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Food prices and the HEAT and Draught effect in 2012...and beyond.Are farmers prepared?

Food prices are going up as the heat barometer drives more draught and crop failures into the path of farmers in the tropics ,the plain zones and beyond.This is the year of the Fire Spitting Dragon in  the Chinese calender and the year of "Earth Shift" according to the Mayan Calender!Changes are going to happen and humans and other life forms on Earth are going to feel the HEAT brunt .Are you ready?

The New York Times has placed this "Heat and Draught " effect on driving food prices up, on its first page Head Lines News .Check it out:


I expect that farmers  be of great demand in the short term future .The food prices are shooting  upwards already .The next shortage will be for  fertile land in addition to water sources. The heat effect will change the face of the Earth from GREEN into pale YELLOW ,UNLESS we take drastic action to uplift the state of farms and farmers!

So far the case is not so as developers and Big Agri Business take the lion share of land and destroy the Earth Top soil with concrete and chemical fertiilzers.


A reminder of what happens when food prices are drastically raised:The Arab Spring.People revolted when the food prices went up and not just to topple dictators...

Food for humans means life or death.Water for humans means life or death.You play with those two basic LIFE  ingredients is like playing with fire!


When will we shift the awareness from commodities speculations and consumption into PRODUCING our own food ? The current trend of thought is "We the People as Consumers".. are for profit and making money..The next shift of the social paradigm will be We the People  are.. Producers!

By the way the correct word for spelling fruit veggies is :"PRODUCE"!


Being prepared is winning half the battle ..The future farm is right in your backyard , if you are still holding on to your home...Otherwise bet on the Community Garden near you !

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