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Grow/Buy Locally Grown!4th of July FOOD INDEPENDENCE DAY (Imported food from : China and Mexico)

As a producer.Imagine your produce is : Locally Grown  and Harvested.. /Synthetic fertilizer/Pesticide/DDT/ARSENIC/You name it toxins FREE! Now try to find out :Where to sell it? Farmers markets in the summer , most are gone for summer break and closed down in S.Florida .. If found , they are missing REAL local farmers .If not, they are required to pay high fees ,to sell their local produce..(In general Farmers markets/green markets are  overloaded with imported fruits and veggies from either  south or north of our borders, mainly Canada, Mexico and China).

Here is my case : I have mango trees , I  tried to sell mangos locally but found no available  help to local farmers marketing their produce at local government or health food stores level. .I called  and talked to managers of local stores and they either turned me away or wanted to buy real cheap.

What to do ?Where to market locally grown produce by small farmers in the absence of local markets in S.Florida without going through middle man or similar third party like co-ops etc????

"They"  say we will help local farmers sell produce ,but in fact it is impossible to make it happen , especially for small local farmers..

 Now as a consumer. 

Imagine that you are not dependent on Imported Foreign Food any more?

 Where to get your "REALLY " locally  grown and harvested Organic produce/food? Green market or farmers Market? If you know of a REAL one please let me know.

I haven't met a real local farmer ,  nor a real Farmers Market around here so far..Plenty of Merchants selling imported fruits and veggies from out of state or from overseas..


The local Main Stream  media  covers, Big Agri - Business and publish articles and interviews , as  pay offs for Ads. It is not a surprise that  most of the organic food is out of state or country like the produce or products :Made in China,Mexico etc...Take Garlic for example..It is imported all the way from China..and guess what it is treated with?/God knows most of the herbs and other packaged food from China treated with chemical  preservatives to survive the 2000 miles long distance travel..


In reality , imported food is ripe with  unchecked GMO/Pesticides and is chemically treated by GOD knows what ?(Consider this for Example :Long time ago US - FDA  banned DDT /Arsenic/Asbestos/lead..etc.. from being sprayed or used on our food -paint-gasoline etc.. only when produced /made in in USA.. standards and regulations exist! .. Is it Likely or Unlikely when produce or food is food imported ???Imported food is it  according to our own regulations and American  standards ????.

We feel safe consuming locally grown produce and food , because we have our own regulating system. Imported food is only regulated according to foreign countries of origin own regulation standards ,that do not necessarily copy American regulatory standards.They are  saturated with unkown/unreported chemical  Pesticides/fertilizers  !!!


 Take this Natural News and FDA  studies and press releases and learn more about what is  is in our imported food for example , and make your own judgements.Knowledge is power.

Learn more at: 








Happy Fathers Day..Now start teaching your family how to grow your own food.This is why?/ Keep on reading...

Once upon a time , I asked a 4-H  eight years old , who was taking one of my gardening  class session-   :"Where do the Tomatoes come from?"
His answer was: " P" Supermarket!!!  He did not say the farm or garden ,because he grew up in a city.He never before saw a tomato growing on a vine at a farm or garden!!

Back to the NOW:There are rumors news circulating  by the main stream media about this subject ." Publix trying to buy Whole Foods"..
Is it for real..I do not know??? But is it  worth checking from a farmers point of view? Yes!.

First read  the first hand  news as per the WPB POST regarding the alleged Publix  acquisition :

Going back into the nineties where I remember there were a cluster of Health Food Stores, here in South Florida , either run by Pop and Mom / family owned/small business enterprenuers or even relatively smalerl companies  like: Wholy Harvest,Wild Oats ,Bread of LIfe ,Nutrition World etc..They are now history and no more .Surprisingly enough the majority were and some were sold and  acquired by Whole foods giant or simply went out of business !

I remember also those pioneer farmers/vitamin -family owned or small businesses like:Shaklee , Solgar , Solary etc..They disapeared or were  acquired  by a giant corporation : Nutracueticals!
Some one might say , nort totally true as we still have them around..Correct.They are still around as the original name was kept but the acquuisition took place while you are unaware and  still so???

Enter the end of small and family businesses /diversity , and the beginning age of HEALTH  FOOD /VITAMINS  monopoly in the Organic food industry !

To back up my statement about the disappearing MOM and POP Health Food Stores, I will mention one that used to exist in Delray Beach for 38 years.Nutrition Cottage is the one I am talking about.The owners are Mark and Karen a Pop and Mom..They had to close down the store as they could not afford the  increase of rent .How many cared or noticed? I did .Mark was a big supporter of LOCAL Organic Farmers.He even invited me several times to give Organic Gardening Seminars at his Health Food Store.Not only did I lose a supporter to local farmers but we all lost the only Health Food Store in Delray Beach..and on top 15 jobs were lost.

Talk about a growing job market and  economy, just add more misinformation   baloney by the main stream media.By the way, Mark told me that he called all local main stream media to do a coverage , none showed up!!!

Lately , I read in  a localharvest newsletter how we as Farmers , are losing grounds as more farms and farmers disappear :

  I noticed that  more AGRARIAN land is being \transformed into  by developments here in south Florida and beyond ,please refer to my previous article onEarth Day/ Everglades Ag. Reserve :

Why are we so silent and reluctant to stand up against the disappearing farms and farmers???
Why are we not active at claiming our responsibilty to protect the agrarian and fertile soil?
Why are we not teaching  our children and grandchildren the farming and gardening skills that we have learned from our fathers .Our country was built by pilgrims who were farmers.Our founding fathers  like Jefersson and Washington were farmers.
Why are you not a PRODUCING gardener / farmer but rather  a consumer who rushes to the supermarket to buy rather than grow your own food???

It is not a secret anymore  that  Russia invaded Ukraine because it is the Bread Basket of Europe:

Quote:" The eastern part of Ukraine bordering Russia is home to more than 15 million ethnic Russians and remains literally the bread basket of eastern Europe, with some of the richest soil on earth. In 2009 Ukraine was the world's third largest grain exporter after the USA and EU, and ahead of Russia and Canada.[1] Ukraine's famous black soil, chornozem, is considered the most fertile in the world, and covers two-thirds of Ukraine.[2] The area around the rivers Dnieper and Dniester is the only place in the world where the width of the so-called ‘sweet’ black soil reaches 500 km. This soil is exceptional in providing very high quality harvests and belongs to the national wealth. Western agribusiness companies such as Monsanto, Cargill, ADM and Kraft Foods are reportedly salivating over the prospect of an end to the internal Ukrainian political stalemate in hopes of exploiting these resources. " Unqoute.

By the way do you know who owns some of the  the big Agri-seeds/food industries in the US?

Monsanto  and ADM and KRAFT and ...OH...Who owns KRAFT? Your famous cigarette /tobacco company REYNOLD  ROTHMANS  ...Off course you know who owns Monsanto??

Do you need more motivation to start growing your own food?Just do it for the sake of yourchildren if not for your own sake !

Happy Fathers Day...Go Grow a Productive FOOD  Garden....You fail only when you STOP  trying!!Need help? Contact a farmer near you in South Florida

Super Foods: Herbs and Flowers you eat that can beat garden bugs !


 Mother Earth will be putting on a HAPPY colorful Mantel of wild flowers inviting snow birds, pollinators ,butterflies, and bees .Other garden   visitors will also swarm and invade the PRODUCTIVE garden: Beneficial and NON-Beneficial pests and gritters such as aphids , nematodes, racoons and other bug family members . Already South Florida gardeners and farmers are combating existing challenges such as the climate change the White Fly infestation , to mention the least .They need no more bad news . The good news is :There are Flowers and Herbs that could be summoned to rescue against garden pests and spring flu!! If you are an avid gardener or simply a beginner who invested time and money in growing your own food , then you will be scrambling to the garden center to buy pesticides , herbicides ,fungicides to protect your crop from being harvested by the NON-Beneficial pests. Think twice before you do so! Please: No fungus among us and No Roundup around!! Here are some Organic alternatives to consider.

Amazing LOCAL Non-GMO South Florida Super foods : ( NON POISONOUS) Herbs - Flowers you can Ever EAT , BEAT Garden Pests and never be Under the Weather!!!!: I-TROPICAL HERBS :

  1-Neem TREE (Indica officinalis) : I personally grow NEEM trees , eat and spray with NEEM products , to guard against myriad pests and gritters to name the least: White Fly- Racoons –mosquitos , westnile fly etc.. Neem oil and tea extracts work as Anti-Retro Viral agent that disturbs the incubation and further prevents multiplication of invading pests like the white fly for example. It does NOT KILL .It Prevents. It is safe to use around vegetables ,humans, animals and beneficial pests like the Lady bug. I also add neem leaves into my favorite salads and rice pilafs and soups! The taste is bitter… My mother used to say to me: “Bitter herbs like neem and dandelion are Better for your Liver. Eat and drink bitters during SPRING season to detoxify and purify your body-mind-spirit”. I have added bitters like NEEM to purify my garden from the non-beneficial pests!!!Use Neem Oil to prevent white fly aphids, mealy bugs,mites,scale,

2-Cuban Oregano: There is an old saying:” When in Rome dress like the Romans”. I have added: “When in the TROPICS GROW AND EAT what is TROPICAL LIKE NON-GMO “CA LA LO” or Tropical Spinach! ALSO BEAT THE TROPICAL PESTS WITH TROPICAL HERBS LIKE CUBAN OREGANO! Monsanto has patented GMO veggie/herb/fruit seeds like the conventional non-organic ones you buy from your garden center, and produced pesticides like Agent Orange and Round Up. Look for alternative Tropical and locally grown / harvested veggie/herb/fruit seeds like Everglades tomatos. cuban oregano , calalo and papya for example !

Remember your grandpa advice to eat" local honey and bee pollen.."!! The same applies to all other food you eat. The reason:Your BODY DNA identifies and relates to locally grown FOOD DNA!!!I will add this up:"GROW and Eat local or go LOCO!!!!"

Just say” NO to GMO” by simply using alternatives to chemical pesticides like neem products to combat nematodes .Grow Tropical non-GMO heirloom local super food green veggies like ” CALALO” .Spray with locally grown tropical Cuban Oregano extracts .Where to find them? I give away FREE SAMPLES for those who attend my Organic Gardening Classes and mention my AD at Natural Awakening “Mark Your Calender ”! Most valuable things are FREE like: Love, spring water , Air and wild flowers and herbs .. Born FREE in Nature !Never sold adulterated like in a plastic bottle: Always Hand Picked Fresh LOCALLY GROWN BY MOTHER EARTH!!! Gardeners and farmers posing only as EARTH KEEPERS!!!Be one of them!!

3-Garlic Chives(ALLIUM TUBEROSUM) :

 My ONLY problem with garlic is: IT smells “GARLICKY”. Everything else works GREAT magic to repell garden pests, intestinal parasites, COMPLAINERS/negative folks , spiders , vampires .I spray with garlic oil, tea/ extracts to repell most aphids / winged pests like the WHITE FLY .I discourage nematodes that attack the root system by planting garlic CHIVES around my veggie plants .It attracts beneficial insects and dispels the non beneficial ones! I eat garlic raw .I learned that when I worked at Hippocretes Health Institute! It is definitely a super food , besides being a pest control and an aphrodisiac as well!!! Ehem ..ehemmm! Also, I sprinkle bits of Cuban oregano and neem LEAF herb into my salad ,soups and add it to my spaghetti marinara. I also juice it and use tea /extracts to spray my vegetable garden and chase the garden pests away .My skin loves the oregano oil /neem oil when I use it as bug repellent/antioxidant to guard against aging .I HAVE A GARDEN MOTTO:" IF I CAN EAT IT ,THEN MY PLANTS CAN AS WELL USE IT TO BEAT PESTS!" Experiment . It is the best way to learn , and BELEIVE it WORKS!!



They come in variegated golden colors and shapes. Grow them from organic seed source. Good to combat many aphid pests . I personally sprinkle ORGANIC marigold flowers on salad and brew them as tea.

2-Nasturtium (Tropaelum majus ):

My favorite as appetizer , in salad and pest control/ prevention. Has glucotropaeolin- anti bacterial properties as known to native tribes of Peru who used them for medicinal purposes as well as a pestcontrol .

2-Sunflower(Helianthus annuus):

 Native Americans ( Lacota tribe/North-South Dakota ) grow them for snack food as well as to purify soil from unwanted heavy metals .I grow sunflower at my gardens to attract birds /pollinators .I snack on the seeds myself and buy sun flower butter as an alternative for peanut butter( is loaded with minerals such as phosphorous,manganese ,iron .. Another hidden cheap super food !

3-Echineacea (Echinacea purpurea):

 May be you recognize this flower from your Health Food Store Immune System Boosters herbal remedies. Make no mistake: This super food herb is also edible. You can eat it and use its power to beat the garden pests as well. I use the flower in my salads and brew it as tea !I grow it to buffer and protect my garden from garden winged bugs and pests :You name them !!!

Miscellaneous Safe Organic pest control treatments:

1-DIATOMACEOUS EARTH(DE): I have some of my garden students who used the edible food grade version and swear by its anti-pest power .If you have children and animals around at home and garden , this is a safe product to use to battle myriad pests and bugs. You may google it and learn more about how to use it or take it as food to chase away parasites and other pests that attack humans!!! 2-Borax: Safe to use indoors/outdoors to combat roaches and ants. 3-Corn grits: Use it to fight fire ants. Native Americans used it at their Sweat Lodges /INIPI to ward off ants!! 4-Natural PYRETHRUM ( Please ,do not use SYNTHETIC PYRETHIUM); use to fight flea beatles, aphids.. 5-Insecticidal soaps:I personally use diluted mix against amny aphids and oyher plant pests along with neem oil to interrupt the egg layning cycle of pests and therefore prevent them from multiplying.


Food prices and the HEAT and Draught effect in 2012...and beyond.Are farmers prepared?

Food prices are going up as the heat barometer drives more draught and crop failures into the path of farmers in the tropics ,the plain zones and beyond.This is the year of the Fire Spitting Dragon in  the Chinese calender and the year of "Earth Shift" according to the Mayan Calender!Changes are going to happen and humans and other life forms on Earth are going to feel the HEAT brunt .Are you ready?

The New York Times has placed this "Heat and Draught " effect on driving food prices up, on its first page Head Lines News .Check it out:


I expect that farmers  be of great demand in the short term future .The food prices are shooting  upwards already .The next shortage will be for  fertile land in addition to water sources. The heat effect will change the face of the Earth from GREEN into pale YELLOW ,UNLESS we take drastic action to uplift the state of farms and farmers!

So far the case is not so as developers and Big Agri Business take the lion share of land and destroy the Earth Top soil with concrete and chemical fertiilzers.


A reminder of what happens when food prices are drastically raised:The Arab Spring.People revolted when the food prices went up and not just to topple dictators...

Food for humans means life or death.Water for humans means life or death.You play with those two basic LIFE  ingredients is like playing with fire!


When will we shift the awareness from commodities speculations and consumption into PRODUCING our own food ? The current trend of thought is "We the People as Consumers".. are for profit and making money..The next shift of the social paradigm will be We the People  are.. Producers!

By the way the correct word for spelling fruit veggies is :"PRODUCE"!


Being prepared is winning half the battle ..The future farm is right in your backyard , if you are still holding on to your home...Otherwise bet on the Community Garden near you !


As golf courts grass and forclosed properties grass is blooming and booming everywhere ,food for humans are shrinking while their prices are skyrocketing!

How many Americans know how the Foreign Banks manipulate and control their freedom to own a home? I was reading an article about a foreign bank creating plighted neighborhood letting their repossesd/forclosed homes grass grow as tall as a man and leting them  run down without doing any maintenance etc....Some bank forclosed /owned properties are making  towns and cities look like third world shanti towns neighborhoods.Dont beleive me until you read this with your own eyes:

An example is a small coastal town (let us call it XYZ for now)where more homes are deserted except for drug dealers or prostitutes sneaking in at night to fill in the vaccancies!More crime and more grass is a by product of record Bank forclosed properties ..and no one cares so far!!!

I am looking for a land to grow vegetables and cant find any!Land here in Florida especially SF is earmarked for development and construction where the big bucks returns abide!Talk about our love for ownership and our pride of having a is becoming  a challenge  to keep your home of the AMERICAN DREAM!

How about some stimulus money to help convert those GRASSY FORECLOSED PROPERTIES into backyard farms for feeding the cows and animal farms of the midwest now under severe draught and grass lacking..Grass is booming in S.Florida thanks to the summer non-stop rain deluge?"Hell NO!!!Holly cow !!No cows allowed to feed on my  backyard GRASSY forclosed home?"A Foreign banker may cry!Seconded by a Golf course sportsman /millionaire Objection"No cows are allowed on on my private golf course "!!


On the other hand locally speaking.More than four commissioners in jail for corruption related to real estate kickback/deals etc..and some towns and cities  fighting to block funding of a new created office for investigating corruption!!!Who cares about providing affordable(like 1$ per month lease), land that is sitting idle -for an unemployed(lost farm to bank) local farmer to grow food locally and counter the increase of food prices?Check this article about food prices increase:

Add to this the global distress of food prices increase due to floods in Russia and Brazil in addition to the Mid west draught and  so on so forth never ending Climate Change weather impacts on growing end up in asking yourself:Are we running out of jobs,gas and food and homes at the same time?

So why not start looking for solutions .There are plenty of land ,golf courts and backyards that are growing just GRASS? Why not start a program to convert grass land to foodland?

It takes a change of thinking and an increased awareness and offcourse a change in course about how we look at people who are called farmers !Anyone out there who want to be a hero and offer  their backyard for growing food here in S.Florida? I am bidding with one dollar nominal rental fee per year and will share harvest and donate to soup kitchens.

Our phone operators are standing by..:(Just kidding:)


Celebrating our Body-Mind-Spirit FOOD INDEPENDENCE from GMO ,pesticide and other special groups politically"motivated" interests etc.. .

Soverignty has a sacred meaning in our DEMOCRACY.The individual has rights and obligations .This is why we need to stop and review what we take as granted:OUR BIRTH RIGHT to BE HEALTHYin Body-Mind-Spirit!.

How many do not have HEALTH INSURANCE or can not afford to go to the dentist for example?.Hundreds?Thousands?Millions?At least I count myself and a lot of  small family farmers .

There is now a LAW ,that the SUPREME COURT upheld ,which hopefully will bring HEALTH INSURANCE to evryone .Most democratic countries provide health services to their people.Canada and Europe have almost FREE HEALTH INSURANCE Coverage in place.We too have the same rights as human beings -whether in Canada,Europe or anywhere on Earth,to stay healthy and visit the doctor when we are not.

When President Obama successfully spearheaded a Health Insurance initiative that was upheld by the supreme court ,we took it for a partisan political bickering .When state of Arizona came up with SB-1070 Immigration law , the supreme court decided that a state can not pass Immigration law ,therefore they struck out three out of four provisions of SB-1070 and kept temporarily one:Police can stop an individual for :"Papers please",based on SUSPICION  of being illegal while for example :(Driving using  Hispanic name-having a tan-eating tacos-having an accent etc..) .

Politics is changing the way  we look at each others as  individuals and creating more hurdles and obstacles in our life rather than solving them .Politics allows for pesiticides in our food and Genetically Modified Organisms into our body but when it comes to the individual Constitutional rights of expression  like speach ,for what we put in our head or out of our mouth.Here is  what Special Interest Politics  is doing both to our food for body and mind :

Special " Politically motivated " interests are  also interfering in our spiritual food or so called religious freedom to pray , at least  in Arizona-for now:

What else is left of FREEDOM  in an "Arizona way or the highway " Democracy ,or shall we call it otherwise?

You decide!


Linking the dots from pesiticides in baby food to contaminated vaccines causing Autism and making children sick!!

My neighbor has a child named Nicholas.He is 16 MONTHS adorable angel.So far he does not say a single word , he shakes tentatively with sporadic convulsions-His mom is taking him to a Psychiatrist Dr for evaluation , after receiving a letter from the clinic nurse confirming that he was vaccinated with the Mercury vaccine suspected of causing Autism .She is unemployed ,going to school and her husband  unemployed as well and they need your HELP and suggestions what to do???

I wonder how many new moms now worry about the food and the vaccines that soon will enter the bodies of their babies and render them vulnerable to new diseases like Autism for example?Just wondering ???

Then I thought about why not getting those new moms some education about the baby food in the market and the vaccines before they rush to a FREE clinic offering same!

Here what Mother Jones article published today has to say:


How about MERCURY used in the Vaccines causing Autism.??......Ther......e are convincing studies ..but available only in EUROPE which support this while here in the US it is the opposite where it is considered as Controversey thanks to the many Sadowy sponsored studies which clear vaccines from causing Autism.The best bet is to take a chance and READ the European studies which confirm that Autism is caused by mercury found in the vaccines and also read the counter US studies supported by the main stream media and various pharmaceutical funds .Here is a starting point:


After rocket fuel was found in milk and traced to cows feeding on grass at the Belle Glades Florida now we have Fire retardents in peanut butter..

Are we getting attacked by peanuts or milk or simply by drugs that render us cannibals?Who are the terrosrists behind contaminated foods and DRUGS that kill?Why are they legal to buy ?Why not regulate what harms our body and mind in forms of drugs or altered artificial food?

Check out this YOU TUBE about last wave of DRUGS?BATH SALTS? IVORY WAVE ?Chilling effects(Please be advized :Containing disturbing images or news):


Or this fuel retardent in our food:

 Here in Florida the Governer recently signed into law : State Employees must take DRUG TESTS.There is reason why .Pill mills clinics were raided by police and law enforcement .A lot of corruption and fraud lirks around and could be traced to drugs.DRUGS may be a suspect of triggering criminal behaviours .So why not make it mandatory to test all FEDERAL-STATE and MUNICIPAL employees for drugs use or abuse ?

Tax payers money should not go to drug users or abusers and such people should not be eligible to keep a state,federal or municipal position .

There are people who work and get paid with tax payers money and they are or have been on drugs and they abuse their positions with impaired judgements and cause law suits that expose local and state governments to pay settlements .An example is ex-commissioners who are now serving jail sentences and convicted  DCF officials etc...Just by reading the local newspapers we find out that we have a problem from using and abusing drugs and there is a solution>Drug tests and JUSTICE for all!


Once in Florida:Eat like a LOCAL Floridian!!Fresh Florida Harvested Top Ten Immune System Boosters Foods .

Hippocretes , the Greek Father of medicine said: "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food"!

I have a neighbor who just came out of hospital and is now recovering after a Brain Surgery .The doctor diagnosed  a possible anuarism !

He came all the way from Canada to relax and have a vaccation in the TROPICAL S.Florida.He ended up in Hospital for TEN Days.His diet was so poor eating JUNK to save money.When I introduced the topic of TROPICAL LOCALLY GROWN FOOD he recoiled at the words of Calaloo,papaya and coconut.So After he was discharged from the hospital he came to me and asked me what he should EAT while in S.Florida.

As an urban farmer and personal chef who grows his own food, I had to suggest that let his food be locally grown and in season!So Together we worked and came up with some TOP TEN Healthy Tropical Delicious food .Once in Florida, eat like a  Native Floridian, is the best advice to follow to stay away from the hospital or keep the doctor away:


 (Note:This narration is for information only.No diagnosis or prognossis is intended.You need to check out with your doctor before you attempt to eat or try this FOOD list.Some people have food allergies and need to practice precaution and consult their health practitioner apriori.)

 1.Local Alkaline Spring Water . Dehydration is common in S.Florida.So to hydrate is the answer.raises stress hormone levels, causing serious brain damage. Drink at least ten glasses of water a day.The question is which water to drink?Personally I drink SPRING WATER with a PH of 8.5.


2. Deep Ocean Florida Fish. DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid found in fish, is the main component of brain synapses. A lack of omega-3 has been shown to diminish intellectual performance and is linked with dementia. If you don't eat fish, omega-3 is also found in walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds. In addition, you can take it as a supplement; 1000 mg a day is what we recommend. (For a list of the best fish to eat, click here.)

3. Florida grown Tropical Fruits and vegetables rich in Antioxidant Rich -Organic Fruits and Vegetables. The best of these, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, are blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, strawberries, spinach,,
avocados, oranges, red bell peppers, . Five servings a day of fruits and vegetables is recommended.I personally PREFER Florida  locally grown BLUEBERRIES and Papaya ,mango,citrus and pineapple:

4. Organic /Heirloom -Vine Ripe TS.Florida Cherry tomatoes . These are a major source of the strong antioxidant lycopene. Lycopene reduces the risk of cancer by 40% - notably prostate, lung, and stomach cancers - and increases cancer survival. Tomato eaters function better mentally in old age and suffer half as much heart disease. Concentrated tomato sauces (found on pizza and in pasta sauces) have five times more lycopene than fresh tomatoes and canned tomatoes have three times more than fresh.

5.Extra Virgin First Cold Press Robust  Coconut OIL (or if not availableOLIVE OIL). Olive oil is my personal choice after coconut oil(Number one choice)is a major part of a Mediterranean diet, shown to help reduce death from heart disease and cancer. Heart attack survivors on a Mediterranean diet had half the death rates of those on an ordinary low-fat diet, recent research shows. A famous researcher, Ancel Keys, once declared olive oil the main dietary reason for remarkably low mortality rates among Mediterranean populations. Olive oil, unlike other vegetable oils, is high in antioxidant activity.

6. Organic Sprouted Florida ROJO GARLIC: This herb is packed with nutrients known to help fend off cancer, heart disease, aging, and other health problems. Garlic has prolonged cancer survival time and extended animal lifespans by about 5%, which in humans might add about four years, German researchers have found. A tip from researchers at Penn State: let crushed garlic "rest" about ten minutes before cooking it, to preserve its disease-fighting agents. Garlic is the featured herb in this month's "Herbal Corner" section below.

7. Calaloo -SPINACH. This super health-promoter is second among vegetables only to garlic in antioxidant capacity. It is also rich in folic acid, which helps fight cancer, heart disease, and mental disorders. In animals, it protects aging brains from degeneration, according to studies performed at Tufts University. New University of Kentucky research shows folic acid may help prevent Alzheimer's Disease. Both raw and steamed spinach contain high antioxidant and other essential nutrient content.

The best SPINACH to eat in Florida is the Carribean :CALALO".

8-Wild harvested Florida Mushrooms.If hard to find then use:Mitake and Shitake are my favorites.Here are the benefits of mushrooms:

9-Home Made Probiotic yogurt : Rich in acidophelis and bifidus .Time teste through history.My favorite is the home made GREEK yogurt.

10. Herbal Aloe Vera mixed with / Green and ordinary black tea :It packs the same amounts of antioxidants and have equal benefits, experts say.Ginseng- added to your favorite herbal blends is a good choice. Harvard researchers recently found that drinking one cup of black tea a day cut heart-disease risk in half. Be sure to make ice tea from loose tea or tea bags; instant tea and bottled teas contain minimal antioxidants, tests at Tufts University show.Bonne appetite and..


HappyFlorida  summer gardening !

Tony Dagher BA,CFMG

Gardening classes every Saturday and Sunday as advertized in Natural Awakening Magazine and web:



A small town embraces experimenting with idea of raising chicken after petition plus more GREEN SUSTAINABLE ENDEAVORS!

Here is a new bail out to save a struggling chicken industry. $40 MILLION  to be spent by the USDA in the times of DEBT DEFAULT  and the downgrading of the economy.LEARN More :

LAKE WORTH:A S.Florida small town is leading the nation on SUSTAINABLE living by embracing CHANGE and BOLD GREEN ideas like :Reverse osmosis (an approved ongoing project to MATERIALIZE in 2012),Organic Vegetable Gardens( Workshop sponsored  by city commision recently/ongoing debate) -Composting Program of recycling kitchen and yard trash into garden compost(Ongoing Program ,started in June 2010 at the LW Public Service Dept.)PLUS a chain of GREEN ENERGY REBATES, example:Rain Barrels ,compost bins,and much more .

Comes the raising of backyard chicken petition and ensuing debate:


Recently , the city commission approved for the fiirst time an ELECTRIC BILL reduction rate:

Times are hard for the mostly working class community.The elected officials are reaching out and listening  and acting to elevate the struggles and activate solutions.

So, if people want to grow their own food or raise chicken to survive while facing more unemployment ,budget cuts and more financial hurdles, would that be a problem?

At least residents can turn trash into cash by composting and growing vegetale gardens instead of inefficient lawn grass!


Reduction of REGULATIONS and SPENDING BORROWED MONEY VERSUS INCREASE of INNOVATIONS and PRODUCTION of our own food including vegetable gardens and home raised chicken and  eggs might be a SOLUTION to our never ending love affair with CONSUMPTION and SPENDING.

Would the ideas of producing food to create MORE JOBS locally ,be more palatable now ?When we have less cash on hand and more hands to employ and mouths to feed , wouldn't it be a good idea to cut on spending borrowed money and start empowering the community to be self sustainable by producing its own food rather than depending on SOUP KITCHENS and FOOD STAMPS??

You decide!


Police dumps milk in California while country struggles financially and draught harvests whatever crops left untouched by HEAT wave!.

Have you heard about what is happening in California to a Co-op that sells RAW MILK? Do you have a farm that produces raw milk or are you a consumer of RAW MILK?If the answer is YES, then you MUST read this:

The New York Tinmes today has an article about the same subject ..Kind of shocking to see the stock market sinking in the aftyermath of the debt default debate that opened the eyes on our FOURTEEN TRILLION of DEBT .Now the world and local financial markets are reacting and our dollar and stocks and homes and jobs will witness another double DIP..recession or shall we hope NOT  a DOUBLE DEPRESSION!

Another shocking story from Orange county in California :Police beats a homeless to death !Check this out:

~ What is going on with the world.??!Blame it on the HEAT WAVE of the global warmin!Our heads are becoming super heated and we are beating the life out of the heck of you name it! 


Farming Food for THOUGHT:The social vs the food security.Grow your own food while non GMO seeds last!

There are so many speculations and tradings going on as people watch TV and read thenews of the Debt Default Conferences Battles .

I have a friend who depends on social security for a living so he is now starting to grow his own food .He never bothered to do so before untill the latest news started to emerge about the Great Default.

I beleive in sustainability as an answer to our many social and ecconomic problems that used to be tackled with either  borrowing ,defaulting and or denying either or both as an issue.

Comfort zone created by the culture of Hi-TECH from TV to Cellular and counting...gadget wise!

Virtual reality and Actual reality is not same.Sanity and Insanity are not the same.Being Crazy is not Normal.So we are running away from our Problems and shooting instead the messenger .Remeber problem shooting?

So why now the Social Security becomes the focal point after so many decades of debt  .Shall we raise the debt ceiling or rather seal and stop the debt?

One dollar printed costs us forty cents as a debt to the Federal Reserve  which is printing the dollar and making 4o cents for every one dollar printed and borrowed by the government? I am not sure how the math goes , are you?

Farmers do not collect social security , do they?So growing their own food is the only security!

Here are some social security  food for thought :



Learn where the tax payers money go.Learn to be self sustainable and self determined to know where your food comes from and where your tax money goes!
Lot of folks are losing their homes and jobs and file for food stamps.They are called :THE Unemployed
There are unlimited scores of NEGLECTED lands that could be used for growing food.
There are millions of illegal immigrants working our lands.It is time to claim our LAND  and work it with our own HAND.
It is time to declare our food independence just like we did with the Victory gardens before.Just like we did with the TEA PARTY .Let us now have a T-MATO PARTY and start growing our own tomato instead of importing them from Mexico or wherever!
Support local small and family farmers!

Myplate or powerplate new food pyramid to choose from and whoare the ones who benefit from the food sibsidies ?

Now there is a new food pyramid called :myplate.If you did not know about it yet, it is time now to do so.

Here are some appetizers to choose from:


If it is good for you to eat more fruits and vegetables , then it is good news for produce farms and small farmers.But who is getting the subsidies and support to grow more of the produce?Are they the small organic farmers or the Big Agri business especially those who grow the grain for animals and use GMO seeds?

Is there an alternative to the new food pyramid or plate/ Check out :

Bon Appetite



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