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The main stream media catches up on the Family Farmers losses in the aftermath of Irene.

I am so happy to read today in the NYT that finally someone cared about telling the tale of damages to farms and small farmers in the aftermath of TROIPICAL STORM IRENE.Check this out and my earlier blog article on the same subject .

I had the first response in reporting that farmers were hit the most especially in the New WEngland /Vermont?NY/Connecticut...Check this out  :




Mean Irene and the less" MAIN SCREAM MEDIA COVERAGE" of losses/damages to FARMERS/farms?

I am reporting this right now from FLORIDA , the home state of REAL HURRICANES and daily TROPICAL storms.Irene was just another normal tropical storm as we felt it here.No flooding or major "city flattening ".There were no "CATASTROPHIC"structural damages , not even tree debris or fallen  branches.Just someone drowned because he was surfing when MEAN IRENE was" flattening the EAST COAST "as the main stream media propaganda, especialy TV stations were reporting LIVE .

They were  keeping us in a PAINFUL PANICK non-stop coverage 24/7!I remembered the gulf war andf Iraq war coverage...they were hammering us about news of weapons of mass destruction while in reality it was news of MASS DECEPTION!

Here is another living example of UNBALANCED MEDIA coverage of the MEAN IRENE.There were so many scare coverage "HYPE" concentrating about losses to property/structures(Business/homes/infrastructure).And if they were documenting news for INSURANCE and EMERGENCY fund$ spending.Here is something no one wanted you to know:Hurricane IRENE was actually a tropical storm to reach NY as just a normal DEPRESSION, contrary to what the media and experts were telling us.

If you need a proof:Read the news of the AFTERMATH of IRENE.SERIOUS FLOODING and FERTILE soil desdtruction Damage is happening  far away from the EAST coast .There are so many farms and small farmers stretched in the NEW ENGLAND zone where Vermont,Massachusets and New Hampshire triangle of small family farmers are steretched and now affected with soil erosion due to flooding !Hello mainscream media.Anyone home?

Compare MEAN IRENE COVERAGE and RESPONSE   with the COVERAGE of "CARELESS"  LESS KATERINA COVERAGE/compensation$  .The latter costs were in the aprox 54 billions so far and counting .The former damages for all SIX STATES directly hit by IRENE costs are much  more less than those inflicted by only one(Louisiana)!but more media  fuss! Is it (reporting)for just monetary purposes like reaping more Insurance premium surcharge and emergency fund compensations etc?So far it is early to say but not late to speculate!

Family farms and small farmers are the next thing you will know who suffered most from the flooding as more crops and fertile soil get eroded and gone with the FLOODING.Watch this live i on you tube:

There is one thiing  missing in the coverage by the main scream media:Damages and losses to farms and small farmers specifically!

Talking about fair reporting and balanced journalism in the media , why farmers are alweays left behind?Floods and storms do destroy crops as well as flatten cities like the missing pictures portrayed of the aftermath of IRENE.Where are the photos of the damages to the recepients of emergency funds that were prematurely declared to the benefiary states even before IRENE hit their grounds?Was LOISIANA state given same attention before by media etc?



The plight of Farm and Garden workers in Florida.The problem and the solution.Part -I

The local  Palm Beach Post news paper reported today about another crime against workers who work out in the fields , in this instance make their living by trimming trees .

Two armed men approached three workers ,one African American foreman and two other latino workers and demanded money.When the workers ,who were engaged in trimming trees for FPL ,responded that they have nothing, they were showered with bullets from semi automatic guns.The forman died and one worker is critically injured .

This is another story about the way we look at people who work the land for a living.There is no respect for gardeners and farmers in general around here.Part of this stereotyping is lack of education to the public about the great value gardeners and farm workers provide through their services to keep the EARTH a living planet worthy for the living.

The stereotyping against certain minorities leaves no ample room to get equal opportunities or better jobs in the market place.There is work that is  looked at as menial and some people won't do it.The people who perform those "menial jobs"usually become victims to sweat shops,robberies,humilitians and discremination.No health insurance ,no benefits and sometimes dire living conditions follow this trend of employment.

The solutions are through altering the way we look at such work.Spreading the awareness through the media and schooling system could be like a starting point .

Jobs are plentiful in the field and we need to start educating our kids that farm and garden work are good choices and opportunities to take as jobs.We need to overhaul the way we think first .We need support from local and federal government to provide educational programs in addition to incentives and job opportunities.Health insurance and benefits will attract many applicants.Good or FAIR pay will do the same .It is not a SOLUTION to complain about illegal immigrants or migrant farmers who perform jobs that are menial and do not attract citizens.The solution requires action to elevate the status of those jobs so that citizens will find it attractive to apply for.

Crimes against field workers should be dealt with more punitively to eradicate them from our society.

The perpetrators who commited the crime were youth who found in their preys an easy target for quick money.Usually farm workers are known to carry cash in their pockets as they have no legal papers to open bank accounts .Doing something about this can  help reduce the crimes that target migrant farmers or other legal citizens who prefer to do such kind of jobs.

Change starts from within and raising the awareness towards a solution is just a baby step to restore respect and justice to farmers and gardeners who are the silent  keepers of our living planet EARTH.

I am now searching for a job in this field and I feel unsecure and at risk.I have lost my van to the junk yard as I could not have money to fix it.I lost couple of borrowed lands to locally grow organic vegetables .There are so many lands that sit idle and could be used to grow fruits and vegetables to support enough people who lost their jobs and are seeking food stamps and other financial help to sustain their living.This kind of using tax payer money is a non-productive approach .A better approach is" to teach a man how to fish instead of giving him or her a fish"!

There are churches and schools that have backyards that could be a potential place to create vegetable gardens.I have approached some of those churches and experienced creating a container garden at one of them.

We need to change our attitude from critical negative thinking -using our heads to calculate monetery gains and judging behaviours.We need to shift to a more PRODUCTIVE approach by using our HEARTS and compassion .I went by accident to a local agency that uses COMPASSION in their mission and vision.I found hope and help.When there is a WILL ,there is a WAY -as they say.Sometimes we need to change the WAY we think and feel in order to help bring in change to other peoples life!

Thanksgiving holliday is on the way.Make it an occasion to bring food to the needy through providing opportunities for CREATING MORE  PRODUCTIVE GARDENS that yield ORGANIC food that help feed the needy.Instead of a food stamp voucher , why not offer a voucher of a plot at a community garden to those who are employed.The burden will diminish on our tax payers and we will create opportunities that yield HARVESTS instead.We will educate people of the great value of working the land to produce food.By then may be the attitude towards gardeners and farmers will change towards more appreciation.May be, but it is worth a try!

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