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The State of Small Farmers Standard of Living and the rural brain drain

What is the state of the standard of living in the US right now.Simply 50% decline as per a recent study:


How about life in rural America and where the most of family farmers livelyhood is located ?


Educated farmers can enrich not just the farms but also the society where they farm.

Are we pursuing a strategy to create more farms and educate more farmers ?Are we concerned about raising the standard of living of farmers  not just their COST of living or MAKING a LIVING?

This is the come back of the 1929 economy of DEPRESSION .Are we prepared to go and dig out the VICTORY GARDEN lessons of the Depression to learn how Americans survived ?


Farmers need answers ..they need acts to remedy the neglected STATE of FARMERS!


History repeats itself only if we are left in the darkness and did not take lessons and do something about raising our standard of living especially by riding the wave of GREEN SUSTAINABLE ENERGY and LIVING !

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