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Mates mates everywhere but no tomatoes to eat!

Welcome to Florida.Now start ...s..picking tomatoes!

Check it out why tomatoes are in shortage:


One thing the main stream media is not telling you: There is already a shortage of farms here in Florida and of farmers to pick them as well!!.There is a whole sale of exiting farms and closings of small farm business who do not have access for financing help.There is an exodus of illegal migrant farmers going back home in anticipation of a second   Arizona law copy in Florida.

Come the cold fronts and freeze.. temperatures( there has been a repeat of such for the last three years as an outcome to Climate Change!).This has resulted in so many small farmers being hit heads on in the pocket and stopped farming when no compensations were received !

Blame it on the weather .Blame it on te economy.

There is  money to be claimed and received by Big Agri-business as crops fail.How about the small farmers that were kept out of the picture and emergency help  funds ?

I know of a small farmer who runs an herb farm and all the time she gets rejected when she applies for emergency help...because she grows her herbs in containers,,and who knows what else?


Tomato shortage is another way of saying :There is a small farm and farmers shortage after so many farms were wiped out by developers to say the least and not to forget the weather to blame as well!


Speaking of shortages in tomatoes without referring to shortages of  farms or farmers to pick them or grow them leaves us with speculations about future pickers:

Cell mates who cost tax payers money and do no work...send them to the fields to grow and pick tomatoes and see what will happen.Prices might  fall down as the markets will be flooded with tomatoes .Just kidding!








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