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How small farmers markets are going to dodge the DEBT DEFAULT?What is really going on at the Financial market?

There are so many speculations and hypothesis now bidding for a financial collapse  if the US dollar falls.The Farmers financial market is showing a distress signal as the heat and draught harvest the crops and more of the grain goes to produce the green oil for cars rather than for food.Prices for cotton and grains are soaring as more speculations are influencing the commodities market.

Farming Land is shrinking .As the markets for food production now react negatively wityh the Debt do the small farmer react ?

I am reading a book by Dr.Stephen Leeb : GAME OVER" and much of the hidden financial news are beibng revealed in thw pages.

Here are some glimpses for you to share and be patient to watch the story unfolds on your blank screen.Count for 30 before you give up watching it also as you click on top of page:The Cash Cow!..Be Patient :


Organic Small Farmers Business needs to be represented in local and federal gavernments that are biased for the Big Agri Business.

You read the news aboy the WOERLD KNEWS SCANDAL in Britain and you wonder:Is this American Citizen who hacks ordinary British Citizens private phones and spies on their lives? Is he doing the same here in US?


One thing for sure he is doing through his Media Empire:Trying desperately to feed our heads  with junk news .Forget not the continuous attack against the first African American president of the USA  , through his TV News media, you know who!

Is this a Karmic pay pack .No one is immune under the SUN.We all get to know and seek the Truth  when the DAY  LIGHT uncovers Darkness of the NIGHT!! 

What 's new in the Woerld  KNEWS After MMM (Media Mogul Murderuch)  hacking scandal? . WN Business as Usual has  started to collapse in Europe with the arrest ,interrogation and investigation   of current and  former executives  of Woerld KNews  Mediaocre  Empire .News of  bribing the Chief Police in Scotland Yard  and so forth is not good for business: Is it the right time to ask ourselves at least as Small Farmers in US :Who runs and ruins our business lives?


Just an example about how Monsanto won the war introducing and programming the  American mind to accept their ROUND UP and other agricultural "killer gene -ious" patents :Check it out who was promoting them in this documentery that never made it to the main stream MEDIA business as usual:

Small Farmers of US :UNITE!

Get educated and give those who betray you and sell you in the speculation commodity stock market cheap to make themselves a fortune:TEACH THEM a lesson.

Show them that you read and write books and BLOGS  and have an EDUCATION that can move and influence public opinion .That you can be sitting  ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES on the benches of local and federal governments to serve those who served the food tables of the  nation , providing  crops so the people can EAT safe  produce :FOOD  MADE IN USA not anywhere else!

bACK IN THE gREAT dEPRESSION, THE VICTORY GARDEN FED THE aMERICAN PEOPLE WHO KNEW THEN NO FOOD STAMPS OR SOCIAL SECURITY.nOW IN THE GREAT DEEP RECESSION  Americans are on the verge of losing both social security and food stamps due to the GREAT DEBT DEFAULT that is threatening to stop social security checks and other government assistance to the poor,disabled and senior citizen.

We have $14.5 TRILLION DEBT .China and Japan and UK own more than 4.5 $ Trillion of our TREASURY BONDS!Yes Foreigners own and can put our ecconomy down if they just sell those bonds and forefeight their ownerships of the vast sectors of our ecconomy including BIG AGRI BUSINESS .They have shares in all of our stock market and Business.The Dollar is weekend and the GDP is never as ever as low and BEHOLD!

Some of Our national media that is owned like other businesses of the Media Mogul ,now in the offensive in GREAT BRITAIN for his HACKING and POLICE BRIBING to the Police :has kept us in the DARK about who runs and ruins our ecconomy .Not any more with the internet blogs and freelance journalist/outspoken farmer who choses not to sell his/her soul to a mogul for thirty pieces of silver or gold.


A mogul cab bribe or hack a corrupt politician or chief of police in the case of the British phone hacking/police bribing scandal.But Small  Farmers are NOT FOR SALE!Their land is the land of the FREE SPIRIT!

Americans are now waking up to the truths that were hidden away from their eyes.Aid should come to local small farmers not foreigners.Listen to what Senator Kucinich and Representatives Paul are now calling for.Stop spending money on Forign Aid and Foreigners who own US.Spend our tax pasyers money instead in the US!

This is what is going to end the Deep Recession when our dollars come back home and foreigners like China who own our treasury bills go home!

Small farmers of the US :Unite! It is Election Time coming up next year!

The Usual election motto is :IT's THE ECONOMY , STUPID!

The Unusual this coming election is to get educated how to recover the ecconomy .Here is a starting point A WORD FOR THE WISE :


Is Senate voting to pass Safety Bill S 510 this week?Are small farmers and advocates telling untruths when speaking their opinions?Is there bias agianst small farmers in main stream media rerporting?

Do not miss this article.It is a must read by all who vote ,eat,produce and   grow  food - especially by small farmers and advocates ..They are being allegedly labelled as speaking of UNTRUTHS when expressing opinions about the Food safety Bill now speculated to go to the floor for voting this week as per NYT article below mentioned..

How about alleged biased reporting against small farmers and advocates ?

Let  the PEOPLE KNOW what is missing and who are to blame and why the bill has been stalling for two years without being passed?Why now suddenly it might be put to a quick vote  , without allowing more debate  about certain  measures ...?Guess who is pushing for the bill pass??The Democrats ? Guess who is pushing to stop it? Republicans? UNBELEIVABLE until you read it with your own eyes.Are you voting this coming November? Any body home small farmers?????It is time to be serious and start taking care of business before late.

Here is an excerpt  ,  blaming  small farmers  advocates among others opposing  the Food Safety bill, from a recent NYT article  on Sunday September 19th,2010.Check the whole article and find out for yourself who to blame :

Qoute:"The blame lies with a tight Senate calendar,a stubborn senator from Oklahomaand ,an unusual coalition of left-and right wing advocates for small farmers who have mounted a surprisingly effective Internet campaign.Their email-messages warned ,among other untruths,that the bill would outlaw organic farming".

What do  small farmers have to  say before the bill passes the floor this week in case it was put for vote as speculated ?




HR 2749-FOOD SAFETY or CONTAIN AND CONTROLL OVER YOUR SMALL FARM?What you should know and no one tells you:Read on


The BILL FAILED at the HOUSE of REPs on the first round and then had to go under another try next day to be PASSED hurriedly.Now the senate will vote.Call your senator to protect your farm before it is too late .

Today the LA Times said 90% of VOTERS support the HR 2749...Are we becoming like AFGHANISTAN with 90% votes COUNTED for President KARAZI who has rigged the vote and now admitted that 1 MILLION votes were fraudly  obtained from GHOST POLLING STATIONS?Did the pew "poll", that the LA times qouted the 90% approval of voters from call any one of you small farmers?Are we just "NOBODY"?How about starting  the mobilization process to ellect more small farmers REPRESENTATIVES and SENATORS on the next 2010 election to REALLY represent our VOICES that are so far counted by some unidentidied ghost polls!

Read BELOW to find out why  the bill might do more harm to small farmers :

Here what was said by :MR Roger Langford on HR 2749 before it is too late  ,I qoute:

"The Food Safety Bill HR 2749 is less about food safety and more about giving the Federal Government, through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the power to control food from production to point of sale. The one size to fit all regulatory system will mean that small family farms and homesteaders will be at a major disadvantage when competing with the large industrial food production companies.

Opponents of the Bill say that if this Bill becomes law then most family farms, including organic farms, and homesteaders will be forced to go out of business. Which will mean the end of buying locally grown food and in particular organic food from organic food stores.

Some of the provisions in HR 2749 are -

The establishment of a food and ingredient tracking system. Which will track all edible raw materials from the land, or industry complex, to the retail outlets. How this will be accomplished is to be left to the FDA to create. The fear is that this tracking system will not only be complicated but that the FDA will pass the cost onto the food business facilities in the form of extra taxation.

The FDA will have the legal authority to turn up at a food facility's place of business without a warrant and conduct a search of the business records without any justification, i.e. the food facility need not necessarily have committed any offense or be suspected of having committed any offence.

If you owned a farm, or a shop, where you did all the work yourself. If the FDA were to turn up at your premises unannounced and conduct a search of all of your business records which could take all day, or several days, how much work would you get done? Would you consider the intrusion a major setback in the running of your business? Do you consider it would not happen to you?

Here are just three examples, as listed on Mike Adams web site, of the many armed raids carried out by the FDA on independent businesses.

1. During October 2007 the FDA conducted a raid on the premises of FulLife Natural Options, Inc, based in Florida. The FDA took away 71,000 dollars worth of herbal supplements. FulLife's crime was to state on their web site that the herbal supplements could lower blood sugar levels.

2. In 1990 FDA agents, without a search warrant, raided the pet food store of 57 year old Sissy Harrington-McGill, confiscating products and literature. Her crime was to say that vitamins could help keep pets healthy.

3. In 1992, in Texas, the FDA conducted raids on 12 health food stores. Stock was confiscated and never returned to the owners. No reason was given for the raids and no charges were filed. According to Mike Adams "The raids were simply a campaign of terror designed to destroy the inventory and disrupt business operations of stores selling natural health products".

The FDA will have the power to stop the movement of all food in an area regardless of the fact that the food may or may not be involved in a contamination scare. In theory this could result in some retail outlets in the designated area, such as farmers markets, running out of food.

The FDA will have the power to instruct farmers how to grow their crops. This could result in organic farms being forced to use chemical pesticides and fertilizers, thus reduce or obliterate organic standards.

All food facilities who produce, store, process or sell food will be required to pay an annual mandatory registration fee the 500 dollars. If you ever sell your surplus food to your neighbor then this also includes you.

Any individual person who violates any regulation set by the FDA will face criminal charges with a maximum fine of up to 100,000 dollars per violation and up to ten years in prison.

The legal power to be given to the FDA is horrific by any reasonable person's standards. Which is why the organic farming organisation "The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund" is so strongly opposed to HR 2749. If this Bill should become law then it is more than likely that in the near future the only food available to buy will be processed food either frozen, in a packet or can. Fresh food will become a rarity.

One last point. Even if fruit and vegetables in their natural state are still available there is a high probability that they will not be fresh. The FDA is well known for its support for the irradiation of food. If the FDA get full control of the food supply it is highly likely that they will regulate that all natural unprocessed food is to be irradiated. Their excuse for the irradiation of fresh food - food safety."

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