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The city of Lake Worth offers a $35 credit rebate and a compost bin for participants of the compost program.

I was invited yesterday to give a presentation about composting at the city of Lake Worth -Public Services department.The director of Public services  Mr.Joseph Kroll gave directions ,information and  distributed compost bins to a group of residents who took  the  composting class and the credit rebate of $ 35 that the city  offered to the participants .

There was a crowd of around  forty five  participants which included two city officials:  Commissioners Joan Golden  and Cara Jennings .There were also present local activists , business owners  ,community leaders and ordinary LW residents

The L W city  has the first green building of the Palm Beach county with  a roof garden .In addition ,  it promotes  following green energy solutions , welcomes and encourages establishment of green energy businesses .

Recently ,the Lake Worth Resource Centre (LWRC) for example has started ioffering a class on Solar Panels and organic gardening to local residents.

I will be giving an organic gardening class once every month (second wednesday of the month) at the LWRC.

This is another step forward towards spreading the green awareness and creating green jobs in the city simply by providing  educational classes ..Knowledge is power.Imagine if  this power is GREEN!

At the event yesterday,I gave a brief presentation on composting and distributed handouts .It ended with a community interaction  of questions and answers about composting.I felt so happy and weclome at the event.We urban farmers are not limited to the chores of harvesting  and planting. We have a role in our community as well to educate and raise green awareness like  replacing inefficient lawns, that are a waste of our water and financial resourses , with productive organic vegetable gardens that will  help to :

 1)Beef our local economy and Farmer market by creating more jobs and businesses.

2)Donate locally grown organic produce for the soup kitchens and food pantries , and make it affordable for low income residents to buy organic produce thaty are locally grown. 

3)Create marketing opportunities for the urban farmers who can not afford the green /farmer market stand.

4) Save money for the city on waste managemnt expenses by creating the compost program . Same ,  well as  by saving on the grocery bill, for the residents who participate in the "replace your lawn" with an orgnic garden pilot .

The city of Lake Worth  has  a program to promote the usage of rain barrels ,as well.Another green pilot program is in trial also , which will allow  residents   to harvest honey from their backyard bee hives and eat eggs from their home  raised chicken .

It is good to know that the first  community Organic Garden ever in Palm Beach County was in  Lake Worth:

Chief Sitting Bull Organic Community Garden.Unfortunately it ceased to exist not long time ago , but there are hopes that a new rebirth will follow .

Those greening efforts by local residents and officials  are establishing  a trend of saving historical buildings,preserving a small town culture of diversity and  promoting community green businesses  .

As the Gulf oil spill now approaches our shores and takes a hit of national condemnation , it is good to remember that there were residents and local leaders and activists who raised the alarm about saving the environment of clean water and chemicals free soil,not recently but long time ago ,through local groups  like the Lake Worth based  PBC Environmental Coalition .

Last but not least,  the city of Lake Worth has a state of the art Reverse Osmosis water fascility that will be operational by the end of next year. A LIVE SIMPLE and LET SIMPLY LIVE   mentality is now in the air.To  promote and preserve our natural environmental sources and resources ,is the new way of doing business(as unusual) in the City of Lake Worth.BRAVO Lake Worth!



Modern civilization offered the push button technologies for the modern man .Long time ago man did use the shovel to make a living and live from farming the EARTH.We are now in a cycle which is turning us upside down and people want to garden suddenly and they want the vegetables and fruits RIGHT NOW.

Sorry to tell you :You missed the train!

This Earth Day I see streets turn into FESTIVE MOOD.AS usual there goes the DEJA VU jewelery,hot dog and food stands ..bla bla bla..Folks: It is time to get real and start learning the lost art of farming and gardening the way our fathers did.Let us start with the EARTH which some prefer to call DIRT.Do you know how to make your own in case you lived on the MOON or close by at a SANDY soil like S.Florida?

Here comes help.Start recycling your kitchen scraps .Create a COMPOST PILE. Decomposed organic matter with the help of water,worms,air,sun will go through the DECAY process that occurs naturally to soil.

There are zillions of books and hundreds of internet sites that can teach you to do so.But who has the time to research and read?The Easiest way is to DO IT and go through the learning curve.

Here is a simple way to do it.

Construct a compost pile by layering the following:

1- Bottom layer: Remove sod and create a coarse dry matter on the ground to to allow air circulation I use dry leaves and wood sticks.Add Green Matter( scraps)

2-Manure of your choice.( Ex.mine is horse manure)

3-Plant waste.( Ex.leaves from the backyard)

4-Sawdust or mulch.

5-Local soil( EX.Sand in S.Florida!)

Hose this 4x4 layer with water and keep on repeating the process every time you add the kitchen scraps

Turning the pile upside down will help in aerating it and speed up DECOMPOSITION.

In case you live in an area that applies toomany restrictions like CONDOMINIUMS etc...use a Compost bin to avoid insulting your neighbour with the smmell of the compost..I usually add baking soda !

The soil is the next on line ENDANGERED SPECIES.Some of us like more convenient ways of using soil sold in bags.Use you discretion.I use my instincy and trust my OWN in times of emerging know what!


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