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Super Foods: Herbs and Flowers you eat that can beat garden bugs !


 Mother Earth will be putting on a HAPPY colorful Mantel of wild flowers inviting snow birds, pollinators ,butterflies, and bees .Other garden   visitors will also swarm and invade the PRODUCTIVE garden: Beneficial and NON-Beneficial pests and gritters such as aphids , nematodes, racoons and other bug family members . Already South Florida gardeners and farmers are combating existing challenges such as the climate change the White Fly infestation , to mention the least .They need no more bad news . The good news is :There are Flowers and Herbs that could be summoned to rescue against garden pests and spring flu!! If you are an avid gardener or simply a beginner who invested time and money in growing your own food , then you will be scrambling to the garden center to buy pesticides , herbicides ,fungicides to protect your crop from being harvested by the NON-Beneficial pests. Think twice before you do so! Please: No fungus among us and No Roundup around!! Here are some Organic alternatives to consider.

Amazing LOCAL Non-GMO South Florida Super foods : ( NON POISONOUS) Herbs - Flowers you can Ever EAT , BEAT Garden Pests and never be Under the Weather!!!!: I-TROPICAL HERBS :

  1-Neem TREE (Indica officinalis) : I personally grow NEEM trees , eat and spray with NEEM products , to guard against myriad pests and gritters to name the least: White Fly- Racoons –mosquitos , westnile fly etc.. Neem oil and tea extracts work as Anti-Retro Viral agent that disturbs the incubation and further prevents multiplication of invading pests like the white fly for example. It does NOT KILL .It Prevents. It is safe to use around vegetables ,humans, animals and beneficial pests like the Lady bug. I also add neem leaves into my favorite salads and rice pilafs and soups! The taste is bitter… My mother used to say to me: “Bitter herbs like neem and dandelion are Better for your Liver. Eat and drink bitters during SPRING season to detoxify and purify your body-mind-spirit”. I have added bitters like NEEM to purify my garden from the non-beneficial pests!!!Use Neem Oil to prevent white fly aphids, mealy bugs,mites,scale,

2-Cuban Oregano: There is an old saying:” When in Rome dress like the Romans”. I have added: “When in the TROPICS GROW AND EAT what is TROPICAL LIKE NON-GMO “CA LA LO” or Tropical Spinach! ALSO BEAT THE TROPICAL PESTS WITH TROPICAL HERBS LIKE CUBAN OREGANO! Monsanto has patented GMO veggie/herb/fruit seeds like the conventional non-organic ones you buy from your garden center, and produced pesticides like Agent Orange and Round Up. Look for alternative Tropical and locally grown / harvested veggie/herb/fruit seeds like Everglades tomatos. cuban oregano , calalo and papya for example !

Remember your grandpa advice to eat" local honey and bee pollen.."!! The same applies to all other food you eat. The reason:Your BODY DNA identifies and relates to locally grown FOOD DNA!!!I will add this up:"GROW and Eat local or go LOCO!!!!"

Just say” NO to GMO” by simply using alternatives to chemical pesticides like neem products to combat nematodes .Grow Tropical non-GMO heirloom local super food green veggies like ” CALALO” .Spray with locally grown tropical Cuban Oregano extracts .Where to find them? I give away FREE SAMPLES for those who attend my Organic Gardening Classes and mention my AD at Natural Awakening “Mark Your Calender ”! Most valuable things are FREE like: Love, spring water , Air and wild flowers and herbs .. Born FREE in Nature !Never sold adulterated like in a plastic bottle: Always Hand Picked Fresh LOCALLY GROWN BY MOTHER EARTH!!! Gardeners and farmers posing only as EARTH KEEPERS!!!Be one of them!!

3-Garlic Chives(ALLIUM TUBEROSUM) :

 My ONLY problem with garlic is: IT smells “GARLICKY”. Everything else works GREAT magic to repell garden pests, intestinal parasites, COMPLAINERS/negative folks , spiders , vampires .I spray with garlic oil, tea/ extracts to repell most aphids / winged pests like the WHITE FLY .I discourage nematodes that attack the root system by planting garlic CHIVES around my veggie plants .It attracts beneficial insects and dispels the non beneficial ones! I eat garlic raw .I learned that when I worked at Hippocretes Health Institute! It is definitely a super food , besides being a pest control and an aphrodisiac as well!!! Ehem ..ehemmm! Also, I sprinkle bits of Cuban oregano and neem LEAF herb into my salad ,soups and add it to my spaghetti marinara. I also juice it and use tea /extracts to spray my vegetable garden and chase the garden pests away .My skin loves the oregano oil /neem oil when I use it as bug repellent/antioxidant to guard against aging .I HAVE A GARDEN MOTTO:" IF I CAN EAT IT ,THEN MY PLANTS CAN AS WELL USE IT TO BEAT PESTS!" Experiment . It is the best way to learn , and BELEIVE it WORKS!!



They come in variegated golden colors and shapes. Grow them from organic seed source. Good to combat many aphid pests . I personally sprinkle ORGANIC marigold flowers on salad and brew them as tea.

2-Nasturtium (Tropaelum majus ):

My favorite as appetizer , in salad and pest control/ prevention. Has glucotropaeolin- anti bacterial properties as known to native tribes of Peru who used them for medicinal purposes as well as a pestcontrol .

2-Sunflower(Helianthus annuus):

 Native Americans ( Lacota tribe/North-South Dakota ) grow them for snack food as well as to purify soil from unwanted heavy metals .I grow sunflower at my gardens to attract birds /pollinators .I snack on the seeds myself and buy sun flower butter as an alternative for peanut butter( is loaded with minerals such as phosphorous,manganese ,iron .. Another hidden cheap super food !

3-Echineacea (Echinacea purpurea):

 May be you recognize this flower from your Health Food Store Immune System Boosters herbal remedies. Make no mistake: This super food herb is also edible. You can eat it and use its power to beat the garden pests as well. I use the flower in my salads and brew it as tea !I grow it to buffer and protect my garden from garden winged bugs and pests :You name them !!!

Miscellaneous Safe Organic pest control treatments:

1-DIATOMACEOUS EARTH(DE): I have some of my garden students who used the edible food grade version and swear by its anti-pest power .If you have children and animals around at home and garden , this is a safe product to use to battle myriad pests and bugs. You may google it and learn more about how to use it or take it as food to chase away parasites and other pests that attack humans!!! 2-Borax: Safe to use indoors/outdoors to combat roaches and ants. 3-Corn grits: Use it to fight fire ants. Native Americans used it at their Sweat Lodges /INIPI to ward off ants!! 4-Natural PYRETHRUM ( Please ,do not use SYNTHETIC PYRETHIUM); use to fight flea beatles, aphids.. 5-Insecticidal soaps:I personally use diluted mix against amny aphids and oyher plant pests along with neem oil to interrupt the egg layning cycle of pests and therefore prevent them from multiplying.


TOP FIVE "LACKING" Challenges and "LIKELY"Sollutions for the South Florida Backyard Urban Farming.

As a Florida Certified Horticulturist who is currently involved in offering gardening classes ,consultations,and growing my own food locally , I can attest to the following garden  challenges and solutions for the new comer garden enthusiasts  :

 1-LACKING LOCAL EDUCATION-UNDERSTANDING LOCAL ENVIRONMENT:S. East Florida WARMER climate falls under the tropical regional  category  dominated by excessive heat,rain ,pests,tropical storms,humidity and SANDY ACIDIC SOIL .There is no easy way to garden other than a week end warrior- gardener  .Simply said you need to immerse your hands in the soil and sweat . Hands ON learning is the sollution ..This entails taking garden classes offered by LOCAL certified Florida Horticulturists who have studied the Tropical way of gardening at local schools or colleges like for instance :UF -extension Master Gardeners.Other self proclaimed farmers or gardeners who learned and farmed at a COLDER CLIMATE US-REGION like Alaska  for example will be a risk to take .One of my students was a qualified farmer snow bird from" UP NORTH ",who was hired to be a manager of a productive garden by a REPUTABLE world famous Wellness Health Institute "DownSouth" Florida".He confessed to me that he is having difficulty to GROW  healthy vegetables as he was not familiar with the SANDY SOIL of Florida .He asked for my help to teach him how to ammend and create a fertile organic soil.The IRONY is he posted a vaccancy for a gardener position and when I applied he turned my offer down as he felt that I might be a THREAT to take over his position ,as I have more local know how and experience than him.I laugh at such organizations that lack the common sense of hiring LOCALLY.They sense that their PRIORITY is making money LOCALLY  while hiring from OUT of State or GLOBALLY!! Solution:Learn from a locally CERTIFIED -EDUCATED and EXPERIENCED  gardeners -farmers.Learn from a Local.Grow local.Eat Local.HIRE LOCAL...It is all about local...s.....

2-LACKING LOCAL FERTILE SOIL :Sandy soil is infested with nematodes,debris,fertilizers to say the least.It is lacking HUMUS,worms,organic matter,minerals,beneficial bacteria ,compost and much more.Local farms have long been transformed into gated communities and developments .Alternative solution?New comers ,especially snow birds  with swollen wallets ,flood garden centers and spend fortunes on packaged soil that is ENRICHED with SLUDGE(reconstituted human sewage ),cow manure rich in steroids hormones ,antibiotics ,cow vaccine byproducts,sand contaminated with nematodes to mention a few.You figure out the rest?.Solution:Make your own soil.Take garden classes or research the internet /books to learn how .

3-Lacking local time to garden:People have time to work and make money.It makes common sense to find time to garden and grow your own food to EAT LOCALLY GROWN fruits and Veggies that contribute to keeping you HEALTHY in Body-Mind-Spirit.Unhealthy people working two jobs to pay the bills are actually giving more value to their DOLLAR than to their LIFE..Solution:Budget your time to make more time to grow your own healthy food .What is the use of being RICH with accumulated wealth when you have POOR health ?

4-Lacking local and space to garden:Welcome to S.Florida the land of SAND and DEVELOPMENTS!.Sand sand every where but no Land to grow food.Remember :"Water water every where but no water to drink "??Solution:Join a community garden.Grow a vertical garden at your limited space.Grow food in containers.

5-Growing  Local GREEN FOOD means NOT  going "LOCO" or GREEN "brain"WASHED : :That is the most challenging question.HOW TO BE A REAL GROWER not a VIRTUAL ONE.Get involved .Get your hands dirty not your head or heart.If you live in S.Florida sign up for my gardening classes which offer a lot of REAL LOCAL solutions for LAZY gardeners  .Find more reasons why to do so by reading my blog


Rythems,Rimes and Times .What does Mother Nature teach us as FARMERS ?

How many of us drink coffee to stay alert or wake up from a nights sleep deprivationOR A  HANGOVER OR WHAT HAVE YOU!.How many of us daily are aware of being awake as they are rushing to a job while half awake half asleep or rushing to catch a bus,plane or an event half dressed or half finished their lunch or breakfast or what have you?.The answer lies in MILLIONS ..

Welcome to the human commerce calender life or   time as money( one more day one more dollar).Thinking of a new year taking away one more year of my life  on earth or just adding one more year of a HAPPY TIME,I remembered my MOTHER who passed away this year!

Numbers just made to NAME AND NUMB US may be this is why they called them NUMB-ERS!Deprive us of who we are REALLY by shutting our feelings down:Free Spirits we are .. COUNTABLE dwellers of EARTH in Body and COUNTLESS dwellers of the HEAVENS in SPIRIT!

The  DAYS and LIVES on EARTH are numbered! We count :MONEY,YEARS,AGE,EVEN FOR MUSIC  NOTES WE GAVE THEM NUMBERS . We have social security,telephone,insurance,home address numbers..STILL  RYHTEMS ARE NOT NUMBERS BUT RATHER BIOLOGICAL VIBRATIONS like rymes echoing our spiritual paths as we walk in steps not fly in miles.May be we are now experiencing a chaotic crazy you name it from ecconomy to relationships that are ending in death, depressions or better pronounced recessions or you name it ?!The countdown for our age span on earth is by slowing down not speading upTherefore the creation of the garden where we get grounded farming and growing food or roses!..SO,rather than rushing to finish what we have started.Taking a silent step to stop and SMELL THE ROSES and connect BACK WITH our MOTHER nature .Meaning let us get back to basics and live as simple as we did millions of years before where we lost to keep calenders or timetables.Being slaves to the clock of commercial life on earth that gives meanings in numbers like we have a penny then we are wortha penny , right?What a life???/We WORK TO LIVE RATHER THAN LIVE TO WORK.

 Learning from the ancients who used BIODYNAMICS farming methods ...they harvest according to certain lunar phases and observe how the fruit reacts to its environment and the gallaxies and the HEAVENS!!!  But ,instead.....What do we do in our modern life as farmers ?Take the the Agri-Business for example that uses farmers as well , do they pay attention to the laws of BIODYBAMICS or check out the charts of the heavns?.Money talks and in numbers!!!!

Back to Mother Earth..Back to Basics..This year  I lost my mother.She passed away at 98 years old.She was a passionate farmer.Had chicken hatching,had a backyard and roof garden.She gave birth a a big family..yet when the time came..we all were scatters on the face of earth.I missed the last moment of seeing her while she was breathing , I was away.Yet..I have the rimes and rythems that she incubated in my heart..the lub dubs and the LOVING memories.I remember her as if she did not leave.I will keep her memory by tending the earth and growing gardens .Life is a cycle and we are recycled spirits that keep reincarnating.I love you MOM..May your spirit rest in peace.




Organic gardening and other Hollistic solutions for Autism!

Back in 2007 I helped create a SPECIAL NEED  organic garden to my mechanic .He had an Autistic child.It was part of an agreement to barter fixing my car and servicing it , in exchange for helping out create a backyard garden .That was the starting point for me to learn about Autism .The challange is to to seek HELP and Natural Solutions for it ,since ALLOPATHIC medicine offered no cure not even for the common cold.So we declare there is NO CURE for AUTISM!But we can say there is always HOPE for FINDING one....!
No matter who is the culprit:Vaccines or whatever, one has to seek help and learn about this disorder that attacks CHILDREN.
So here is a virtual BROAD LEARNING journey -mainly ABROAD  -for finding solutions for families especially those who have no INSURANCE or NO FINANCIAL resources.
Disclaimer:This narration is meant for  EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION purposes only.
You need to consult with a MEDICAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL first in case you want to diagnose or prognose against any disease or medical condition.
Why vaccines do not work to prevent a disease and instead they may be the cause of creating one like Autism?
I have witnessed how AUTISM that hit couple of my friends families so hard . One family had to declare bankruptcy ,forclose their home and shut down the business because they drained their finances trying to help their AUTISTC child who had no access for INSURANCE for AUTISM.
So I thought why not try to educate families with an Autitic child by researching resources and sources of HELP! .
Some may not agree about the cause , but I beleive most will agree to ways that has proven SUCCESSFUL in treating AUTISM like BIOMEDICAL TREATMENT,TCM and Ayuervedic medicine.
I did some research and I present it for those who want to SEEK HOLLISTIC help and have not much resources/sources .I simply bring those resources/sources as a way for providing INFORMATION only .You must make your own choices and decision how to help your child, not me!
1-Namaste!India:Ayuervidic Medicine sources/-
Here is what a doctor from INDIA has to say about VACCINES.
They are unsafe and unnecesssary,as they contain mercury,aluminum,pesticides,, qoute:"
Mercury poisoning via vaccines.
The cries against vaccines became more vocal as autism was found to be very similar to symptoms of mercury poisoning. Vaccine whistle blowers have revealed that Thimerosal, a vaccine decontaminant used in multi dose vials to prevent fungal and bacterial growth, is 49.56% mercury by weight and it is being used since 1930. The first autism cases were detected in 1931. Earlier too a syndrome called "Pink Disease" was seen in children treated with Calomel, a mercury based compound. Calomel was banned when the link was known.
It takes simple mathematics to find out that by the time the children take all the shots, which have increased considerably over the last three decades, the mercury in their body is much above the EPA approved limit in food of 0.1mcg per kg of body weight in adults, ingested, not injected. A mercury laced vaccine contains 15 to 50mcg of mercury per shot.
The mercury content in children's bodies has gone up to 250 times the EPA limit as a result of the vaccines and that too injected directly into their blood stream bypassing the body's natural defences. If we consider the WHO limit of mercury in water the children are being subjected to 50,000 times the limit. Mercury is a dangerous neurotoxin, second only to Uranium, and accumulates in fat cells of the brain, organs and tissues destroying the nerves therein. It has been found to be toxic even in ppm doses.
Vaccines also contain aluminum, used to excite the immune system of the body, and which considerably boosts the toxicity of mercury. When injected into children the mixture readily overpowers their nervous system to cause severe brain, neurological and allied damage.
The HPV vaccine targetting women has a whopping 225mcg of aluminum per vaccine shot, the required three shots would deliver 675mcg over a six month period. Women are at great risk from vaccines as they are injected two mercury filled tetanus shots while they are pregnant. The flu vaccine, awaiting introduction into India, also contains mercury. Mercury is known to cause stillbirths, premature births and also destroys the childbearing capacity of women as per Dr David Ayoub, an US based vaccine researcher.
Vaccines have caused a trail of autism and other damage wherever they have been implemented. China has reported an autistic population of 18 lakhs after vaccines were allowed into the country in 1990. The parents of vaccine damaged children have staged protests in the infamous Tiannemann Square in Beijing after which they were forcibly dragged away and imprisoned.
 Vaccines contain carcinogens like formaldehyde, phenol, glycol, glutamic acid etc. Human and animal serum and tissues used in vaccines have helped more than 60 recognized animal viruses cross over to humans of which two, SV 20 and SV 40, both simian viruses, have till now been identified as damaging.Unqoute.
2-China:TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine-
Traditional Chinese Medicine is another solution for Autism at least in China.Moxibustion,Chi-qong or Tui Na  a chinese massage that works on the Energy meridians for example as used in  TCM.I qoute :"
Moxibustion is a traditional TCM treatment that uses burning moxa (mugwort and other herbs) to warm acupuncture points and thus induce a smoother flow of blood and energy.
Herbs added to the moxa can also travel through the energy channels and function at target points. This method requires less precision than acupuncture.
"I don't suggest parents come to the hospital often," says Dr Wang. "They can treat their kids right at home where the kids feel safer and more comfortable. That may contribute to a better outcome."
First, Dr Wang diagnoses the problem and teaches parents how to apply moxibustion treatment on certain acupuncture points. Children should be treated every day for one or two weeks before the next consultation.
Each treatment takes 40-50 minutes.
Dr Wang adds special yin jing yao (energy channel-guiding medicine) to the moxa to help the medicine reach the target area of the brain more precisely.
For example, yu jin (radix curcumae) helps guide the herb to the liver meridian, while rush (marsh reeds/rushes) helps guide the herb to the heart meridian.
Comprehensive treatment also involves herbal medicine, behavior training and stimulation of peripheral nerves, like brushing the fingers with brushes."
3-Sources /resources
4-ITS Your Child and YOUR DECISION! Do something to HELP!


The New Earth and the NEW WORK from a vision to a REALITY -VISUAL!

The time and the ay is now .The vision is to create  jobs where there aint any!

My friend has an Herb Farm and she has been nervous about the early heat waves that are killing her plants and her business.The climate change is here .

Gas prices will hit $% by the summer and the food prices will follow suit.

We are at a turning point.Our values about what is worthy work and unworthy work are about to go upside down.The impact of the consumerism mentality is having a toll on us as we lose more jobs,homes,cars and you name it.Ownership and property values are going through a change not of HANDS but also of HEART! 

Soon the New Earth will be home for new wave of workers whose jobs are not defined as worthy because of the scientific  or hi-tech glitter.Soon there will be a rush for the new gold that we have shunned as unworthy:FERTILE SOIL!

The New Earth will place more value on ENTROPIC WORK!

Entropic work such as farming or productive gardening is the key to a SPIRITUAL life.

According to Fritijof Capra, author of "The Turning Point" A ZEN approach for meaningful working and living.Is it more of worth to work to live or live to work? 

I qoute:"Doing work that has to be done over abd over again help us recognize the natural cycles of growth and decay,of birth and death, and thus become aware of the dynamic order of the universe."The point is to reach for ORDINARY work that is in synchronicity and harmoney with NATURE!

What is more ordinary than FARMING? Only in America farmers and I mean Urban or small family farmers starve and lack health insurance and all the aminities and benefits that we- as humans- all need!This is not to mention the support  from financial stimulus to other social acceptance and status appreciation .The highest salaries in Europe are paid to CHEFS and Farmers are a valued resource and they have a better financial support from governments , unlike the status of small family farmers in the US who lack the essential help needed .The reason why is :Big Agri-Business dominates the industry!

Not for long , as we come closer to a NEW EARTH AWARENESS .Change is in the AIR!


A small town embraces experimenting with idea of raising chicken after petition plus more GREEN SUSTAINABLE ENDEAVORS!

Here is a new bail out to save a struggling chicken industry. $40 MILLION  to be spent by the USDA in the times of DEBT DEFAULT  and the downgrading of the economy.LEARN More :

LAKE WORTH:A S.Florida small town is leading the nation on SUSTAINABLE living by embracing CHANGE and BOLD GREEN ideas like :Reverse osmosis (an approved ongoing project to MATERIALIZE in 2012),Organic Vegetable Gardens( Workshop sponsored  by city commision recently/ongoing debate) -Composting Program of recycling kitchen and yard trash into garden compost(Ongoing Program ,started in June 2010 at the LW Public Service Dept.)PLUS a chain of GREEN ENERGY REBATES, example:Rain Barrels ,compost bins,and much more .

Comes the raising of backyard chicken petition and ensuing debate:


Recently , the city commission approved for the fiirst time an ELECTRIC BILL reduction rate:

Times are hard for the mostly working class community.The elected officials are reaching out and listening  and acting to elevate the struggles and activate solutions.

So, if people want to grow their own food or raise chicken to survive while facing more unemployment ,budget cuts and more financial hurdles, would that be a problem?

At least residents can turn trash into cash by composting and growing vegetale gardens instead of inefficient lawn grass!


Reduction of REGULATIONS and SPENDING BORROWED MONEY VERSUS INCREASE of INNOVATIONS and PRODUCTION of our own food including vegetable gardens and home raised chicken and  eggs might be a SOLUTION to our never ending love affair with CONSUMPTION and SPENDING.

Would the ideas of producing food to create MORE JOBS locally ,be more palatable now ?When we have less cash on hand and more hands to employ and mouths to feed , wouldn't it be a good idea to cut on spending borrowed money and start empowering the community to be self sustainable by producing its own food rather than depending on SOUP KITCHENS and FOOD STAMPS??

You decide!


Farming Food for THOUGHT:The social vs the food security.Grow your own food while non GMO seeds last!

There are so many speculations and tradings going on as people watch TV and read thenews of the Debt Default Conferences Battles .

I have a friend who depends on social security for a living so he is now starting to grow his own food .He never bothered to do so before untill the latest news started to emerge about the Great Default.

I beleive in sustainability as an answer to our many social and ecconomic problems that used to be tackled with either  borrowing ,defaulting and or denying either or both as an issue.

Comfort zone created by the culture of Hi-TECH from TV to Cellular and counting...gadget wise!

Virtual reality and Actual reality is not same.Sanity and Insanity are not the same.Being Crazy is not Normal.So we are running away from our Problems and shooting instead the messenger .Remeber problem shooting?

So why now the Social Security becomes the focal point after so many decades of debt  .Shall we raise the debt ceiling or rather seal and stop the debt?

One dollar printed costs us forty cents as a debt to the Federal Reserve  which is printing the dollar and making 4o cents for every one dollar printed and borrowed by the government? I am not sure how the math goes , are you?

Farmers do not collect social security , do they?So growing their own food is the only security!

Here are some social security  food for thought :


Myplate or powerplate new food pyramid to choose from and whoare the ones who benefit from the food sibsidies ?

Now there is a new food pyramid called :myplate.If you did not know about it yet, it is time now to do so.

Here are some appetizers to choose from:


If it is good for you to eat more fruits and vegetables , then it is good news for produce farms and small farmers.But who is getting the subsidies and support to grow more of the produce?Are they the small organic farmers or the Big Agri business especially those who grow the grain for animals and use GMO seeds?

Is there an alternative to the new food pyramid or plate/ Check out :

Bon Appetite




Basic tips to start an organic veggie garden for CHILDREN and the DISABLED

Children and the disabled share one thing in common:Difficulty to EFFICIENTLY  utilize body functional movement in gardening chores.Whether it was the tiny hands , weak and still developing muscles and bone structure of children or the physical disability of the adult .The outcome is the same .DIFFICULTY in pushing,lifting,pulling,bending movement.To adress this we need to adjust the garden to fit into the world of both of children and disabled adults.


There are many ways to garden for  children and the disabled.Here are some samples of  tips to choose from:

1-Container Gardening or planting box

2-Raised beds , trellises and vertical gardening accessible with special routes for wheel chairs.

3-Hanging baskets sitting on tables and accessible for wheel chairs.

4-Small pots and containers for seeding and seedlings transplant.

5-planting in bags of top soil placed on elevated ground.


ERGON-OMICS is a GREEK word.The prefix refers to" work injuries "and the suffix to the "study of"!

1-ERGONOMIC TOOLS.There are tools in the market that are labeled as ERGONOMIC , take advantage and buy some.

One must pay attention though and double check the tools by trying them first and feeling them!They must be light and bent at certain angles to fit the grab of the tiny wrists of kids and the vulnerability of the disabled.Some tools are labled ergonomic for the purpose of influencing the PURCHASE DECISION more or less.An experienced  certified horticulturist/gardener or farmer should be consulted prior to making the purchase.

2-Follow ERGONOMIC BODY functional movement:Being a certified massage therapist and a certified master gardener, I speak from my personal experience and education .I studied both the anatomy and physiology of the human BODY  in addition to  Plant botany and gardening as well.I beleive that the positioning of the human body is of the essence.Functional movement of the muscles and body postures are of utmost importance to study and apply what is SAFE while in the farm or the garden to avoid injuries .An ounce of prevention is worth more than a ton of medication .A wise advice can bring you a prize!

Most Horticultural educational proograms, I know of, do not include gardening ergonomics in their curriculum.So, it is best to do your own home work or hire someone who has the know how and the HANDS ON GROUND experience to teach you.I stray away from opportunists and self proclaimed organic gardeners who do not have the appropriate LOCAL EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE! Always consult with your health practitioner before engaging in any kind of gardening or physical work .A gardener must not be a substitute to your DOCTOR.A lot of  gardeners I know of suffer back pain from injuries in the garden or other accidents due to IGNORANCE and wrong body movements or tools utilization.

Your human body is the vehicle that moves you around ,take care of your body first.Be safe.Wear safety garden gear.Drink a lot of water.

Have a Happy and SAFE gardening.




TODAY is Winter SOLSTICE.The first day of WINTER.Here are some Poetry to celebrate !

Imagine that the farmers

Their harvests  all ORGANIC

Imagine that the barbers

Grow hair on heads that PANIC

Imagine that the climate

Delicious  as DAAS and HAGEN

Imagine not a STALEMATE



Imagine that the bankers

Donated all their gold

Built shelters for the homeless

Saved souls from death and cold

Imagine all those who ROBBED US

Our  homes ,our cars and SAVINGS

May all  them  DEVIL EVIL :

Who lived by sword and LIE!

Be dumped from France "TOUR EFIL"

To fall in HELL and DIE!

Imagine TODAY at winter SOLSTICE


Merry Christmass-Happy SOLSTICE -Happy New Year!




In the TIMES OF:NO MONEY,NO JOB, NO HOME,NO FOOD- HARVEST THE  WILD EDIBLES .IT IS for FREE plus :GMO,PESTICIDE AND CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS FREE!Hold on: You forgot one thing,which one is edible and which one  is  poisonous? need to be aware and do your homework depending where do you live! In case you are in Florida here arte some incredible edibles from what is leftover from the wilderness.

What is for dinner?

Fetch in the wild for the famous pursalane greens or pig weed, it makes a great  raw salad with wild florida cherry tomato . Or cook it  sauted with wild  onion and garlic  ,add the infamous rounded up dandelion greens weed and the boiled sliced dandelion root .Chop in prickly pear spikless cactus...add sea salt and extra virgin olive oil..mix and serve. YUMMY! Cost:FREE!


The Ubiquious Dandelion (Taraxacum officnale) :Which translates into "official remedy for illness".The seeds travel like parachute and spread all over .It is very rich in minerals and vitamins especiallyA , C and the B chain..It is bitter though especially when eaten take away the bitterness ,steam it.You risk the loss of the rich minerals and enzymes for the sake of taste!

Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia spp.):The pear shaped cactus is a favorite dish when cooked or eaten as a salad among the indigenous peoples of the Caribean, Florida peninsula and the South and Central America .In mexicao it is used along with Aloe vera to treat certain cancers.It is also available in the form of dietery food supplemnts.

During the summer we have a plenty of edible fruit to harvest in the wild like:


Coconut : Is a good source of vitamins and trace minerals. The natives here used its juice water to combat kidney and liver ailments besides to relinquish thirst.The oil extracted from the coconut is used for cooking and salads besides as an ointmment for the skin and a hair conditioner and fortifier.

Saw palmetto berries:Those fruits from the pigmy palms are a good food for those who have prostate problems .

Elderberry: The flowers and fruits were considered a great source for combating colds and flu.Also the berries were cooked into jelly ,juice,jam and preserve.

There are more and more to explore of the incredible wild edibles..Stay tuned

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