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Homes and homeless ,farms and farmless..1% have excess and access while 99% have none or much "less"!

My friend shared some "estimated virtual " statistics about the homes that are empty and the homeless in the USA.The latter was 3 million of "registered" homeless and the former  of 13 million of  "forclosed "empty homes!!The figures may be higher than you can imagine if a REAL ACTUAL statistics applies!

I stopped to contemplate and ask myself the question of, how many farms or agrarian lands stand empty or deserted while there are so many farmers or able bodied men and women who are registered as unemployed or homeless that  can fill in the gap and jump start the economy just by working the land and PRODUCING food ???

Recently I met an investor who travelled all the way from overseas just to start an Urban Organic Farm on an empty lot of 4 acres .He is building the soil and the infrastucture and it will take him one year to start production.

How many farms were erased and destroyed along with their fertile soil that took hundreds and thousands of years to form just to be replaced by developers mansions or condos that now are sitting empty and vacant??

In this election year I did not hear any politician mention any promises to create more agricultural jobs or farms that could em[ploy more farmers.

Food prices are skyrocketing as a result of higher oil prices,draughts,floods etc..Politicians have money in the bank or banks who back them up and in exchange stimulus money keep the bank afloat to forclose more homes of the common working man and women..

The history of farming in US  lends itself to  outsourcing  our resources to: Mega corporations ,speculators,foreigners ,slaves,migrant farmers etc..

The one   missing link in the farming picture is the small local urban farmer who is marginalized,discouraged,depleted of resources,denied assistance , to say the least.

Farming our own food will jump start the economy as producing ,selling and buying locally grown produce will circulate our dollars within our border and not south or north or you name it where!!

Give the small farmers the land,funds,and help they need and expect more than crops growing.It is the ecconomy that will grow and we will have our  bountiful farms ,homes full and less of  homeless !


A CHINA Man burries himself alive ,protesting CUTiNG DOWN his trees!Hello ,anybody home?

This story makes me remember my precious 8 years old NEEM trees that were destroyed along with the community garden at a DRUG and CRIME infested neighborhood back in 2009..Luckily I had my garden preserved in a local newspaper coveragwe back in 2008..before it became HISTORY!

It was a project that started with DADS or DADS AGAINST DRUGS back  late 1998.It survived untill 2009 after the  (XY)city decided to convert it to a LAND fill.

I was told that I do not EXIST and they removed /destroyed all the NEEM TREES and other vegetations along with the TOP ORGANIC SOIL that we -more than 30 families-built and hauled for TEN YEARS!All was gone back in 2009.I did not think of any way top bring the attention to this ENVIRON-MENTAL shift of THINKING!!

So , how about this story from CHINA about a farmer who spent THIRTY YEARS planting TREES and all were  gone to make place for development!?He burried himself in PROTEST.Does it ring a bell?It did for me..Check it out downbelow:

The HURRICANE season is going to be very busy this SUMMER in Florida.Wonder why?  Man has deforested and destroyed so much of the FERTILE EARTH .As they say.."whatever goes around comes around" around". around" it is time for the EARTH to decide which trees must fall and which land to destroy??

We have ALMOST ,lost all the mango fruit  HERE AS A RESULT OF TROPICAL STORM DEBBY.THERE ARE NOT MUCH  MANGOS HANGING ON THE TREES,We were lucky only few branches fell ,but most of the fruits were lost for the  critters and mosquitoes to feast on.


When will "man" stop the aggression against the EARTH and its inhabitants among which are the TREES?They are not just timber.They are like us.Forms of life that give birth to fruits and food for the living.


Hopefully the CHINA man who burried himself in protest of cutting his trees teaches us a  lesson in protecting our environment!


Climate change, weather change and how to be prepared?Earth Day green awareness and solutions to share ..

Weather conditions change from region to region.As for the climate change we are now on a new map/scale as a new standard classifying the agricultural regions in the US into a different scale of Zones than as previously recognized, due to a change in climate.To learn more about new USDA  map hardinus zones please check out:

To understand what a hardiness zone is , Wikepedia describes it as follows:"A hardiness zone (a subcategory of Vertical Zonation) is a geographically defined area in which a specific category of plant life is capable of growing, as defined by climatic conditions, including its ability to withstand the minimum temperatures of the zone (see the scale on the right or the table below). For example, a plant that is described as "hardy to zone 10" means that the plant can withstand a minimum temperature of -1°C. A more resilient plant that is "hardy to zone 9" can tolerate a minimum temperature of -7°C"

Gardners and farmers should pay more attention to the changes in climate as to protect their crops and be flexible in setting up their planting and harvesting plans.

According to the Weather Meteorologist:"Weather is the state of the air at a certain time and place".

Weather includes temperature ,air pressure,humidity.wind,clouds,rain,snow,storms.In order tp be able to predict the weather changes in the absence of a weather channel screen for example , one simply can observe the AIR layers closestr to the earth surface.Native Americans can tell when it is raining by simplu smelling the the air!How many of us are now able to predict weather changes ? Not so many thanks to the weather predictions offerd on TV,internet etc..

Another way of predicting the weather is to observe migration of certain birds..There are now climate changes in Florida where recently the rain has paid random visits .The grass is yellow at most of the front yards that observe the water restrictions issued by local governments.RAIN Water is now becoming a scarce source with the climate change in S.Florida.The Temperature is also changing extremely hot or cold..Plants are becoming confused and crop failure due to climate change is now a norm here.

Is there a solution one could ask oneself to combat climate change?

Earth Day is the time to stop and ask ourselves for ways to fight global warming and the simple answer to do so is to plant more trees,gardens and stop deforesting ,polluting our water and reducing the carbon foot print.  



Will LEGAL Immigrants /Refugees be the alternative to illegal migrant farmers ?

The future is set on Legal Immigrants Farmers to replace the Illegal Migrant Farmers.There is an EXODUS of illegal migrant farmers here in the US , goung back back home to Mexico and central and south America.

The immigration laws set by the STAES like Arizona,Alabama,California,Georgia etc..are encouraging immigrant farmers to migrate back home .Who will be the hands to replace those farmers is the question yet to be answered?

Here is a report by the NYT that sheds a light on the alternatives:


The case is not just so easy to tackle.Controversy is always the answer.Many alternatives chief among those in the short run will focus on Legal Immigrants and Refugees  skilled farming hands and education .

In the long term, focus should be on EDUCATING our young generation to take Farming Jobs SERIOUSLY!

As we hear a lot of TALK on CREATING JOBS , we barley mention anything about incentives,stimulus,fringe benefits that are essentially needed to be allocated to Farmin Jobs to attract more Americans to fill in the THE BLANK!!!

Will LRGAL Immigrants /Refugees be the alternative to illegal migrant farmers ?

The future is set on Legal Immigrants Farmers to replace the Illegal Migrant Farmers.There is an EXODUS of illegal migrant farmers here in the US back home.

The immigration laws set by the STAES like Arizona,Alabama,California,Georgia etc..are encouraging immigrant farmers to migrate back home .Who will be the hands to replace those farmers is the question yet to be answered?

Here is a report by the NYT that sheds a light on the alternatives:


The case is not just so easy to tackle.Controversy is always the answer.Many alternatives chief among those in the short run will focus on Legal Immigrants and Refugees  skilled farming hands and education .

In the long term, focus should be on EDUCATING our young generation to take Farming Jobs SERIOUSLY!


Learning HOW to GARDEN the ORGANIC WAY .Grow a GARDEN ! Organic produce prices are set to SOAR!

Organically speaking , in order to learn HOW to grow your own food NATURALLY, you must first shift your mind ,body and spirit into the ORGANIC gear mode!

Nature grows fruits and vegetables in a PROCESS.So , you need to slow down and be patient while working with  the elements and tackling the garden challenges.

Next step is to hook up to a local organic gardening network ,community garden,local urban farmer  to learn from their experience.

Taking a series of Organic Gardening Classes from certified and experienced HORTICULTURIST is  HIGHLY recommended!

From my experience teaching Organic Gardening classes ,here in the TROPICS, I found out that people have a WISHFUL THINKING  DESIRE to grow their own food and $ave, but they take their time and procrastinate before DOING IT!

The prices of organic produce have been sky rocketing lately due to inclement weather ,like flooding,draught etc..

Remember that spending big money on expensive classes that teach you THEORIES and overwhelm you with BLA BLA BLA ,is not enough.

Hands on and practicing what you learn in class is of the ESSENCE, especially  on one on one!

Small group classes give you an opportunity to interact and ask questions in addition to practicng  what you learn right in the GARDEN!

Planning ahead of time for a garden budget,classes,garden work schedule and a small area to start with your experimentation , is of extreme importance.

Practice makes perfect as they say.This is your chance to apply what you have learned.I prefer that you hire a gardening coach to walk you through the gardening process.Learning garden ergonimcs helps you keep your back on track and..your farm firm body out of harm way!

Start small with baby steps .Rekindle  your  zest by reconnecting with MOTHER EARTH!Go grow a productive  garden!Go GREEN and SAVE on GREEN BUCKS before too late.Produce prices are set to SOAR as per study:

 Stay tuned and learn MORE @:!


How small farmers markets are going to dodge the DEBT DEFAULT?What is really going on at the Financial market?

There are so many speculations and hypothesis now bidding for a financial collapse  if the US dollar falls.The Farmers financial market is showing a distress signal as the heat and draught harvest the crops and more of the grain goes to produce the green oil for cars rather than for food.Prices for cotton and grains are soaring as more speculations are influencing the commodities market.

Farming Land is shrinking .As the markets for food production now react negatively wityh the Debt do the small farmer react ?

I am reading a book by Dr.Stephen Leeb : GAME OVER" and much of the hidden financial news are beibng revealed in thw pages.

Here are some glimpses for you to share and be patient to watch the story unfolds on your blank screen.Count for 30 before you give up watching it also as you click on top of page:The Cash Cow!..Be Patient :


How the "Farmer's Market"will reactto the DEFAULTS in the" FINANCIAL MARKET" , is the question to ask rather than "how to grow a tomato in a draught!

During the GREAT DEPRESSION the worst who were hit were the farmers and the factory workers.So far the GREAT DEEP RECESSION of our days is keeping us in a safe HAVEN altogether protected by trillions of DEBTS and virtually healthy market if you only read/watch  the "DAYLIGHT"MAIN STRWEAM MEDIA .


Farmers unlike politicians and merchants have their hands dirty with soil .No blood on their hands and green fingers unless they have an animal farm .I mean an actual anim,al farm different than the one of GEORGE ORWELL. WELL know what I mean..or don't you?


Come the financial draught news about the default and rising the level of national debt ..Are we going to receive those SOCIAL SECURITY checks in August or not.Some of my SENIOR friends are now considering to start a VICTORY garden in their backyards.

The news is not new to them , they lived in the DEPRESSION and they know how it looks like.So my senior citizen friend wants to get rid of the grass and start a tomasto garden..incase the socila security check did not arrive in August!

Here are some of the un MUTTED news to refresh your memory about the DEFAULT and the DEBT$ that iare  threatening our daily bread and butter:


As thwey say it is good to know.If you want to get into it is BETTER to know more LAST WORDS FINANCIAL PROGRAM  at CNBC .THE NIGHT LATE NEWS IS NOT THE SAME as the day light news..Is that why we have this as truth   "BEING KEPT IN THE DARK".???Wake up and read /watch the LATE DARK  NIGHT news.It is different!


The new agricultural paradigm: New hardy zones to accomodate the Climate Changes and New home grown Farmers!

The supreme court UPHOLDS  an Arizona 2007 law to hire only legal status employees.Check oput the New York Times front page headlines of today.Fourteen restaurants were raided and the owner fined 10 million for hiring illegal immigrants.Learn more about the article:


Also ,Check out :

This is good news for the American work force who want to work menial jobs in restaurants/construction/farms with less pay and no insurance and benefits.Now let us find replacements for the ones fired to avoid more business banckruptcy!Now let us send more unemployed to work in the farms and restaurents targeted employing illegal immigrants.Now let us bring more opportunities for the LEGAL IMMIGRANTS who WANT to WORK in RESTAURANTS?HOTELS?FARMS...etc..


Canada has an immigration policy that attracts EDUCATED IMMIGRANTS.They have opportunities to fill for those who arrive to work and follow the law of the land.Why not follow  Canada's immigration steps that enrich the ecconomy with skilled /educated immigrants .I beleive the Obama Administration is doing the right thing by targeting employers who hire illegal immigrants and break the law by doing so.The Administration is sending a message by hurting the law breakers at their pockets!

There is CHANGE in the AIR!

Climate changes are now adding more hardships to farmers and gardeners.In addition to the unprecedented current floodings/twisters-tornadoes that are destroying more of towns and structures, the impact on crops production is not that better either.More crops are lost as the inclement weather harvests / destroys the crops as well as the homes!


There is now a new map on the works for new Agriculture Hardy Zones to replace the old one.We need more helping hands reaching out to the small farmers community.Your voice counts in the coming elections.Vote for small farmers in office who REALLY stand up for the farmers and not for the LOBBIESTS of BIG AGRI-BUSINESS!! 


Animal Farm Abuse in the News...Check it out ...very scary!

I was reading the NYT of today and I was shocked to read an article about the abuse of animals at the is an excerpt, I qoute the NYT:

"States Look to Ban Efforts to Reveal Farm Abuse

Undercover videos showing grainy, sometimes shocking images of sick or injured livestock have become a favorite tool of animal rights organizations to expose what they consider illegal or inhumane treatment of animals.

A Humane Society video from 2010 showed conditions at Iowa farms owned by two of the nation's largest egg producers.

Made by animal rights advocates posing as farm workers, such videos have prompted meat recalls, slaughterhouse closings, criminal convictions of employees and apologies from corporate executives assuring that the offending images are an aberration.

In Iowa, where agriculture is a dominant force both economically and politically, such undercover investigations could soon be illegal.

A bill before the Iowa legislature would make it a crime to produce, distribute or possess photos and video taken without permission at an agricultural facility. It would also criminalize lying on an application to work at an agriculture facility “with an intent to commit an act not authorized by the owner.”

Similar legislation is being considered in Florida and Minnesota, part of a broader effort by large agricultural companies to pre-emptively block the kind of investigations that have left their operations uncomfortably — and unpredictably — open to scrutiny.

Their opponents, including national groups that oppose industrial farming practices, say these undercover investigations have been invaluable for revealing problems and are a form of whistle-blowing that should be protected. They argue that the legislation, if passed, would essentially hide animal abuse and food safety violations.

More details at the web link below:


Community living and farming while being DIFFERENT: racially and HORTI_culturally speaking.

I am naive about the way humans treat each others in this INFORMATION past industrial age..not to mention being an URBAN farmer living in a Southern city .


Most of us do not know how to communicate well without the F and M F rich vocabilary of profanity.Add to this the racial divide among whites,blacks,moslems,christians and you name it.People here in the South are so much addicted to UNDER  the influences whether racial or halucinational name them!

Excuse my naivity ,and try to explain to me so I can  understand , why we here in this 21st century regime change facebook revolutions and demionstrations :why we feel dormant and timid here in the heart of DEMOCRACY  country We invade other countries with bombs to teach them a lesson in democracy ??.What is the point? It is not the ecconomy stupid! Its we  stupified ,nullifed,and pacified by the ecconomy .

WE are losing our jobs,homes,cars,farms,lands (soon our minds)to the banks and we go and deny it all and point the finger at a dictator like kadafi or Hussein and let the programmed TV audience be distracted rather than demonstrating  against the local evils done to their lives and homes.

While Americans are  now being thrown into the streets as homeless by our own banks and partners ,politicians etc We still go to wqars to preac Democrady by FIRE."To whom are you reading your psalms , David?" The bible asks!..

What matters most?Being rational or racial?Being one will negate the other..You choose!You can not be both and stay mentally stable!


Some prefer to be financially stable rather than mentally..Thats why we are here!End of venting!


I want to talk about peiople  who put on masks and hide their intentions and identities to inflict pain emotionally and racially on others and go by the traditions of sifting people by being defining them as either  gentiles or  jews.Blacks or whites.Immigrants or citizens ...and so forth ...This is exactly what happened in Germany during the THIRD REICH...First they went after the JEWS.Then they went after the GYPSIES.Then they went after the Comminist and the homosexuals ...and by the time it was XY turn one was left  to HELP.

Here is another ficticious   scenario ."They started with the Moslems, then the Latinos and immigrants the Christian radicals ..then the you name it radicals.. bY THE TIME  they WILL come to GET  you,,,nobody will beLEFT to HELP you.JUST SAYING A FICTITIOUS SCENARIO..IT  HAPPENED ONLY IN A DREAM!!

So keep on feeding  the racial profiling the time it will reach one will be left to help you.


What is in common between farmers and the Roman Empire?

The Roman Empire  did good things, excluding  conquerring other countries and trading and using slaves ,  to remember like for example: Introducing canals  systems for irrigation.

One other thing that most of us do not know was that the Roman Empire employed and enlisted FARMERS to go to wars.They had horses ,  and that was a prerequisit to join the military then,owning a horse!

So what is common now and then aboutThe Roman  Empire and Farmers? 


Simply speaking as many SMALL local  farmers now struggle to make a living (may be you have heard that they do well,but in reality they DO NOT!):They are  getting out of business and relinquishing their farms to the Big Agri or just abandoning it to the banks as they default on  mortgages or fail to  compete with the Mexicans or Chinese farming products .

I found a common an interesting denominator while watching a  below video clip , may be you can find the same thing too:It is good to know  that farmers of the Roman Empire were the soldiers as well , and much more,as this video clip shows:



How to apply Feng Shui to the Organic Productive Garden

The Chinese introduced Feng Shui while the Japanese introduced REI -CHI pronounced as REIKI.

Both are towards alignment and balance of the CHI , the latter for BEINGS and the former for OBJECTS .Gardening is a Therapy as used in Japan .Touch is a Therapy as used by TWIN-NA and TRADITIONAL CHINESE China .Both are meant to align the CHI and bring in balance.


The native Americans speak of the four elements of creation:Water,Air,Earth and Fire.The chinese added to them Metal.

The ancient Greek s introduced to us Hippocretes the father of Medicine:He said:Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.The greeks like the Chinese and the Native Americans gathered herbs and harvested food from the wilderness and back yard gardens.Where are we now?

Happy Feng Shui Gardening!


To learn more about Organic Gardening :Come to my Classes .Schedules

Check out coming events box.

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Do a random act of kindness this memorial day .Help a needy or struggling human being.

This memorial day let us be kind to the living as well.I am writing this article from the office next to a rammage sale of three community churchesthat have a Hunger project and another act of charity to feed the homeless through a food pantry that draws donations from neighbors and the community by just knocking on doors and asking for donations to a food drive .

Today the traffic at the rummage sale was slow.There is a truck that is full of clothes , it is being offered for free because customers did not show up in numbers and the clothes need to be recycled to humans and not to the trash bins.

Yes, the trash bins get a lot of our excess.I am going to give a class next week in collaboration with a city official about composting.Awareness helps as well.So spread the good news and be part ofit ratgher than condemning darkness:Light a candle!

How many of us recycle our food scrapings from the kitchen?How many of us share thier leftovers with a hungry soul?

Compassion is ssomething we humans grow in our heart and harvest as a spiritual and emotional fulfilment that brings us joy and comfort .

Acts of kindness will remind us that we are mortals and need to  help each others and recycle LOVE in acts of kindness even to strangers.

I feel good today becasue I donated few bucks to the teens who were  were selling water to raise funds for their summer camp.I felt good because I shared the joy and the smile with those school kids who were working for collecting funds for a youth program that will keep them active in a positive way.You can do it as well.

Happy memorial day. 


Basic tips to start an organic veggie garden for CHILDREN and the DISABLED

Children and the disabled share one thing in common:Difficulty to EFFICIENTLY  utilize body functional movement in gardening chores.Whether it was the tiny hands , weak and still developing muscles and bone structure of children or the physical disability of the adult .The outcome is the same .DIFFICULTY in pushing,lifting,pulling,bending movement.To adress this we need to adjust the garden to fit into the world of both of children and disabled adults.


There are many ways to garden for  children and the disabled.Here are some samples of  tips to choose from:

1-Container Gardening or planting box

2-Raised beds , trellises and vertical gardening accessible with special routes for wheel chairs.

3-Hanging baskets sitting on tables and accessible for wheel chairs.

4-Small pots and containers for seeding and seedlings transplant.

5-planting in bags of top soil placed on elevated ground.


ERGON-OMICS is a GREEK word.The prefix refers to" work injuries "and the suffix to the "study of"!

1-ERGONOMIC TOOLS.There are tools in the market that are labeled as ERGONOMIC , take advantage and buy some.

One must pay attention though and double check the tools by trying them first and feeling them!They must be light and bent at certain angles to fit the grab of the tiny wrists of kids and the vulnerability of the disabled.Some tools are labled ergonomic for the purpose of influencing the PURCHASE DECISION more or less.An experienced  certified horticulturist/gardener or farmer should be consulted prior to making the purchase.

2-Follow ERGONOMIC BODY functional movement:Being a certified massage therapist and a certified master gardener, I speak from my personal experience and education .I studied both the anatomy and physiology of the human BODY  in addition to  Plant botany and gardening as well.I beleive that the positioning of the human body is of the essence.Functional movement of the muscles and body postures are of utmost importance to study and apply what is SAFE while in the farm or the garden to avoid injuries .An ounce of prevention is worth more than a ton of medication .A wise advice can bring you a prize!

Most Horticultural educational proograms, I know of, do not include gardening ergonomics in their curriculum.So, it is best to do your own home work or hire someone who has the know how and the HANDS ON GROUND experience to teach you.I stray away from opportunists and self proclaimed organic gardeners who do not have the appropriate LOCAL EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE! Always consult with your health practitioner before engaging in any kind of gardening or physical work .A gardener must not be a substitute to your DOCTOR.A lot of  gardeners I know of suffer back pain from injuries in the garden or other accidents due to IGNORANCE and wrong body movements or tools utilization.

Your human body is the vehicle that moves you around ,take care of your body first.Be safe.Wear safety garden gear.Drink a lot of water.

Have a Happy and SAFE gardening.



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