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Police dumps milk in California while country struggles financially and draught harvests whatever crops left untouched by HEAT wave!.

Have you heard about what is happening in California to a Co-op that sells RAW MILK? Do you have a farm that produces raw milk or are you a consumer of RAW MILK?If the answer is YES, then you MUST read this:

The New York Tinmes today has an article about the same subject ..Kind of shocking to see the stock market sinking in the aftyermath of the debt default debate that opened the eyes on our FOURTEEN TRILLION of DEBT .Now the world and local financial markets are reacting and our dollar and stocks and homes and jobs will witness another double DIP..recession or shall we hope NOT  a DOUBLE DEPRESSION!

Another shocking story from Orange county in California :Police beats a homeless to death !Check this out:

~ What is going on with the world.??!Blame it on the HEAT WAVE of the global warmin!Our heads are becoming super heated and we are beating the life out of the heck of you name it! 

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