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My composting class goes to college!

Have classes and shovel.Will travel! If you love to GROW  a PRODUCTIVE   garden or want to LEARN how to start one , let us talk?
When I started my Organic Gardening classes at community gardens I did not expect that one day a College will host my classes.It happened last month on October 15,2011.Out of seven community gardens I cofounded or contributed in bringing into life one is still breathing.The rest ? RIP..I will explain to you why in a future news letter!
To prove to you that Education  and Urban Farming  go hand on hand to uplift our MINDF/SOUL with AWARENESS   as well as to bring back  Organic SOIL into our HANDS/BODY  :I attach a document .The PBSC  evaluation of my class by the students who attended the Palm Beach State College -Green Expo  ,it  speaks for itself ,like they say :Numbers do not lie!!Check this attachment :
Evaluation Form Green Expo Presentations Tony Dagher LW (2).docx (application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document) 46.00K
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So what?

Education is of the essence. To tranform awareness into consciousness , it takes time and work..This will happen when we bring back the FARMING SPIRIT  INTO OUR HOMES and start  PRODUCING OUR OWN FOOD .JUST LIKE  WE USED TO DO BACK... IN HISTORY.Money does not grow on TREES.Neither TREES can grow from money.Trees and Veggies grow in gardens and farms.They need compost and ,earth,water and addition to our green thumbs and dirt covered hands .
Shall we say farming has become history ?Back in history ,we imported slaves  from Africa to our plantations..Now at PRESENT we allowed migrant farmers to do the same SWEAT SHOP job .While we enjoyed the luxury of air conditioned rooms they dug the dirt and sweat the sweat so that we will be able to eat tomatoes ripened with growth hormones like  ETHYLENE!!Wonder why tomatoes LOOK like tomatoes but don't taste like them?
In the age of INFORMATION and computers our hands and fingers are now touching screens and IT gadgets ,but not soil.The EARTH used to grow our food .Now Factory Farms and Labs are doing it.Tablets of vitamins and "food" energy capsules.Wonder why we are being transformed into machines ?
Back to the garden will be the NEXT BACK to school call!
Urban farmers will be the next job creation .Farmers will be graduating from schools ,and urban farms will take over the Factory Farms.If you want to be free and your own, grow your own...!The inside of you is as precious as the outside or shall you spend money on signiture clothes and homes and things ,while your body /mind  is fed junk !!!You decide!Your inside is as precious ...

Evaluation Form Green Expo Presentations Tony Dagher LW (2).docx
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On World Hunger Day-October 16 !Turning garbage into COMPOST and productive VEGETABLE gardens!

October 16 is the World Hunger Day as recognized by the United Nations -Food and Agriculture  Organization (FAO).
To say the least:This gives us " Inspiration "to turn garbage into Compost and Productive Vegetable Gardens to feed the HUNGRY!! Acts are louder than  just words!
I am fascilitating a class on Composting on October 15, 2011  at a Green Expo here !How about you?
On this occasion , I would like to share some information about How we :
1)TREAT our food :
2)TRASH our food  :
To start with , let us look at the numbers released by the Environmental Protection Agency about Food Waste in the US:
Then to close   looking for local  solutions to a Global world hunger , let us start by a dumpster near you:

The Compost Bin: Why and how to use it to transfer trash into cash or (black gold:ORGANIC SOIL)

Why the compost machine is so much in demand in S.Florida.??It takes minimum efforts to operate.Just make sure that you know how to mow your garden trash and grind your  kitchen scraps before you add into the Compost Machine.

Operating a compost BIN is not so complicated , the secret is HOW TO COMPOST the RIGHT WAY?Learning from Certified and Experienced Horticulturists helps a lot!Ask my students and read their reviews at my below web!

 I am fascilitating a FREE COMPOSTING Class for my regular GARDENING students .Why not join us, if you live in S.Florida?The growing season is imminent!

I beleive in giving back to the community, so I give away my experience,knowledge and time to teach garden enthusiasts to transform trash into cash or in other words :Garbage into Garden!

Learning from books and false prophets who clain to be EXOERTS in gardening just because they read so many garden books is not enough!

Got to learn the HANDS ON way...

Join my classes every month for FREE.This is my way of saying THANK YOU .Sharing my organic KBOW HOW in times of LESS MONEY , and LESS JOBS , LESS  LOCALLY GROWN ORGANIC AFFORDABLE FOOD is the answer to our need for a BOUNTIFUL ARICULTURAL society of LESSER INDUSTRIAL GREED !


More info about my classes at:




When I was asked to volunteer in fascilitating a Composting FREE class at the Public Service Dept./City of Lake Worth  back in June 2010-I had no idea that it will grow to become a GREEN PROGRAM !

Thanks to the pioneer creative vision of the LWPS director MR.Joseph Kroll , local residents now can obtain affordable compost bins , attend FREE Composting and organic gardening classes ,get help to start growing their food in their own backyards and save money on both  the grocery and trash collecting bills!

When finding a job becomes a full time  and  long term :Mission Impossible" job, starting with a short term self created JOB to PRODUCE our own food is in itself an alternative and  positive contribution in the right direction!

While living in a down graded ecconomy :/14.4 TRILLION debt -Soaring national 9.6%unemployment-Budget -spending cuts etc, people are now asking this question:Are we yet in the depression following the DEEP RECESSION: I

I am personally a positive person who does not beleive in the gloom and doom conspiracy theories, but it does not hurt to get prepared and do like what our grandfathers did in the depression by growing their own VICTORY GARDEN to servive:

It pays to" light one candle rather than cursethe darkness".Innovative and  creative acts like producing and  growing  our own food in itself is  A JOB that pays in bringing food to the Home TABLES  and Local Green Market!!.

Shifting gears from CONSUMING MENTALITY TO PRODUCING MENTALITY is all what we need to raise the GDP (Gross Domestic Product)!

Depending on charity hand outs/food stamps/unemployment checks/subsidies etc..contributes to further our DEBT crisis. Tax payers money ill spent  on Local Aid through  NON-PRODUCTIVE programs such as the above , is as counterproductive  as the  tax payers money spent on Foreing Aid .

Growing your own food saves by trimming the municipal RECYCLING costs of  biodegradable  trash  for example:kitchen /yard scraps !.Composting saves on the garden center bill.Composting is a productive practice that transforms inefficient grass yards into productive vegetable gardens that can FEED our families and promote a sustainable self reliant agricultural ecconomy that does not depenf on importing food from foreign countries and recycle the dollar locally rather than send it abroad!

Here is a sample of the classes that are now being offered every month at Lake Wortgh:A pictutre is worth telling more than thousand words:


More information on how to participate in the LW Composting Program ,please visit our web link below:

A big THANK YOU to:

The Public Service Department-City of Lake Worth/Fl.

THE Lake Worth Herald coverage.

Anna Maria Blog  coverage @ lakewortheveryminute

Please support our local sponsors:

Natural Awakening Magazine PBC/Fl .

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Come and celebtrate the Composting Awareness Week with us : Attend a FREE Composting class

The most valuable things in life are FREE.

They are the four elements of CREATION as called by the Native Americans:AIR-WATER-EARTH-FIRE.

Beleive it or not..they are also the necessary elements that you need to CREATE COMPOST.

What is Compost?.Simply said , it is end product of the decomposition process of organic matter .Compost is the basic ingredient of SOIL.

Lincoln once wqas qouted as saying:"The next endangered species on EARTH is :SOIL".

The HUMUS it was called in Latin.Soil was called HUMUS in the beginning when life was formed.HUMUSAPIENS we were called in Latin, later transfigured in English to become:HOMO-S-apiens(The word Ape was taken from there!Give glory to FREUD))or the DWELLERS of  EARTH.

Back to composting.I am fascilitating a FREE class on Composting in collaboration with the City of Lake Worth to spread the awareness .

Keeping in mind that most valuable things are FREE...Humbly speaking,I beleive my FREE class also will be valuable , if you decided to change the color of your thumb from brown into green !!!

The FREE class will be offered in S.Florida..In case you live close by , then you are WELCOME to attend . More info at my web link below...  .Check the events calender to RSVP:



More info about the Composting Awareness Week @:


Happy composting


Back yard Composting in S.Florida.Lake Worth joins the green composting cities.

Back yard composting is now a hot thing to do.With the economy crunch reaching out to our homes and jobs and cars, people are starting to think more greenwisely!

Saving on the bill of electric or water by switching the plug into Solar pannels now can be stretched into the backyard by COMPOSTING and saving on the garden center bill and the grocery bill by GROWING YOUR OWN food using home made compost and organic soil.I have been advoc ating this practice even long time before the economic crunch.But people usually hear better when it hurts their pocket$!

Lake Worth deserves an applaud for taking this step forward .Here I enclose an article that is self explanatory about how a small town -city is making big strides to become a leader in a GREEN DRIVEN ENERGY.Thanks to our commissioners Cara Jennings and Susan Mulvehill for helping in  pioneering this initiative  and also thanks to the Palm Beach Post for publishing positive articles that need to be shared to be appreciated more and spread the green awareness nation wide.

I qoute thePalm Beach  Post for a quick refernce to share the article:

Qoute:"By Willie Howard

— Composting is coming to Lake Worth back yards in a move to save the city money by reducing the weight of trash trucked to the landfill.

The city's Public Services Department plans to give 80-gallon Earth Machine composting bins to 50 residents citywide in a pilot project set to begin in late May. The test composters, chosen by neighborhood associations, will keep track of how much organic kitchen waste they transform into fertilizer.

After the test, the city plans to order about 2,000 of the plastic bins and sell them to residents for $50. Buyers who take a one-hour training class will get a $37.50 rebate, said Joseph Kroll, public services director.

Kroll said he expects composting will catch on in Lake Worth because the level of environmental awareness is high among residents.

He estimates that composting will reduce the weight of garbage sent to the county landfill by 10 percent - enough to save the city about $110,000 annually.

Reducing the cost of refuse collection and disposal is one of the 2010 goals developed by city commissioners during a February workshop.

Summer is a good time to begin a composting project because organic waste - everything from fruit and vegetable scraps to coffee grounds and leftover rice and pasta - decomposes quickly in warm weather.

The Earth Machine composters have locking lids to discourage rodents from foraging in the mix and stir sticks with propeller-like blades to blend the decomposing organic matter.

Kroll said it takes about three weeks in warm weather for kitchen waste to be transformed into a fertilizer that can be used as a planting material, to enrich sandy soil or as a top dressing for lawns.

"Twenty-nine percent of our waste is organic waste that can be composted," said Commissioner Suzanne Mulvehill, who suggested the composting program.

Mulvehill has two composting bins in her back yard, one that uses worms to improve the quality of the resulting organic matter and another reserved for acidic fruit scraps. Mulvehill uses the rich material produced by the compost bins to fertilize pole beans, beets, onions, cilantro, mustard greens and other vegetables in her garden.

"My best tomato plants came right out of my compost," Mulvehill said.

Commissioner Cara Jennings said she has been composting since she was a teenager.

"I'm excited we're going to do the program and introduce a lot more people to composting," Jennings said." Unqoute.

I have a composting class coming up this May 22nd.If you live close by WPB,Fl.You are welcome.Check it out at our calender of eventsat:


Happy Composting 


Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Updated: 10:04 p.m. Sunday, May 2, 2010

Posted: 11:15 a.m. Sunday, May 2, 2010




The environment (earth)is our home and partner .

RECYCLING IS THE KEY WORD FOR CORRECTING OUR ACTS OF GREED AND WASTE .COMPOSTING is the answer to our irresponsible waste ,crashing - trashing -dumpster agri- CULTURE!!

The Native Americans were the first pioneers to mention when we talk compost.They used to bury the fish bones right into the field where they grew corn and sunflower.Their ways are sacred because of the simple reason they gave us when it comes to farming:FEED THE EARTH NOT THE PLANTS.We just do the opposite , because it makes more money and less common sense to our business as usual mentality ! 


Just a living example is the EPA and Health DEPT ongoing recent investigation of the ACREAGE , an agricultural and residential area that is now the focal point of the media for its CANCER CLUSTERS outcry! COULD IT BE THAT WHAT IS IN THE SOIL MIGHT BE THE CAUSE FOR ALL THOSE CANSER CLUSTER????

Home made composting made easy:

 One of my favorite way of composting is PILE COMPOST.

1- Start with yard trash like broken branches,leaves and grass shavins as my first layer.It is important to do so to maintain proper aeration.

2-Add: GREEN MANURE OR MATTER like -kitchen scrapings and allowed animal manure( I prefer horse manure).Great source for nitrogen.

3-Add BROWN MANURE  OR MASTTER like:mulch,saw dust,newspaper ,old cotton cloth.Great source for carbon. I try to maintain a C/N ratio of 25/1.

4-Add natural minerals,trace minerals and nutrients like :lime,iron,bone meal,blood meal,flax mealetc..Great food for worms that help transform the soil into HUMUS which is the fully and COMPLETE COMPOST.

Compost is a partially and not fully complete soil.Worms  fill in the gap towards a complete compost as in  nutritionally rich HUMUS!

5-Cover with saw dust and coffee ground.Add baking soda and epsom salt to combat and neutralize odor.If you live in condos or regulated communitiesuse bins to cover pile .This will discourage visitations of night animals and eliminate odors that might intimidate your neighbor!

There are many other ways to compost:

Trench-WireCage-Plastic Bin-Turning barrel and much more.Use your imagination and be creative!

The secret is to keep onTHE  RECYCLING PROCESS alive in your backyard and garden  not just DUMPEDAND TRASHED IN THE DUMPSTER!



I beleive in preserving and concerving NATURE.So I follow the path of the ancient ways of farming:


2-Community farming-Collective agriculture.

3-Sustainability ,working in partnership with the Earth and the environment!

4-Grow and Trade LOCALLY!

USE the ENERGY of The four elements of creation :water,air,fire and earth  to create a natural compost.Never adulterate with chemicals or plastic or man made products like processed and chemically produced ,genetically engineered foods.Do not use meet or fklesh other than the skin and bones of fish.You may add yogurt and cheese to enhance and activate decomposition.Always water and if you have time flip flop the pilre to expedite creation of compost.

Happy Composting!



How to make your own BASIC ORGANIC COMPOST in South Florida?

Most of us were shocked when we first hit the ground trying to grow vegetables in South Florida .The reason:   SANDY SOIL.

There are so many ways to amend or even replace whatever found in the ground.

I personally opted to prepare my own ORGANIC COMPOST and soil after so many trials and errors of more than FIFTEEN years of HANDS ON Community gardening and farming in South Florida .Practice makes perfect .The ones who make mistakes are the ones who accomplish by DOING! Do not be intimidated by lack of knowledge. Follow the LEARNING CURVE! EXPERIMENT and EXPLORE!


I found in times of food safety issues and uncertainty to take the most untravelled road prompted by my own instinct and learned experience. Here are some suggestions if you choose to make your own Organic Compost and thereby Organic Soil.

Always start small to learn the process. Allocate, first, a safe location for the compost pile or get a compost bin .Remove any existing sod or weeds from the spot you chose to be your composting area .Cover with sticks/leaves or mulch for aeration.

 Start by compiling and collecting the brown and green manure first on a nearby spot.


A-Brown Manure: Consists of natural CARBON rich materials like: Saw dust, dried leaves, dry plants like sea weed, mulch...etc. Avoid using sick plants or weeds with seeds.

Here is a list of suggestions for sources of Brown Matter or Manure ready to be buried:


1-Coffee-paper filter and grounds /tea bags.

2-Newspapers/junk mail/paper towels and toilet paper rolls!

3-Old rugs/clothes made from Natural cotton .linen or wool. No polyester or plastic clothes please!


B-Green Manure: Consists of NITROGEN rich materials like: Kitchen food scraps, acceptable animal manure (I personally use cured /aged horse manure) and meals like blood and bone meals from a non-cow source for being PICKY!  Grain /legume meals like alfalfa, flax, corn, soybean etc...

Here is another list of suggestions for more sources of Green Manure:


1-Egg shells/Seashells/ Coconut shredded shells/other nuts shells!

2-Feathers and hair. No animal meat products, whatsoever!

3-Expired Organic dairy products: Milk/Soymilk, yogurt and cheese!

4-Expired cans of NATURALLY brewed beer/Expired brewers yeast .No soda drinks or any other drinks with added additives /chemicals or colors, please! REMEMBER:

 The secret keyword for composting is: R E C Y C L E!

For more info on future events /blog /etc, please visit us at:

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