting and the class is for FREE.


More details at The Natural Awakening PBC Magazine and my event box @:


Education makes a difference.




Climate Change: DRAUGHT,wild fires,twisters,floodings are just messages to stop the man made insanity ! .

The water restrictions are now being upgraded to once a week here at WPB. The DRAUGHT is OFFICIALLY SEVERE in PBC.Take a tour to the neighboring Palm Beach Island the home of the rich  and the supper rich.You will notice the high class clubs lawns and golf courses  ..shinning super green.Thanks to an exceptional approval to use the water to keep the lawns and golf courses green , what about water restrictions being not applied to some gated communities ,rich and super rich clubs,golf courses and mansions both in WPB and Palm Beach ?

Here are some  reports about the draught by the Post worth looking at:

Recently ,a project was approved by a local city commisioners  to beautify a major road with grass and landscaping.The   landscaping project costs one million.Forget about the irrigation cost ..what about the draught water restrictions compliance , while budget cuts to police,schools,fire dept and more are being also approved?Kind of confusing..What are the priorities in a draught?To beautify a meridian and spend more money on watering the grass while so many people are hungry and  losing their jobs,homes and cars to the banks?

Water water every where to irrigate the grass ...but not enough  water to drink or grow food.Ooops...water restrictions can be profitable by increasing the revenue from ticketting the offenders.That is a good thing!Yes????


The new agricultural paradigm: New hardy zones to accomodate the Climate Changes and New home grown Farmers!

The supreme court UPHOLDS  an Arizona 2007 law to hire only legal status employees.Check oput the New York Times front page headlines of today.Fourteen restaurants were raided and the owner fined 10 million for hiring illegal immigrants.Learn more about the article:


Also ,Check out :

This is good news for the American work force who want to work menial jobs in restaurants/construction/farms with less pay and no insurance and benefits.Now let us find replacements for the ones fired to avoid more business banckruptcy!Now let us send more unemployed to work in the farms and restaurents targeted employing illegal immigrants.Now let us bring more opportunities for the LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who WANT to WORK in RESTAURANTS?HOTELS?FARMS...etc..


Canada has an immigration policy that attracts EDUCATED IMMIGRANTS.They have opportunities to fill for those who arrive to work and follow the law of the land.Why not follow  Canada's immigration steps that enrich the ecconomy with skilled /educated immigrants .I beleive the Obama Administration is doing the right thing by targeting employers who hire illegal immigrants and break the law by doing so.The Administration is sending a message by hurting the law breakers at their pockets!

There is CHANGE in the AIR!

Climate changes are now adding more hardships to farmers and gardeners.In addition to the unprecedented current floodings/twisters-tornadoes that are destroying more of towns and structures, the impact on crops production is not that better either.More crops are lost as the inclement weather harvests / destroys the crops as well as the homes!


There is now a new map on the works for new Agriculture Hardy Zones to replace the old one.We need more helping hands reaching out to the small farmers community.Your voice counts in the coming elections.Vote for small farmers in office who REALLY stand up for the farmers and not for the LOBBIESTS of BIG AGRI-BUSINESS!! 



How does climate change affect agriculture ?

Simply speaking , I can relate to you what is happening from my observations as an urban farmer here in S.Florida.


The coconut palm trees stopped producing as much  coconuts for the last three years .As a matter of fact I can relate a story of an acquaintance who has lost most of his coconut  grove .

The citrus trees has been reduced by a Canker disease that fell down so many healthy and unhealthy trees .There are so many home owners who are now collecting  money for the  WRONG cutting of their healthy citrus trees .How about those who made the WRONG  decision to cut the treas?

Are they  still keep their jobs!?


Cutting a tree and its effects on the climate warming..who does not know that trees absorb CO2? Still trees are being cut right and left..Ask why we are having draughts , floods hurricanes and tsunamees?

Take the RAIN FOREST for example.Why is it called so?

Forests attract rain..It is so simple.Trees absorb carbon emissions and release oxygen.Is it legal to cut trees ?Here is a story which answers the question:

I heard in the news  about some local activists who tried to show their support  by climbing and camping  on top of them to attract PUBLIC NOTICE in a DRAMATIC way!!!! I mean this is an exagertion kind of "support our trees" campaign by camping on them!!!.Consequently ,they were arrested and the trees were cut down!!!What!!!!!


The EARTH needs more trees PLANTED not cut down..In Switzerland , there is a LAW against cutting down vegetation haphazardly!How about here?Well , some good news are coming up.


A small town in S.Florida is leading by example .Lake Worth has a COMPOSTING PROGRAM going on.Residents who wish to attend the  FREE workshops on composting , receive compost bins at reduced discounted prices through rebates.

Those are good news and solutions to combat the global warming LOCALLY.Imagine more cities follow through Lake Worth example of COMPOSTING and RECYCLING our trash into the garden rather than to the Garbage BIN!!! 

As the heat builds up , changing green  grass to  brown .

As the rain falls short and the rivers flood town.

We show  " green  thumbs up ..(and the4  brown thumb down)

Some good news to cheer u up...(and stop that dumb moan): 


The REALITY of Climate change -draught as one aspect only-.The problem and the solutions.

After so many years of crying wolf on the global warming, draught and climate change what is new?

I asked myself this question as I keep reading about the dilemma that now is on the agenda of politicians who seek elections and try to appease voters by frelating to their concerns.What had been done to bring solutions if ever we recognize that there is a problem.

I beleive that farmers and food producers in general are the ones directly affected as their crops become the direct hit when mother nature stops cooperating in producing crops.

Comes the flooding and drought dilemmas that hit Russia,Africa,Pakistan etc...More countries who are crop producers are now hiking the prices on wheat,barley cotton and more...Thanks to climate changes drought being one of them.

I was counting the number of days and nights of  no rain recently as the growing season started here in S. Florida.So far couple of days and one single night were rainy for the last thirty days.

The water restrictions alerts are resurfacing again and the local ( and national)news media is again focusing on climate change and drought again .

Back to basics.Here is a question to ask: Why do we call the RAIN FOREST so?Ask your ,self like I did .I am guessing the answer at the end of my article to give you time to reflect on an answer or guess ?


During the depression the most hit were the farmers and people who worked in the manufacturing sector.What is new in 2010?Blaming all evil on the face of a faceless persona like the climate can direct our anger somewhere else invisible and controversial,shall we say?

What matters is the Action we take to remedy a problem that is affecting our lives directly.Humans need food to survive among water and air .Take out food and water ,what remains is air...the only essential for life  without a price tag so far.

I watched the Movie "Wall Streat " recently and what drew my attention is what Michael Douglas says:"Speculation is the root of all evil".The Bible says:Love of Money is the Root of all evil.Combine both Speculation and the love of money you will get a clue about what I am talking about.Not yet?

Almost one million homes have been foreclosed by the banks not to mention farms , a study reveals.There is a vicious circle of withholding jobs,homes,crops and you name it so that more money is made.What about the lives that are ruined of the home owners and the farmers among others?When will the speculation stop?When will the drought and climate change stop...both have no face?

In reality the natural law follows cause and effect.When we cause damage then there are consequences.When we cut the trees and reduce the areas of cultivated land what happens..The cause of our Action is reflected in the effect of less RAIN.That is why we call the RAIN FOREST SO.Trees and green attract rain.Destroy more of the earth farms,trees,forests and nature  and as a consequence have no rain.Period.Reverse the process and the climate will correct itself.Common Sense Makes Sense not Science? 


Burning oil pumping more carbon ,climate change and crop failures ,are they related?Feel the record breaking heat yet?

I live in Florida Tropics and I was so worried about the oil spill in the gulf that I was contemplating to volunteer to join the clean up crews..

Until I read the story of Drew Wheelan.He was doing a coverage of the Gulf oil spill  in Louisiana ,got pulled over by the cops and his camera was weilded .  .He ended up being diagnosed with pneumonia ,he says.

He asks the question whether the Chemical Dispersant Coreexit used in the Gulf oil spill ,had anything to do  with the diagnosis?Very interesting story by an eye witness.Check details  at  below links : 

This brings the question whether climate change has anything to do with the carbon dioxide rising persentage in the atmosphere, due to man made effects like burning fossil fuel  raising carbon dioxide levels and CROP FAILURES?

As an urban farmer who experienced crop failures this year due to the extreme intermitent hot/cold change in temperatures here in the S.Florida sub tropics agricultural zone ,I want to share with you what the BRITISH  GUARDIAN ( shortage articlicle/09)reported  last year about the effects of Climate Change in the tropics and sub-tropics.They predicted crop failures( which has started to happen on small scale as far as I know).

Here is the report/article qouted for quick reference:I qoute the GUARDIAN ":

Billions face food shortages, study warns

• Climate change may ruin farming in tropics by 2100
• Record temperatures to become normal in Europe

Half of the world's population could face severe food shortages by the end of the century as rising temperatures take their toll on farmers' crops, scientists have warned.

Harvests of staple food crops such as rice and maize could fall by between 20% and 40% as a result of higher temperatures during the growing season in the tropics and subtropics. Warmer temperatures in the region are also expected to increase the risk of drought, cutting crop losses further, according to a new study.

The worst of the food shortages are expected to hit the poor, densely inhabited regions of the equatorial belt, where demand for food is already soaring because of a rapid growth in population.

A study in the US journal Science found there was a 90% chance that by the end of the century, the coolest temperatures in the tropics during the crop growing season would exceed the hottest temperatures recorded between 1900 and 2006.

More temperate regions such as Europe could expect to see previous record temperatures become the norm by 2100.

"The stress on global food production from temperatures alone is going to be huge, and that doesn't take into account water supplies stressed by the higher temperatures," said David Battisti, at the University of Washington, who led the study.

Battisti and Rosamond Naylor, at Stanford University in California, combined climate models from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and historical examples of the impact of heatwaves on agriculture, and found severe food shortages were likely to become more common.

Among the periods they examined was the record heatwave across western Europe in 2003, which killed an estimated 52,000 people and also cut yields of wheat and fodder by a third. In 1972, a prolonged hot summer in south-east Ukraine and south-west Russia saw temperatures rise by between 2C and 4C above the norm, driving down wheat and coarse grain yields for the whole of the USSR by 13%. The disruption affected the global cereal market for two years.

Naylor, who is director of food security and the environment at Stanford, said the study emphasised the need for countries to invest in adapting to a changing climate. To develop new crops to withstand higher temperatures could take decades, she added.

"When we looked at our historical examples there were ways to address the problem within a given year," Naylor said. "People could always turn somewhere else to find food. But in the future there's not going to be any place to turn unless we rethink our food supplies."

The tropics and subtropics, which stretch from the southern US to northern Argentina and southern Brazil, from northern India and southern China to southern Australia, and cover all of Africa, are currently home to 3 billion people. Future temperature rises are expected to have a greater impact in the tropics because the crops grown there are less resilient to changes in climate.

According to the study, many local populations now live on less than £1.30 a day and depend on agriculture. The need for food is due to become more urgent as populations are expected to nearly double by the end of the century.

"When all the signs point in the same direction, and in this case it's a bad direction, you pretty much know what's going to happen," Battisti said. "You're talking about hundreds of millions of additional people looking for food because they won't be able to find it where they find it now.

"You can let it happen and painfully adapt, or you can plan for it. You could also mitigate [climate change] and not let it happen in the first place, but we're not doing a very good job of that."

Naylor added: "We have to be rethinking agriculture systems as a whole, not only thinking about new varieties [of crops], but also recognising that many people will just move out of agriculture, and even move from the lands where they live now."

In many countries, a combination of poor farming practices and deforestation, exacerbated by climate change, may steadily degrade soil fertility, leaving vast areas unsuitable for crops or grazing. In 2007, scientists warned that poor soil fertility meant a global food crisis was likely in the next half-century." Unqoute.





We are witnessing the fallouts of climate change here in Florida as never before during the last decade.temperatures have reached the low twenties coupled with a double digit unemployment rate.

Farmers are rushing to insulate their crops to protect against the frost and inclement COLD weather that is not a common thing here in the TROPICAL SOUTH FLORIDA to say the least!




Suddenly we all are alerted to the CLIMATIC EFFECTS OF GLOBAL WARMING.Check out the draught in Canada and California all the way down to the southern sun belt..This has been going on for years and NOW we are awake.From being the NUMBER ONE IN the GREEN HOUSE GAS up to the 2007, now we are more conscious about the consequences and the number one is China instead! Our farms are at stake!In California the DELTA IS SINKING>Find more @:

More on the local and international news on the subject as we get a boost from the UN Copenhagen Summit on Climate change.There are slack of public interest though.This a good reason to write more and raise the awareness about the subject.We farmers make a living from the land and our livelihood is now threatened more than ever  due to severe draughts,floodings and other sever climatic changes.


For more info.Check it out atthe following links:

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