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How does GMO or Genetically Modified food Affect our Bodies and Brains?

My mother who is Ninety two years old and who grew up on a farm and grew her own food when at a younger age , told me that her body is rejecting tghe food that she buys from the conventional markets.

She started to complain about many ailments and she had to leave the city and go back to live in the country where she had access for locally grown farm  foods.

Now I wonder why I have tthis continuous urge to do the same.My body has been subjected to genetically modified food without even being aware -No GMO Labels Exist-how this conventional food grown and sold freely in the market to unsuspecting customers is affecting my body and mind in a downward spiral ?

Here are some answers  as seen on TV:


Aside from how the GMO and other additives alterd foods are damaging the Organs of our bodies, no one is aware of how the GMO and chemical synthetic altered foods  like ASPARTEME are damaging our brain cells.Here is a study by an MD  which is self explanatory:

In this election year ,  how urban family farmers are going to make their voice and vote count towards reforming the state of the farm ?Dont  people have the right to know what they are putting in their MOUTH and BRAIN?

We have inflicted so much damage on the Body-Mind and its time that SPIRIT  will come to the rescue, in case we cared less to take charge and act! So, Help US GOD!




There is a BLIND SIDE for CHRISTMASS.Check it out at the faces of those who are:


2- Homeless!


4-NEEDY and Lonely!

5-Lost their home-car-land to the BANKS and MORTGAGE MOGALS(NEW VERSION OF MONEY LENDERS)!

6-Separated from loved ones because they could not afford to buy an airplane ticket this holliday season!

Their is also a BRIGHT SIDE of Christmass.Check it out at:

The hearts and souls of COURAGEOUS AMERICANS who give willingly from their OWN :Shelter ,food,clothes,jobs and comfort -to all of the ABOVE!

It is so DIRE here in South Florda.Next door lives the ULTRA RICH in PALM BEACH ISLAND.On the other side those WHO DO NOT HAVE are multiplying every day!

Most of the churches who operate programs to help the needy have shortages of EVERYTHING.Their phones ring and machines answer!I visited so many and I can tell you that there is so much LACK !Most of all there is IGNORANCE,RACIAL and CULTURAL bias.Threre are plenty of BREAD which is LOADED with yeast that makes you fat and sick .BUT NOT ENOUGH or NOT AT ALL of ORGANIC FRUITS AND VEGETABLES-Here is what one official at a charity told me today when I asked her about the shortage:We have tomatoes to be picked for free , but we here have no time to go and pick the FREE vegies.I offered to do just that .She ignored me.They do not want unconditional help but rather they make their own conditions(ignorance) and RED TAPE to block HELP !

Most of the churches are DOING GREAT JOB and even outscoring some welfare programs ..They have land that could be converted to COMMUNITY gardens that produces organic vegies for the NEEDY but they take no action to activate them!

SOME of their volunteers are locked in RED TAPE and Racial BIAS.For example:Most of the people who DO NOT HAVE and are seeking help are with some TAN color.On the other side Most of the volunteers who are offering helping hands are of the opposite UNTANNED color.They do not UNDERSTAND the struggles and the language sometimes become a barrier.

There is LACK OF COMMUNICATION on the other side of CHRISTMASS.

If you need more illustrations. PLEASE:Check out the movie playing in theatres near you:THE BLIND SIDE !

There are plenty of FAVORITISM and of those who try to scope and skim the good goodies  for themselves and be selective in their charity.The spirit of the HOLIDAYS is lost and needs to be FOUND NOT IN THE MATERIAL CELEBRATION and SHOPPING SPREES.Rather the SPIRIT of the season lies within our HEARTS and SOULS that need to be AWAKENED!

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