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Top Ten Nutrative and Medicinal values of the Tropical Fruit Trees Series:Part one-MANGO

Welcome to South Florida Summer.Now start eating Tropical fruits high in Nutrition and Medicinal values.

Mango is world wide known as the KING of Fruit Trees.It grows in the Tropics from S.Florida all the way to Africa,Carribean,South America and South East Asia(India-Thailand).In Latin America Indegenous cultures of the Incas and Asztecas,it is a folk medicine known also as the food of the Gods !!

It has  either green yellowish,yellowish red or yellowish orange color.It is best picked from the TREE half ripe and eaten ripe .You do not want to squeeze the fruit to test if ripe.Simply smell it.It has a sweat mango smell that no one can miss!

 Here is South Florida the Mango season starts in May.It lasts till October.There are many varietis of mango .Chief among them are the :Haitian mango,Edward and much more  .....

I eat mango from my garden trees and share some with my neighbors.Locally grown and harvested is the best types of mango to choose from.How do you eat mango?

Best as Fruit salad,pickle,juice,jam,and slightly cooked with rice or your favorite spicy curried vegetables or fish for a zesty and fruity flavor..

What are the nutritional and  medicinal values of mango?

Note:You need to check out with your doctor or health professional if you are allergic to mango first , before you consume any.This narration is only for information and you may not use it as alternative to a professional medical prescription or advice.Mango has no medicinal cure nor is it alternative to prescription drugs.

1. Mango Rich in antioxidant Beta-Carotene: 
. Beta-carotene is a substance in the body that is converted to vitamin A (essential nutrients for the function of the retina). Beta-carotene is also classified as antioxidant, compounds that can provide protection against cancer because it can neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are molecules produced by unstable by the body's normal chemical processes, solar or cosmic radiation, cigarette smoke, and environmental influences others.

2. High in Anti-Oxidant Vitamin C:

Vitamin C content of the mango accounted worthy enough. Every 100 grams of ripe mangoes can be eaten to supply as much vitamin C 41 mg, young mango and even to 65 mg. Means, by consuming 150 grams of ripe mango or mango doll 200 grams (1 / 2 small pieces), the adequacy of vitamin C is recommended for men and women per day (each 60 mg) can be fulfilled.

3. Rich in Minerals especially POTASSIUM and Magnesium :

One study showed that when someone adds a high-potassium fruit into a pattern of daily food, fatal stroke risk can be reduced by 40 percent. Extra consumption of 400 mg of potassium each day can reduce the possibility of getting heart disease and blood vessels.

4. Cancer Prevention:
The experts believe Mango is the source of a carotenoid called beta crytoxanthin, the material is good to fight penumpas cancer.

5. Rich in Digestive enzymes and B-vitamins:, health, eyes, mouth, and throat
Acid content of error in the mango is very good for the digestive tract. While its riboflavin content is very good for the eyes, mouth, and throat.

6. Acts as prevention for  various diseases

Mango is also potent to help cure various diseases, including dermatitis, flu, asthma, vision problems, bleeding gums, sore throat, inflammation of the airways, shortness of breath and ulcers. It also can handle boils, scabies, eczema, abdominal colic, diarrhea, motion sickness, worms, loss of appetite, vaginal discharge, menstrual disorders, hernias and rheumatism.

7. Mangoes help losing weight and detox blood :It is good
as blood cleaner, and to eliminate body odor. Mangoes are considered able to clean the blood flow and reduce excess body heat and cool the body. Besides ,mango is also good to get rid of body odor.

8-Mangos a re rich in fiber that stimulates peristalisis and bowel movement.

9-Mango tea.Try to dry the shell of the mango which is rich in bio-flavanoids .It is cooling  and refreshing as the temperature rises in the tropics, cool down with mango tea.

10-Last but not least:Mango is an aphrodisiac for better sexin

Note:Mango in South Florida grows all over.It is abundant and FREE to pick in the wild .Neighbors share the mango fruit if you ask for some , you will never be disappointed !Also,many home owners like to get rid of it rather than having rodents feed on mangos that fall off the ground and attract flies!


Tango Mango???..Or if you need help harvesting your mango tree , pleasegive me a buzz!!!I will be glad to offer FREEHELPING "MYSELF"!




The main stream media catches up on the Family Farmers losses in the aftermath of Irene.

I am so happy to read today in the NYT that finally someone cared about telling the tale of damages to farms and small farmers in the aftermath of TROIPICAL STORM IRENE.Check this out and my earlier blog article on the same subject .

I had the first response in reporting that farmers were hit the most especially in the New WEngland /Vermont?NY/Connecticut...Check this out  :




Small space organic garden in South Florida:The options,challenges and possibilities for the new gardener in the tropics!!

Florida has just experienced another threat of a tropical storm :Irene.It was projected to be a category 4 Hurricane and it  did not happen !

It ended up heading towards the Carolinas.

Fear and ignorance are the MAIN  negative emotions that keep us away from reaching out to fulfil our goals.Succumbing and giving in to the bad habits of: Stereotyping,hearsay,rumors,he said she said eyc type of "RATIONAL" leads us to same destination of NO WHERE!

So for those who have  phobias , fed by watching TV and reading main stream media news , it is time to break that indoor static oppsessive and OBESIVE habit and head outdoors! It is about time since procrastinating for so long about growing your own food in the tropics of S.Florida !

If I could do  it,so can you!

I say:Flush out your fears first!Then replace your ignorance with AWARENESS organic gardening classes!Here is one class for those who love FREE stuff:

Composting class offered on September 10th at Lake Worth.Where the TROPICS BEGIN!More details at my web link below!

Taking a class on growing your own food even if you have no backyard garden is an important step to come close to your goal of URBAN FARMING.

The Options:

If you live in an apartment or studio :Small space productive gardening in S.Florida might be an alternative to choose instead of buying your expensive organic produce .If you lose your job or home and get evicted , then you may salvage your container garden and take it with you!

Growing herbs and vegetables in containers suits the Home of the Hurricanes state.You can move your container garden to safety if a Hurricane hits!

There are so many ways and places   to garden even if you do not have access for a garden.Here are some options:Your patio,balcony,door entrance,kitchen ,roof top  or at a  community garden near by .I have done so  for the last twenty years and I had lots of food  without even owning a property!

For the small space :You can use trellis,hanging baskets,pots as a portable garden medium.

The challenges:

Lack of organic gardening awareness is the most common challenge especially for new comers to S,.Florida.Take a class on organic gardening and dispel the challenge.The tropical heat,humidity,mosquitos and pests etc  are another challenge from Mother Nature.I can teach you how to deal with them , and turn the Lemon into Lemonade!


The possibilities:

Growing your own food is a possibility if you choose to convert the challenges into a solution for your health and financial issues.Can not afford the expensive organic  produce anymore?Try to grow them,  even in your limited space area.I can teach you how this coming Saturday.Be open.Be patient.Be positive!

More details about my classes :Read Natural Awakening PBC Magazine or visit my  below web @:



I have contributed in growing and teaching organic gardening at seven community gardens for the last twenty years .I remember growing organic crops at a community garden land owned by a S.Florida city for 9 years .More than forty families had plots and contributed in transforming the  neglected minority neighborhood and crime infested city plot into a flourishing /organic FERTILE soil enriched  community garden.It  was later on turned into a LAND FILL LOT by the city.In a TWEEK quick WIMP decision ,they cancelled the TOIL of a decade of farming /labor / fertile soil building /for   a dumping site  land fill!

Here is another similar situation to take lesson from and it is just happening right now.Another city is trying to destroy another fertile farm land to build on it a football field:



Welcome to the Sub-tropical Florida:Now start SPEAKING...I mean ..EATING tropical fruits!

Why it is ESSENTIAL to eat tropical fruits and grow Fruit Trees in S.FLORIDA  ?Check out why they are sooo goood for you!

By ORGANIC Master Gardener: Tony Dagher

Most of us get confused when asked why S.Florida is called TROPICAL.

No more.It falls between the laterals of the Cancer and Capricorn tropics. Just like a sandwich or sub that squeezes all those juicy tomato fruits and tropical veggies like halloo…S.Florida is squeezed in a SUB-TROPICAL zone 10-11.Voila !GO NATIVE ..TRO...TRO... TRO-PICAL

Now what the heaven do we have for fruit cocktail other than the usual RUM? Here are some healthy fruits to order when you are enjoying a S.Florida visit:

Avocado uses: Culinary-salads fresh example: Gucomole! Medicinal: Helps you lose weight and lower the cholesterol level as per the native folk’s recipes!

Banana: Rich in Potassium and good for body building. A complete food!

Carambola: Or star fruit. Good source of vitamin C…

Guava: Ask a Latino what is the best SWEATS …pastel to eat and the answer will be GUAVA!

Coconut: The water is a good source of trace minerals. Women swear by its effects on the kidneys and other female challenges (hot flashes for example as per the native grandmother’s tales!)Men: Drink as much as you want and you will never get drunk but your immune system will soar and score high. I call it the fountain of youth still to be discovered by a future expedition to the TROPICS~! :)

Elderberry: They prepare medicine from it in EUROPE and we just ignore it here!

Grapefruit: In France they start the Entree with a half grape fruit before they start their dinner to cleanse the system first before we nourish it. Great source of Vitamin C and helps to lose weight when eaten regularly before the meal!

Loquat: Now in season. Grows wild in Florida. The leaves are used for tea to clear the soar throat .When eaten ripe it helps in digestion.

Lemon: Helps to fight the common cold and flu...and boosts the immune system and offcourse assists in losing weight when eaten with salds...olive oil and garlic. Bon appetite Italiano!

Lychee: Ask the Chinese .Good for you…sure!

Mango: Rich in vitamins A and C…Tastes soooooo good!

Orange: Ask a local! Good for the flu and good for you!

Papaya: Mama mia…Papa what?The Japanese and Chinese make tea from the leaves.We here in S.Florida eat ripe and fresh…Helps in digestion and has a great enzyme:Papayin that helps out in digesting meat…Another name:Meat tenderizer as the Island people call it!


Want to know more….Stay tuned to the Topics from Tropics!








The lost and found art of Indigenous Tropical Food Plants.Say no to unproductive ornamentals and YES to the INCREDIBLE TROPICAL EDIBLES!


I have lived and worked for the last twenty years in the Tropics .I have met a lot of indigenous people whose families lived for generations in Florida .Among those I met and learned from are Native Floridians, Native Americans from the Seminole and Mikosoki Nations in addition to many people from the Caribbean region. To the new comers who like to explore the taste of indigenous edible plants of the Tropics, a word of wisdom is: Start growing your own and excavating your neighborhood and backyard vegetations.

One of my favorite indigenous herbs is: CERRASSE.

 It is a native vine mostly known to the indigenous peoples of the Carribean.It grows usually during the hot and warm seasons of the summer, fall and spring. Up to the start of the first cold waves of the winter here in S.Florida.


 The ancient Chinese TCM herbalists knew about this precious herb thousands of years ago and used it in TCM to treat the LIVER, GALLBLADER and KIDNEY. It is a bitter herb, usually the the leaf is dried and used as a tea. Also the vine produces a fruit that the peoples of SOUTH ASIA, especially INDIA, used it extensively in AYEURVEDIC MEDICINE .They called it KERALA.

 Fortunately this herb grows through out our tropical S.Florida region and only few people take notice of its amazing benefits. We have a lot of visitors from other parts of the USA who when in Florida keep their habits of eating and drinking as they used to UO NORTH. So they miss on the therapeutic benefits of the THERMAL and COOLANT properties of the TROPICAL REGION by omitting the locally grown indigenous food plants like the above.

Another different indigenous vegetable that grows in the wild in the Tropics is: KALALOO.It is a different form of SPINACH. Very rich in minerals especially IRON. The Jamaicans and the peoples of the Caribbean islands include it more frequently in their cuisine. The green leaf of Kalaloo is sweater than the ordinary spinach we usually know. It also has an edible stem that can be cooked, juiced and used in salads raw. Women of the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean region eat a lot of Kalaloo as it is a good source for minerals especially IRONS! It purifies and fortifies the blood humors as it is known in the folklore medicine here. It is mostly cultivated in the wild and some natives domesticate its growing in their backyard. It needs a rich soil that is not prone to flooding.


 Cuban Oregano:

This herb was voted the HERB OF THE YEAR 2005.It can be propagated by cutting the leaf and planting it in the local soil that is sandy and well drained.It is a hardy plant that survives hurricanes and draughts. It is usually taken as in tea or salad for middle ear infections, flu, head aches, backackes and much more…

There are more tropical indigenous herbs to mention...Best thing come and join our local members as we meet each Saturday to discuss and learn more aboyt ORGANIC GARDENING TOPICS OF THE TROPICS.


More details at our calender of events listings @:



If you are a locavore ,a vgeterian  or a RAW FOODIST living in South Florida, you will like to try a TROPICAL menu that fits into the sizzling heat of the South and keeps you COOL!.

As an appetizer  there is nothing equal to a coconut water or even better than a grape fruit to start with a lunch  or dinner menu.

Other Tropical fruit juices : papaya ,star fruit,pineapple,citrus,watermelon are good sources of vitamins,minerals and enzymes.They are best assimilated when taken fresh .Fruits act on cleansing our system while vegies act on nourishing and replenishing.

Try this Southern GREEN  Energy JUICE  for a starter:

A bunch of collard greens.Abunch of dandelion.One cup of arugola leaves.Two cucumbers.One whole  apple.Four carrots with green tops.half a beat with garlic or slice of ginger.Juice all the above and feel the energy boost!

Among my  favorite  RAW FOOD Tropical salads are  :

1- Locally grown Heirloum  Tomato salad:  

 preparation time :10 minutes

Cut one avocado into slices.Dice a locally grown heirloum tomato.Squeeze half a Florida lemon or one key west lime.Crush one Gelroy garlic glove into a pinch of seasalt.Add 2 table spoons of Extra Virgin olive Oil, top with feta cheese grumbles.Toss salad into a bowl, mix  with  dressing.Refrigerate 3 minutes.Serve fresh and enjoy!

2-Florida  Sprouted Quinoa / DandelionTabouleh salad:   

 preparation time: 15 minutesTime

Soak half a cup of organic quinoa for ten minutes.Add : two diced locally grown heirloum tomatoes, fine mince a handfull of parsley,cut two onion scalions, cube dice one cucumber,chop three leaves of dandelion green tops.Toss  salad mix into bowl , add dressing of three table spoons of extra Virgin  olive oil,One squeezed lemon otr two limes,a dash of sea salt and black pepper.Refrigerate for 5 minutes.Serve and enjoy!

3-Popeye Florida spinach salad:

Preparation time: 15 minutes 

Cut a handful of Florida Kalaloo spinach  leaves along with peeled stem.Cut a handful of locally grown collard greens.Dice one heirloum tomato.peel and slice one cucumber .crush one garlic glove into a dash of sea salt and cayyenne pepper.Squeeze half a lemon or one lime.Add three extra virgin olive oil.Toss and mix ingredients.Serve fresh.Enjoy!


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