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Super Foods: Herbs and Flowers you eat that can beat garden bugs !


 Mother Earth will be putting on a HAPPY colorful Mantel of wild flowers inviting snow birds, pollinators ,butterflies, and bees .Other garden   visitors will also swarm and invade the PRODUCTIVE garden: Beneficial and NON-Beneficial pests and gritters such as aphids , nematodes, racoons and other bug family members . Already South Florida gardeners and farmers are combating existing challenges such as the climate change the White Fly infestation , to mention the least .They need no more bad news . The good news is :There are Flowers and Herbs that could be summoned to rescue against garden pests and spring flu!! If you are an avid gardener or simply a beginner who invested time and money in growing your own food , then you will be scrambling to the garden center to buy pesticides , herbicides ,fungicides to protect your crop from being harvested by the NON-Beneficial pests. Think twice before you do so! Please: No fungus among us and No Roundup around!! Here are some Organic alternatives to consider.

Amazing LOCAL Non-GMO South Florida Super foods : ( NON POISONOUS) Herbs - Flowers you can Ever EAT , BEAT Garden Pests and never be Under the Weather!!!!: I-TROPICAL HERBS :

  1-Neem TREE (Indica officinalis) : I personally grow NEEM trees , eat and spray with NEEM products , to guard against myriad pests and gritters to name the least: White Fly- Racoons –mosquitos , westnile fly etc.. Neem oil and tea extracts work as Anti-Retro Viral agent that disturbs the incubation and further prevents multiplication of invading pests like the white fly for example. It does NOT KILL .It Prevents. It is safe to use around vegetables ,humans, animals and beneficial pests like the Lady bug. I also add neem leaves into my favorite salads and rice pilafs and soups! The taste is bitter… My mother used to say to me: “Bitter herbs like neem and dandelion are Better for your Liver. Eat and drink bitters during SPRING season to detoxify and purify your body-mind-spirit”. I have added bitters like NEEM to purify my garden from the non-beneficial pests!!!Use Neem Oil to prevent white fly aphids, mealy bugs,mites,scale,

2-Cuban Oregano: There is an old saying:” When in Rome dress like the Romans”. I have added: “When in the TROPICS GROW AND EAT what is TROPICAL LIKE NON-GMO “CA LA LO” or Tropical Spinach! ALSO BEAT THE TROPICAL PESTS WITH TROPICAL HERBS LIKE CUBAN OREGANO! Monsanto has patented GMO veggie/herb/fruit seeds like the conventional non-organic ones you buy from your garden center, and produced pesticides like Agent Orange and Round Up. Look for alternative Tropical and locally grown / harvested veggie/herb/fruit seeds like Everglades tomatos. cuban oregano , calalo and papya for example !

Remember your grandpa advice to eat" local honey and bee pollen.."!! The same applies to all other food you eat. The reason:Your BODY DNA identifies and relates to locally grown FOOD DNA!!!I will add this up:"GROW and Eat local or go LOCO!!!!"

Just say” NO to GMO” by simply using alternatives to chemical pesticides like neem products to combat nematodes .Grow Tropical non-GMO heirloom local super food green veggies like ” CALALO” .Spray with locally grown tropical Cuban Oregano extracts .Where to find them? I give away FREE SAMPLES for those who attend my Organic Gardening Classes and mention my AD at Natural Awakening “Mark Your Calender ”! Most valuable things are FREE like: Love, spring water , Air and wild flowers and herbs .. Born FREE in Nature !Never sold adulterated like in a plastic bottle: Always Hand Picked Fresh LOCALLY GROWN BY MOTHER EARTH!!! Gardeners and farmers posing only as EARTH KEEPERS!!!Be one of them!!

3-Garlic Chives(ALLIUM TUBEROSUM) :

 My ONLY problem with garlic is: IT smells “GARLICKY”. Everything else works GREAT magic to repell garden pests, intestinal parasites, COMPLAINERS/negative folks , spiders , vampires .I spray with garlic oil, tea/ extracts to repell most aphids / winged pests like the WHITE FLY .I discourage nematodes that attack the root system by planting garlic CHIVES around my veggie plants .It attracts beneficial insects and dispels the non beneficial ones! I eat garlic raw .I learned that when I worked at Hippocretes Health Institute! It is definitely a super food , besides being a pest control and an aphrodisiac as well!!! Ehem ..ehemmm! Also, I sprinkle bits of Cuban oregano and neem LEAF herb into my salad ,soups and add it to my spaghetti marinara. I also juice it and use tea /extracts to spray my vegetable garden and chase the garden pests away .My skin loves the oregano oil /neem oil when I use it as bug repellent/antioxidant to guard against aging .I HAVE A GARDEN MOTTO:" IF I CAN EAT IT ,THEN MY PLANTS CAN AS WELL USE IT TO BEAT PESTS!" Experiment . It is the best way to learn , and BELEIVE it WORKS!!



They come in variegated golden colors and shapes. Grow them from organic seed source. Good to combat many aphid pests . I personally sprinkle ORGANIC marigold flowers on salad and brew them as tea.

2-Nasturtium (Tropaelum majus ):

My favorite as appetizer , in salad and pest control/ prevention. Has glucotropaeolin- anti bacterial properties as known to native tribes of Peru who used them for medicinal purposes as well as a pestcontrol .

2-Sunflower(Helianthus annuus):

 Native Americans ( Lacota tribe/North-South Dakota ) grow them for snack food as well as to purify soil from unwanted heavy metals .I grow sunflower at my gardens to attract birds /pollinators .I snack on the seeds myself and buy sun flower butter as an alternative for peanut butter( is loaded with minerals such as phosphorous,manganese ,iron .. Another hidden cheap super food !

3-Echineacea (Echinacea purpurea):

 May be you recognize this flower from your Health Food Store Immune System Boosters herbal remedies. Make no mistake: This super food herb is also edible. You can eat it and use its power to beat the garden pests as well. I use the flower in my salads and brew it as tea !I grow it to buffer and protect my garden from garden winged bugs and pests :You name them !!!

Miscellaneous Safe Organic pest control treatments:

1-DIATOMACEOUS EARTH(DE): I have some of my garden students who used the edible food grade version and swear by its anti-pest power .If you have children and animals around at home and garden , this is a safe product to use to battle myriad pests and bugs. You may google it and learn more about how to use it or take it as food to chase away parasites and other pests that attack humans!!! 2-Borax: Safe to use indoors/outdoors to combat roaches and ants. 3-Corn grits: Use it to fight fire ants. Native Americans used it at their Sweat Lodges /INIPI to ward off ants!! 4-Natural PYRETHRUM ( Please ,do not use SYNTHETIC PYRETHIUM); use to fight flea beatles, aphids.. 5-Insecticidal soaps:I personally use diluted mix against amny aphids and oyher plant pests along with neem oil to interrupt the egg layning cycle of pests and therefore prevent them from multiplying.


"BEST "Growing Herbs in the Tropical S.Florida Climate Zones10-11

What are the herbs that grow best in S.Florida ?

This is a popular question which a lot of my students ,who attend my organic gardening classes ,ask!

The answer is waiting for you right in the garden.

Trial and error is one way to find out .But if you are a new comer to S.Florida then you need to proceed with caution.

First the SOIL is a big challenge here.It is Sandy and acidic and infested with nematodes not to mention   other stuff!

For now we need to focus on the Best herbs that grow best in the S.Florida region.

Here are a bunch of herbs that grow best in the Spring and early summer season:

1)Basil-all kinds from Krishna Tulsi to Thai and Italian Basil..




5-Rose Mary


7-Cuban Oregano


Best way to grow herbs is from seeds propagation.There are other ways to do so by root division and cutting.

Best containers to use for growing those above mentioned herbs are earth made pots(No plastic please).

Herbs best uses:


2-Ground cover herbs:Donkeys ears,chamomile-Roman wormwood,lemon thyme.

3-Culinary:Basil,corriander,dill,fennel,rose mary,sage.

4-Medicinal teas:Kamasutra Mentha-Lemon grass,sage,,saw palmeto-sarase-dandelion-Krishna Tulsi basil

5-Companion plants-Natural pesticides deterrents: Marigold-Calendula-Echenecia-


The S.Florida challenges and solutions of growing herbs in containers!

Here in south Florida , the climate of excessive heat/humidity and precepitation acts as a catalyst for growing spices and heat loving herbs.

Since ancient times , man and women used herbs  for their effective properties in culinary and medicinal recipies.

Herbs are potent and contain mega doses of vitamins and minerals when compared with vegetables.So when in use :Do not overdose and abuse.Small quantity is enough .

Heat loving herbs like basil,rosemary,sage have spiritiual meaning besides their culinary and medicinal values.Lovers love BASIL.Spirituals revere SAGE.Rose mary serves as an exceptional ANTI-OXIDANT and is good as REJEUVINATOR for  body mind and spirit .

There are CHALLENGES in growing herbs in south Florida.Mainly the soil is acidic and deficient in minerals.Therefore , before you think of growing herbs, think twice about your best soil to use.I grow and make my own herbs and soil!You can do it as well.

To learn more come to my classes every Saturday and Sunday ...Sign up for the HERBSlass this COMING SATURDAY at:

Bring/tell a friend!




Getting Educated about Culinary and Medicinal benefits of Herbs and Supplements before we use(or LOSE) them!!

People tend to abuse DRUGS and end up in hospitals or dead.There is now an ADDICTION RUSH/ RASH that is spreading in S.Florida by COVENTIONAL MD clinics for PROFIT that prescribe and dispense on the spot PILLS for PAIN..Welcome to the PILL MILL big  business fraud that is being targeted by LAW ENFORCEMENT ..

It is good to know:Dr.Hulda Clark wrote three books :Cheif among them "The Cure for all cancers" exposed some vitamins and herbal manufacturors who "intentionally" added lead and other toxins to their supplements..That was back in the 1990's.What is new?

A MEGA pharmaceutical company also cleared the market of small owners of herbs and vitamin companies by BUYING Them and becoming THE controller of producing supplements in the market .It kept the names of the previous old  companies withiout change to deceive the consumer.The name of that Mega CEUTICAL company? You tell me?Get an education abvout what you put in your mouth before you get hurt !Another company a major Tobaco company has now a chain of food companies that it bought after the sale of cigarettes dropped down.Guess what they are doing with the food they produce?The same they were doing with the cigarettes:More additives,presetrvatives and toxins being added under the pretext of preswerving this and that!Get educated about who ptroduces your food?

Now the big Pharmaceutical companies are losing more money to the supplemnts and herbs business.So they are sending their lobbyiests to Washington to attack the Herbs and vitamins companies and drive them out of the market.Get educated about who are the companies that want to send you to the hospitals and feed you junk food and drugs for the buck of it?

Your best bet? Grow your own herbs and organic vegetables.You save on the grocery and hospital bill and God forbid ,you do not end up a life long drug consumer/ addict of the PILL MILL!

Get rid of the pill mill "addiction" and instead get an "education" about what you put in/out of  your mouth.No ignorance or fungus among us.. It is good to know:


Growing ORGANIC herbs in containers:ISSUES AND SOLUTIONS!

I am on the move again and my yard is full of herbs and veggies grown in containers.The first thing that comes to mind about growing herbs in S.Florida is where shall I find a place to grow them? Most peolpe now are having their home forclosed and lost to the bailed banks .So , why not grow whatever herbs you like in containers.Containers are not subject to foreclosures and they can be saved by just moving them out with you!

There is a word for the wise:Avoid growing herbs and veggies in PLASTIC CONTAINERS.They are loaded with a chemical called BISHPENOL A.The vegetables and herbs grown in plastic containers get also PLASTICIDES and chemicals used in the plastic containers are usually derivatives from the petrochemical industry.So, when you go to the garden center and buy ORGANIC herbs or plants grown in PLASTIC CONTAINERS be aware of the fact that there are hormone supressors that may influence and compromise  your endocrine system.There is a study about a weed control chemical called ATRAZINE that has been released lately as reported by a blogger at local ref the below link:

Weeds are another name for HERBS. I grow the foillowing weeds or HERBS in my ORGANIC containers that atre mostly made of brick stones and ceramics.Even the PLASTIC containers can be modified to adjust to the natural way .I usually insulate the root system of my herbs that I grow in plastic containers by surrounding the inner plastic linning of the container with a sheet of natural cork or any ORGANIC material like unbleached natural paper/leaves/ creative and avoid the plastic contact with the root system.

My experience in growing herbs in containers in Florida especially in the sub-tropical zone 9-10 is : Most herbs love the heat especially :Basil,parsely,mint,rosemary,culantro,aloe vera,lavender,sage and more.This is the best time to plant the seeds for the summer herb container garden.

Herbs are like humans , they come from different geographical and topographical regions.some originate in cold regions  example: dandelion and comfrey.Others originate from sizzling deserts and tropical climates like aloe vera.

When preparing for the HERB CONTAINER garden take this into consideration.Pay attention to where the herbs come from and try to make them happy in their new home that should mimick their original one.Say that you want to grow dandelion for example.Dandelion  favors soil rich in organic matter and wood.Notice that it grows close to tree trunks!So mimick this environment and you will have a successful harvest! ROSE MARY AND ALOE VERA FAVOR  WARM SANDY AND ROCKY SOIL SO PLANT THEM IN AN ENVIRONMENT THAT MIMICKS THEIR ORIGINAL HOME!

ONE MORE IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER:Herbs are different than vegetables.So treat them differently.Their soil should be rich in minerals hweras the vegetable soil must be rich in nitrogen and other organic matter.





Growing herbs in the sizzling summer of Florida.Understanding their healing- nourishing spiritual,culinary values and more!

In exploring and researching the roots of growing herbs in the tropical zone of Florida I stumbled on the mystical meanings as revealed throyghthe ancient healing arts of Ayuervida and TCM(TraditionalChinese Medicine).

It is so funny that we are witnessing a revival of this forgoton healing art that was buried in history and mystic philosophies.

In our times we are now hearing stoies about the pain killer pills and the narcotics blended in them in the name of medications to heal..Lot of patients have experienced the morbid side effects of those so called legal drugs.There are victims who fall everyday and we read about them when they happen to be celebrities and we dont hear about them if they are not.

For those of us who are suffering and have no access for medical professional help because they have no insurance or a job to sustain their living who is goping to turn a helping hand when they fall ill?

Man and women have learned from experience to trust their guts .Just like aniumals when they get sick , they trust their instinct to survive and go to the woods fetching digging(bears)and sniffing(cats and dogs)for the  plants that could give them help .

We humans have forgotten about how to relate to Mother Earth as we retired to our shelters in cement boxes and wrapped our selves recently with toxic dry wals to mention the least.

Time out.

As I went searching the the woods of books I dug out some roots about TCM .The Chinese knew the benefits of herbs as well as the ancient Greeks and Indians.The Greeks gave us Hippocretes the father of Medicine who preached about using food as our medicine and "let your medicine be your food".The Indians gave us Ayuevedic medicine.Now the East and West are meeting not in the battle field like once Rudyard kippling mentioned.They are meeting in the civilized study and application of herbs as food and medicine.

Most of us when we get sick swallow a pill.Not any more.It took us FIVE THOUSAND YEARS to be educated here where we stand now in the 21st century.Time is the best teacher.Time tested...Yes, herbs have been time tested for more than five thousand years.The rest is for us to open our hearts and minds to apprehend and comprehend .Understanding is the key for LEARNING.The mind is like a PARACHUTE.If you do not open the parachute then you are doomed as you jump into the world.The same thing applies for the heart .

There are four elements of creation as the Native Americans teach us:Air,Fire,Earthand water.There are Four vital fluids :Blood,Phelgm,Choler,andMelancholy as the Chinese TCM and Indian Ayeurvida teach us.Understanding how herbs can help us we need to go through the mystic journey of learning those ancient doctrines.

Happy Herb Gardening in Florida.


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