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Organic Small Farmers Business needs to be represented in local and federal gavernments that are biased for the Big Agri Business.

You read the news aboy the WOERLD KNEWS SCANDAL in Britain and you wonder:Is this American Citizen who hacks ordinary British Citizens private phones and spies on their lives? Is he doing the same here in US?


One thing for sure he is doing through his Media Empire:Trying desperately to feed our heads  with junk news .Forget not the continuous attack against the first African American president of the USA  , through his TV News media, you know who!

Is this a Karmic pay pack .No one is immune under the SUN.We all get to know and seek the Truth  when the DAY  LIGHT uncovers Darkness of the NIGHT!! 

What 's new in the Woerld  KNEWS After MMM (Media Mogul Murderuch)  hacking scandal? . WN Business as Usual has  started to collapse in Europe with the arrest ,interrogation and investigation   of current and  former executives  of Woerld KNews  Mediaocre  Empire .News of  bribing the Chief Police in Scotland Yard  and so forth is not good for business: Is it the right time to ask ourselves at least as Small Farmers in US :Who runs and ruins our business lives?


Just an example about how Monsanto won the war introducing and programming the  American mind to accept their ROUND UP and other agricultural "killer gene -ious" patents :Check it out who was promoting them in this documentery that never made it to the main stream MEDIA business as usual:

Small Farmers of US :UNITE!

Get educated and give those who betray you and sell you in the speculation commodity stock market cheap to make themselves a fortune:TEACH THEM a lesson.

Show them that you read and write books and BLOGS  and have an EDUCATION that can move and influence public opinion .That you can be sitting  ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES on the benches of local and federal governments to serve those who served the food tables of the  nation , providing  crops so the people can EAT safe  produce :FOOD  MADE IN USA not anywhere else!

bACK IN THE gREAT dEPRESSION, THE VICTORY GARDEN FED THE aMERICAN PEOPLE WHO KNEW THEN NO FOOD STAMPS OR SOCIAL SECURITY.nOW IN THE GREAT DEEP RECESSION  Americans are on the verge of losing both social security and food stamps due to the GREAT DEBT DEFAULT that is threatening to stop social security checks and other government assistance to the poor,disabled and senior citizen.

We have $14.5 TRILLION DEBT .China and Japan and UK own more than 4.5 $ Trillion of our TREASURY BONDS!Yes Foreigners own and can put our ecconomy down if they just sell those bonds and forefeight their ownerships of the vast sectors of our ecconomy including BIG AGRI BUSINESS .They have shares in all of our stock market and Business.The Dollar is weekend and the GDP is never as ever as low and BEHOLD!

Some of Our national media that is owned like other businesses of the Media Mogul ,now in the offensive in GREAT BRITAIN for his HACKING and POLICE BRIBING to the Police :has kept us in the DARK about who runs and ruins our ecconomy .Not any more with the internet blogs and freelance journalist/outspoken farmer who choses not to sell his/her soul to a mogul for thirty pieces of silver or gold.


A mogul cab bribe or hack a corrupt politician or chief of police in the case of the British phone hacking/police bribing scandal.But Small  Farmers are NOT FOR SALE!Their land is the land of the FREE SPIRIT!

Americans are now waking up to the truths that were hidden away from their eyes.Aid should come to local small farmers not foreigners.Listen to what Senator Kucinich and Representatives Paul are now calling for.Stop spending money on Forign Aid and Foreigners who own US.Spend our tax pasyers money instead in the US!

This is what is going to end the Deep Recession when our dollars come back home and foreigners like China who own our treasury bills go home!

Small farmers of the US :Unite! It is Election Time coming up next year!

The Usual election motto is :IT's THE ECONOMY , STUPID!

The Unusual this coming election is to get educated how to recover the ecconomy .Here is a starting point A WORD FOR THE WISE :


Animal Farm Abuse in the News...Check it out ...very scary!

I was reading the NYT of today and I was shocked to read an article about the abuse of animals at the is an excerpt, I qoute the NYT:

"States Look to Ban Efforts to Reveal Farm Abuse

Undercover videos showing grainy, sometimes shocking images of sick or injured livestock have become a favorite tool of animal rights organizations to expose what they consider illegal or inhumane treatment of animals.

A Humane Society video from 2010 showed conditions at Iowa farms owned by two of the nation's largest egg producers.

Made by animal rights advocates posing as farm workers, such videos have prompted meat recalls, slaughterhouse closings, criminal convictions of employees and apologies from corporate executives assuring that the offending images are an aberration.

In Iowa, where agriculture is a dominant force both economically and politically, such undercover investigations could soon be illegal.

A bill before the Iowa legislature would make it a crime to produce, distribute or possess photos and video taken without permission at an agricultural facility. It would also criminalize lying on an application to work at an agriculture facility “with an intent to commit an act not authorized by the owner.”

Similar legislation is being considered in Florida and Minnesota, part of a broader effort by large agricultural companies to pre-emptively block the kind of investigations that have left their operations uncomfortably — and unpredictably — open to scrutiny.

Their opponents, including national groups that oppose industrial farming practices, say these undercover investigations have been invaluable for revealing problems and are a form of whistle-blowing that should be protected. They argue that the legislation, if passed, would essentially hide animal abuse and food safety violations.

More details at the web link below:


United Farm Workers say:TAKE OUR JOBS! MSNBC survey puts farmers at lowest paid jobs in the nation!

Farmers unite.The November election is imminent.Get your name on the ballots and send a message to the nation.There are plenty ofbankers, lawyers ,corporate CEO s and Monsanto insiders and officials already present in the key Adricultural positions but not a single URBAN ORGANIC FARMER?Why are we so excluded,silent ,timid and so shy to apply for government positions and bring our voice to the legislature as representatives of the US farmers nationwide?

Check out the last MSNBC survey for the lowest paid jobs in US.Farmers are  among the lowest eight category including cashiers , movie ushers and dish washers!

Why do we rate so low among the professions while we are so stratigically important for food security?What happens when the illegal farmers are sent back home thanks to the late Arizona Immigration  Law ?We will be dependent on importing our food from countries like Brazil and Mexico etc..

Hear what the president of the United Farm Workers says at the bellow web link:
 Let us not talk politics or racial profiling for a moment and focuss on our rights to have representatives of  Small Farmers at the Congress and the Senate this coming election.We need professional Organic Farmers in the office and we need them now before thesmall  farmers rights are gone with the wind.

Let there be a Farmers Bill of Rights.Let there be laws to protect the farm land from development.Let there be ...let there be...youy name it!

This November vote for a real Organic Urban Local Farmer Near You!

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