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It is good to know before you grow and other farmers : Holliday, Mellody,DREAMs and Reflections...

Back then farmers used "Farmers Almanach" to predict  and learn more about the weather before they grow their crops. .
Now what do we use ?Computers and gadgets that have predicted fourteen tropical storms including  four major  Hurricanes in Florida, but there was none.

They had to shut down the Weather Prediction Center in Colorado .I wonder why?

It is the Holliday spirits that we are living NOW . No one wants to spoil it with bad news .I want to believe and experience  a Happy Holliday Now  .HAPPY ???  hOW MANY TIMES WE SAY THIS WORD THESE DAYS BUT WE ARE STILL UNHAPPY DEEP DOWN BECAUSE WE ARE DISTRACTED AWAY FROM OUR REAL BEING AND INSTEAD WE ARE BUSY RUNNING TO BUY A GIFT OR A thing THAT WILL FILL A SPACE ON A SHELF AND COLLECT DUST INSTEAD OF feelings!


 Happiness is something that we feel. Helping others make us feel happy(GOOD) . Loving others make us feel Happy(GOOD) .Forgiving others as well. In fact we do not pay attention to our inner being and instead we are so busy working on our outer being (Image)!!LOOKS!!!

 Hormones  trigger stress which triggers physical and mental dis-ease   or  ILLS. Traditionally , we revert to ALLOPATHIC medicine to treat DIS-EASE and mask it with pills .Think good, say good and do good teaches the Christ and the Buhda ,  to create a GOOD KARMA and feel GOOD ourselves ,so we can appreciate the vibrations of LOVE and LIFE .
God is not an IMAGE we create with our hands or minds. God is a being WITHIN us .An invisible SPIRIT . God is a four letter word : GOOD! The  loving act when mutual ,back and forth ,generates a SPARK of LIGHT call it a SMILE that lightens our face and jumps our hearts that makes us  FEEL GOOD.

when we  help and love others we connect  with our inner self and feel GOD within us .Love, peace and happiness are sources within us that need to be excavated with our ACTS. Gifts are objects from without  given away .Presents are gifts they have emotional value.

They are from LOVED and BELOVED  ONES! F E E L I N G S ? Does it ring a bell?

The present is NOW . Living gifts are those that we offer by BEING PRESENT NOW  in proximity to the ones we LOVE.I watch how cats and dogs show their love when they come closer and sit next to us as long as it takes without even uttering a sound. Giving ourselves as presents by showing a feeling of Love or even compassion to others, triggers a similar response  in reciprocation  with PRESENTS,WORDS and ACTS  that make us feel HAPPY. Let us cherish our dreams with LOVE  and nurture our  resolutions with RANDOM ACTS of KINDNESS to one another first .

Going back to basics , starting with the Garden to grow our own food with LOVE  .NO GMO .NO PESTICIDES.    Let us take   the dirt road and let us immerse our hands in the dirt again like our fathers and grandfathers did back at the VICTORY garden not long ago and teach our children to love the land and live off the land .Lest there comes back a REPEATED HISTORY of economic double  dip -dip- ression!


 2014 is a few days away from today. Are we ready to make a GREEN dream come true or are we doomed into another  BLACK economic crash?.I am ready to garden and grow my own food .I have a GREEN DREAM .Are you ready? 
We will be soon revisiting the VICTORY GARDEN  and learn from history even as we learn that China will be producing food for us, like chicken nuggets  for example .We will be sending frozen chiken meat to return back as finished processed food from China soon. I am not predicting this but rather I want to quote a fellow farmer who has just witnessed it:
I want to  believe NOT what my eyes were reading  at this spontaneous MONEY NEWS WEB which I suddenly bumped at today ,had it not for a DREAM two nights ago.
I woke up last night , so depressed, remembering a black dream . I saw it  in black and white (I dream at night and therefore my dreams are dark no colors!).  I  saw  more economic crashes and more people losing homes and jobs .I picked up the newspaper in the morning and lo and behold: News papers are talking about how the economy is RECOVERING  and rebounding .Whom shall I believe??
Believe not my black dream  but those FACTS  of people who have economic credibility in their bank accounts and educational background like TRUMP ,SCHIFF and others .Check this article on Massive Wealth Destruction  and be your own DREAMER  :

Know  and do your math and  economics ,  as you learn how to grow your own food .It is good to know before you grow ! 


Happy New Year 2014 


Rythems,Rimes and Times .What does Mother Nature teach us as FARMERS ?

How many of us drink coffee to stay alert or wake up from a nights sleep deprivationOR A  HANGOVER OR WHAT HAVE YOU!.How many of us daily are aware of being awake as they are rushing to a job while half awake half asleep or rushing to catch a bus,plane or an event half dressed or half finished their lunch or breakfast or what have you?.The answer lies in MILLIONS ..

Welcome to the human commerce calender life or   time as money( one more day one more dollar).Thinking of a new year taking away one more year of my life  on earth or just adding one more year of a HAPPY TIME,I remembered my MOTHER who passed away this year!

Numbers just made to NAME AND NUMB US may be this is why they called them NUMB-ERS!Deprive us of who we are REALLY by shutting our feelings down:Free Spirits we are .. COUNTABLE dwellers of EARTH in Body and COUNTLESS dwellers of the HEAVENS in SPIRIT!

The  DAYS and LIVES on EARTH are numbered! We count :MONEY,YEARS,AGE,EVEN FOR MUSIC  NOTES WE GAVE THEM NUMBERS . We have social security,telephone,insurance,home address numbers..STILL  RYHTEMS ARE NOT NUMBERS BUT RATHER BIOLOGICAL VIBRATIONS like rymes echoing our spiritual paths as we walk in steps not fly in miles.May be we are now experiencing a chaotic crazy you name it from ecconomy to relationships that are ending in death, depressions or better pronounced recessions or you name it ?!The countdown for our age span on earth is by slowing down not speading upTherefore the creation of the garden where we get grounded farming and growing food or roses!..SO,rather than rushing to finish what we have started.Taking a silent step to stop and SMELL THE ROSES and connect BACK WITH our MOTHER nature .Meaning let us get back to basics and live as simple as we did millions of years before where we lost to keep calenders or timetables.Being slaves to the clock of commercial life on earth that gives meanings in numbers like we have a penny then we are wortha penny , right?What a life???/We WORK TO LIVE RATHER THAN LIVE TO WORK.

 Learning from the ancients who used BIODYNAMICS farming methods ...they harvest according to certain lunar phases and observe how the fruit reacts to its environment and the gallaxies and the HEAVENS!!!  But ,instead.....What do we do in our modern life as farmers ?Take the the Agri-Business for example that uses farmers as well , do they pay attention to the laws of BIODYBAMICS or check out the charts of the heavns?.Money talks and in numbers!!!!

Back to Mother Earth..Back to Basics..This year  I lost my mother.She passed away at 98 years old.She was a passionate farmer.Had chicken hatching,had a backyard and roof garden.She gave birth a a big family..yet when the time came..we all were scatters on the face of earth.I missed the last moment of seeing her while she was breathing , I was away.Yet..I have the rimes and rythems that she incubated in my heart..the lub dubs and the LOVING memories.I remember her as if she did not leave.I will keep her memory by tending the earth and growing gardens .Life is a cycle and we are recycled spirits that keep reincarnating.I love you MOM..May your spirit rest in peace.




What is new on the GMO label front and the "Pink Slime?

 Organic Consumers Association is the best source to track what is going on the Farm front like  GMO label and Pink Slime ,etc,.

Check this out:

There are petitions being circulated about the pink slime .Besides farmers can stay uptodeate about Monsanto and other farm topics and concerns.

It is good to know and be educated about the state of the farm and farmers.I beleive that the farm was the nucleous of the society and civilization.

Towns and cities started from farm aggregates and communities.

Teaching our children how to farm is the right thing to do now.

The family is the link that keeps our society chain  intact.

Family farmers and urban farmers are the future farmers as they always were the farmers of ancient  and past times.


The next generation of the Future Growers :Robot farmers!Guess Who is next on line?

Five years ago I met  a young urban farmer who was also  a computer geek , he told me that there will be a chance for Robotic Farmers in the near future.

I laughed .

I thought this is a science fiction joke.Well ,  until recently I found out that a magazine has been publishing studuies about sex robots and they will be a good source of revenue for tourism in countries like Holland.Check it out:


As farmers are concerned , there will be a new generation of farmers to replace the migrant farmers for example.Robots!

I magine that happening at your farm?Here is the scientific study :

Another study is suggesting that sex robots will be able to breed and get a better breed.Imagine this also happening to the farmer robots.Will they replace the human farmer?

I watched a movie  in 2009 ,"The Surrogates".I thought this is another joke ...but who knows?


The main stream media catches up on the Family Farmers losses in the aftermath of Irene.

I am so happy to read today in the NYT that finally someone cared about telling the tale of damages to farms and small farmers in the aftermath of TROIPICAL STORM IRENE.Check this out and my earlier blog article on the same subject .

I had the first response in reporting that farmers were hit the most especially in the New WEngland /Vermont?NY/Connecticut...Check this out  :




Mean Irene and the less" MAIN SCREAM MEDIA COVERAGE" of losses/damages to FARMERS/farms?

I am reporting this right now from FLORIDA , the home state of REAL HURRICANES and daily TROPICAL storms.Irene was just another normal tropical storm as we felt it here.No flooding or major "city flattening ".There were no "CATASTROPHIC"structural damages , not even tree debris or fallen  branches.Just someone drowned because he was surfing when MEAN IRENE was" flattening the EAST COAST "as the main stream media propaganda, especialy TV stations were reporting LIVE .

They were  keeping us in a PAINFUL PANICK non-stop coverage 24/7!I remembered the gulf war andf Iraq war coverage...they were hammering us about news of weapons of mass destruction while in reality it was news of MASS DECEPTION!

Here is another living example of UNBALANCED MEDIA coverage of the MEAN IRENE.There were so many scare coverage "HYPE" concentrating about losses to property/structures(Business/homes/infrastructure).And if they were documenting news for INSURANCE and EMERGENCY fund$ spending.Here is something no one wanted you to know:Hurricane IRENE was actually a tropical storm to reach NY as just a normal DEPRESSION, contrary to what the media and experts were telling us.

If you need a proof:Read the news of the AFTERMATH of IRENE.SERIOUS FLOODING and FERTILE soil desdtruction Damage is happening  far away from the EAST coast .There are so many farms and small farmers stretched in the NEW ENGLAND zone where Vermont,Massachusets and New Hampshire triangle of small family farmers are steretched and now affected with soil erosion due to flooding !Hello mainscream media.Anyone home?

Compare MEAN IRENE COVERAGE and RESPONSE   with the COVERAGE of "CARELESS"  LESS KATERINA COVERAGE/compensation$  .The latter costs were in the aprox 54 billions so far and counting .The former damages for all SIX STATES directly hit by IRENE costs are much  more less than those inflicted by only one(Louisiana)!but more media  fuss! Is it (reporting)for just monetary purposes like reaping more Insurance premium surcharge and emergency fund compensations etc?So far it is early to say but not late to speculate!

Family farms and small farmers are the next thing you will know who suffered most from the flooding as more crops and fertile soil get eroded and gone with the FLOODING.Watch this live i on you tube:

There is one thiing  missing in the coverage by the main scream media:Damages and losses to farms and small farmers specifically!

Talking about fair reporting and balanced journalism in the media , why farmers are alweays left behind?Floods and storms do destroy crops as well as flatten cities like the missing pictures portrayed of the aftermath of IRENE.Where are the photos of the damages to the recepients of emergency funds that were prematurely declared to the benefiary states even before IRENE hit their grounds?Was LOISIANA state given same attention before by media etc?



How small farmers markets are going to dodge the DEBT DEFAULT?What is really going on at the Financial market?

There are so many speculations and hypothesis now bidding for a financial collapse  if the US dollar falls.The Farmers financial market is showing a distress signal as the heat and draught harvest the crops and more of the grain goes to produce the green oil for cars rather than for food.Prices for cotton and grains are soaring as more speculations are influencing the commodities market.

Farming Land is shrinking .As the markets for food production now react negatively wityh the Debt do the small farmer react ?

I am reading a book by Dr.Stephen Leeb : GAME OVER" and much of the hidden financial news are beibng revealed in thw pages.

Here are some glimpses for you to share and be patient to watch the story unfolds on your blank screen.Count for 30 before you give up watching it also as you click on top of page:The Cash Cow!..Be Patient :


Food Raves and 30 Mile food markets..are they the new Affordable Farmers Market?

We have Green Markets stretched over the the East Coast of Florida and catering mostly to the RICH and the Tourists.Prices are expensive and the vegetables are NOT LOCALLY GROWN _MOST of the TIME!!!


Come the growing and tourist season, main stream media deluge the so called green markets to tell the public about how fresh and local are the food at the GREEN and FARMERS MARKET.

OK ...MERCHANTS OF GREEN BUCKS YOU WIN.NOW LET US START LOOKING FOR SOMETHING REAL THAT replaces all the propaganda of fresh locally grown food only on the papers and screens of the main stream media .

Do not beleive what I say.It might be not true or you may ignore it or deny it.But befor eyou do that here are some movements that are now taking roots to create a NEW FARMERS markets on line and at cater for the working class locals.Here they are , courtesy the NYT article qouted below:

They Gather Secretly at Night, and Then They (Shhh!) Eat

Jim Wilson/The New York Times

A pop-up restaurant set up for one evening in the Mission district of San Francisco this month. More Photos »

SAN FRANCISCO — Along with big-wave surfing and high-altitude ultramarathons, eating is an extreme sport here. Which explains why, on a recent Saturday night, Tipay Corpuz, 21, a technology specialist for Apple, took a break from blogging about her obsession with fried chicken and waffles to join 2,500 fellow food geeks at the Underground Night Market.

Jim Wilson/The New York Times

From left Samir Bolar, Jessica Gaiber and Amy Rodriguez shared chicken satays and a whole wheat pasta dish they purchased while waiting to get into the club where the event took place.
More Photos »

Jim Wilson/The New York Times

Neil Davidson prepared part of a Hawaiian breakfast dish for a customer. More Photos »

At this quasi-clandestine monthly event, a tribal gathering of young chefs, vendors and their iron-stomached followers are remaking the traditional farmers market as an indie food rave.

At midnight, the smell of stir-fried pork bellies was wafting through the Mission district. There was live music, liquor, bouncers, a disco ball — and a line waiting to sample hundreds of delicacies made mostly on location, among them bacon-wrapped mochi (a Japanese rice paste) and ice cream made from red beets, Guinness and chocolate cake.


What is in common between farmers and the Roman Empire?

The Roman Empire  did good things, excluding  conquerring other countries and trading and using slaves ,  to remember like for example: Introducing canals  systems for irrigation.

One other thing that most of us do not know was that the Roman Empire employed and enlisted FARMERS to go to wars.They had horses ,  and that was a prerequisit to join the military then,owning a horse!

So what is common now and then aboutThe Roman  Empire and Farmers? 


Simply speaking as many SMALL local  farmers now struggle to make a living (may be you have heard that they do well,but in reality they DO NOT!):They are  getting out of business and relinquishing their farms to the Big Agri or just abandoning it to the banks as they default on  mortgages or fail to  compete with the Mexicans or Chinese farming products .

I found a common an interesting denominator while watching a  below video clip , may be you can find the same thing too:It is good to know  that farmers of the Roman Empire were the soldiers as well , and much more,as this video clip shows:



Most Green/Farmer markets are not who they claim they are .Where are the locally grown organic produce coming from?

I want to give you some samples of the Farmer Markets and Green Markets  that I visit. 

There is a Farmer Market that has shirts worn by their employees reading FARMERS MARKET that is by day a FLEA MARKET and by  night a DRIVE IN MOVIE.

There is a FARMER MARKET plaza  .No farmers on sight, just a supermarket.

There are Green markets stretched out on the ocean fronts caterring to the  tourists and the rich who live at ocean front condos and mansions .No local farmers to be found at the booths.Just grocery store booths selling produce from Mexico and California.

Most say they have  locally grown organic fresh produce fresh and just harvested , as one of the the signs say,but there are no farmers and no such papers and certifications to back it up.

Actually there are no farms left around here after the developers tore down the fertile soil and built gated communities that bear the names of the previous standing  groves instead.

Most people go to the Green/Farmer markets and buy produce that is sold buy grocery stores that  buy the produce whole sale and most of it comes from out of state/country.

S510 has been signed  into  LAW by the president last tuesday , this will impact the situation even worse as far as Urban small farmers are concerned.

They survive on produce they grow and sell.Where?

Making it difficult for them by introducing more permits/licences/inspection etc will not help bring in more locally grown organic produce to the markets especially:Green/farmer markets.

I beleive that we need to support small local farmers and not discourage them.Where are the laws that do so?Where are the real farmers?Read dfown below as the Wall Street Journal tackle the subject:

Next time you visit a farmer market or green market ask for supporting documents as for who is the farmer and where is the farm that the produce came from?

The NBC* investigation  below as reported by the Huffington post should reach to the eyes and ears of the public that is most of the time is fed misinformations as  Food safety and sources are concerned.It stands tall and applauded  to tell a truth/fact that has been suppressed by the press in general.Check it out: ·


The main stream media speaks for conventional Agri-Business who use pesticides and chemicals .Who speaks for small urban farmers?

Big-Agri Business  collect money when the harvest gets damaged by cold fronts or storms etc.. under the emergency laws.Do they collect  from insurance companies as well ?

Produce prices have rocketed recently  after the last freeze.Do anyone subsidize for the consumer prices?

Business as usual caters for profits.Is the time ripe to cater for truths and real Farmer markets and Green Markets ?.

Food safety is important to all , why not also pass a bill for Farmers rights and Farmers Markets that really mean who they are:FARMERS not MERCHANTS!


Is Senate voting to pass Safety Bill S 510 this week?Are small farmers and advocates telling untruths when speaking their opinions?Is there bias agianst small farmers in main stream media rerporting?

Do not miss this article.It is a must read by all who vote ,eat,produce and   grow  food - especially by small farmers and advocates ..They are being allegedly labelled as speaking of UNTRUTHS when expressing opinions about the Food safety Bill now speculated to go to the floor for voting this week as per NYT article below mentioned..

How about alleged biased reporting against small farmers and advocates ?

Let  the PEOPLE KNOW what is missing and who are to blame and why the bill has been stalling for two years without being passed?Why now suddenly it might be put to a quick vote  , without allowing more debate  about certain  measures ...?Guess who is pushing for the bill pass??The Democrats ? Guess who is pushing to stop it? Republicans? UNBELEIVABLE until you read it with your own eyes.Are you voting this coming November? Any body home small farmers?????It is time to be serious and start taking care of business before late.

Here is an excerpt  ,  blaming  small farmers  advocates among others opposing  the Food Safety bill, from a recent NYT article  on Sunday September 19th,2010.Check the whole article and find out for yourself who to blame :

Qoute:"The blame lies with a tight Senate calendar,a stubborn senator from Oklahomaand ,an unusual coalition of left-and right wing advocates for small farmers who have mounted a surprisingly effective Internet campaign.Their email-messages warned ,among other untruths,that the bill would outlaw organic farming".

What do  small farmers have to  say before the bill passes the floor this week in case it was put for vote as speculated ?




On Copenhagen Climate Summit-The biggest world gathering starts TODAY.What needs to be DONE LOCALLY to SAVE THE EARTH from GLOBAL WARMING

Today the biggest gathering of world leaders and representatives of 192 countries - to adress the CLIMATIC CHANGE EFFECTS ON EARTH -takes place in COPENHAGEN/DENMARK.

President Obama is expected to join world leaders by the end of the summit where an agreement is expected to be signed to counter GLOBAL WARMING BY TAKING EFFECTIVE ACTION .Read more @:,8599,1945939,00.html

As we farmers come to gather here at home ,celebrating the HOLLIDAYS , here are some thoughts to share about the occasion:

1-Christmass trees can be saved just like the Turkey.Why not issue a decree at the White House to do so each year on Christmass as is the habit  to do like wise and save a turkey from being slaughtered on Thanksgiving!

The trees help produce oxygen and counter the warming by absorbing carbon dioxide.Hence saving on cutting Christmass trees might send a GREEN message, like the Organic Garden at the White House to help out the environment.

Read more on the  costs and damage to the environment and others ,by checking out the below Mother Jones link on the subject:

2-On the Health Reform we have a new law that is being debated at the floor of the Senate which is going to be monumental when passed with the POPULAR OPTION which will protect and preserve HEALTH of the UN-INSURED .Also ,there is HR-2749 which is ONLY helpful to small farmers with an AMMENDMENT ADDED to PRESERVE and PROTECT their RIGHTS and CURRENT  PRACTICES.The farmers are the KEEPERS OF THE EARTH.THEY are the ones who plant trees and seeds that produce food and OXYGEN for the LIVING EARTH and its INHABITANTS.Organic small farmers are the ones who PRACTICE SUSTAINABILITY and help the ENVIRONMENT by refraining from using CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS and PESTICIDES.Small farmers need stimulus as much as the car dealers with the CAR CLUNKERS program and now the underway stimulus for "used appliances clunker program" to come soon.Where is the stimulus to bail out the keepers of the earth who help out in countering GLOBAL WARMING by there mereacts of farming and  WORKING THE LAND!?

3-Today 56 WORLD NEWSPAPERS are publishing a UNIFORM FRONT PAGE ARTICLE in 20 languages to RAISE the AWARENESS for ACTIONS and AGREEMENTS to SAVE THE EARTH.Climate Change dangers are real.If you did not watch the movie: 2012,now playing at a theatre near you,at least try to read the writings on the wall and this article !

4-We small  farmers act locally to save the environment and reduce global warming by what we do for a living.Is there anyone there in Copenhagen Summit who can appreciate what we do?If yes, then may be there is hope for REAL help to the  LIVING EARTH KEEPERS /small organic farmers(NOT to THE DEAD FARMERS- as previously happened!!)


HR 2749-FOOD SAFETY or CONTAIN AND CONTROLL OVER YOUR SMALL FARM?What you should know and no one tells you:Read on


The BILL FAILED at the HOUSE of REPs on the first round and then had to go under another try next day to be PASSED hurriedly.Now the senate will vote.Call your senator to protect your farm before it is too late .

Today the LA Times said 90% of VOTERS support the HR 2749...Are we becoming like AFGHANISTAN with 90% votes COUNTED for President KARAZI who has rigged the vote and now admitted that 1 MILLION votes were fraudly  obtained from GHOST POLLING STATIONS?Did the pew "poll", that the LA times qouted the 90% approval of voters from call any one of you small farmers?Are we just "NOBODY"?How about starting  the mobilization process to ellect more small farmers REPRESENTATIVES and SENATORS on the next 2010 election to REALLY represent our VOICES that are so far counted by some unidentidied ghost polls!

Read BELOW to find out why  the bill might do more harm to small farmers :

Here what was said by :MR Roger Langford on HR 2749 before it is too late  ,I qoute:

"The Food Safety Bill HR 2749 is less about food safety and more about giving the Federal Government, through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the power to control food from production to point of sale. The one size to fit all regulatory system will mean that small family farms and homesteaders will be at a major disadvantage when competing with the large industrial food production companies.

Opponents of the Bill say that if this Bill becomes law then most family farms, including organic farms, and homesteaders will be forced to go out of business. Which will mean the end of buying locally grown food and in particular organic food from organic food stores.

Some of the provisions in HR 2749 are -

The establishment of a food and ingredient tracking system. Which will track all edible raw materials from the land, or industry complex, to the retail outlets. How this will be accomplished is to be left to the FDA to create. The fear is that this tracking system will not only be complicated but that the FDA will pass the cost onto the food business facilities in the form of extra taxation.

The FDA will have the legal authority to turn up at a food facility's place of business without a warrant and conduct a search of the business records without any justification, i.e. the food facility need not necessarily have committed any offense or be suspected of having committed any offence.

If you owned a farm, or a shop, where you did all the work yourself. If the FDA were to turn up at your premises unannounced and conduct a search of all of your business records which could take all day, or several days, how much work would you get done? Would you consider the intrusion a major setback in the running of your business? Do you consider it would not happen to you?

Here are just three examples, as listed on Mike Adams web site, of the many armed raids carried out by the FDA on independent businesses.

1. During October 2007 the FDA conducted a raid on the premises of FulLife Natural Options, Inc, based in Florida. The FDA took away 71,000 dollars worth of herbal supplements. FulLife's crime was to state on their web site that the herbal supplements could lower blood sugar levels.

2. In 1990 FDA agents, without a search warrant, raided the pet food store of 57 year old Sissy Harrington-McGill, confiscating products and literature. Her crime was to say that vitamins could help keep pets healthy.

3. In 1992, in Texas, the FDA conducted raids on 12 health food stores. Stock was confiscated and never returned to the owners. No reason was given for the raids and no charges were filed. According to Mike Adams "The raids were simply a campaign of terror designed to destroy the inventory and disrupt business operations of stores selling natural health products".

The FDA will have the power to stop the movement of all food in an area regardless of the fact that the food may or may not be involved in a contamination scare. In theory this could result in some retail outlets in the designated area, such as farmers markets, running out of food.

The FDA will have the power to instruct farmers how to grow their crops. This could result in organic farms being forced to use chemical pesticides and fertilizers, thus reduce or obliterate organic standards.

All food facilities who produce, store, process or sell food will be required to pay an annual mandatory registration fee the 500 dollars. If you ever sell your surplus food to your neighbor then this also includes you.

Any individual person who violates any regulation set by the FDA will face criminal charges with a maximum fine of up to 100,000 dollars per violation and up to ten years in prison.

The legal power to be given to the FDA is horrific by any reasonable person's standards. Which is why the organic farming organisation "The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund" is so strongly opposed to HR 2749. If this Bill should become law then it is more than likely that in the near future the only food available to buy will be processed food either frozen, in a packet or can. Fresh food will become a rarity.

One last point. Even if fruit and vegetables in their natural state are still available there is a high probability that they will not be fresh. The FDA is well known for its support for the irradiation of food. If the FDA get full control of the food supply it is highly likely that they will regulate that all natural unprocessed food is to be irradiated. Their excuse for the irradiation of fresh food - food safety."




ALSO.LEARN MORE ABOUT :Dr Maniotis Vaccine Pandemic Historic Timeline @:


Nomade American farmers are the future wave to replace migrant farmers!

We need some humor to run our lives after so many waves of shocks and after shocks starting with the bail out to the ones who have and ending with the swine let us create some laughs.

Imagine yourself on the road with a shovel and a sign saying Nomade farmer on the move.Will work for organically grown food .

Or have a new dream of being given more money to stimulate the local economy and buying loto .


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