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2nd Annual "Why I Want A German Angora" Contest


Millennial Way Farm is sponsoring the 2nd annual "Why I Want A German Angora" contest. 

This year we are looking for youtube video submissions. These videos can be filmed with your computer, cell phone or camera. If you don't know how to upload your videos, check out the tutorial videos on YouTube. You can find all of the specific details for the contest on the contest rules page. 

This year contestants will be competing for the opportunity to win a 100% Full German Buck (adult rabbit). Meet the lucky guy on his own page "Meet Charles"!

We hope you consider entering our contest! 


This year we are requesting that the video submissions be posted on YouTube. When making your video, we would like you to answer the following questions: Why do you want a German Angora specifically? What would you do with the fiber produced? Are you a fiber artist? If so, what inspiried you to work with fiber? Have you had any experience with raising Angoras? Do you have transportation from Arkansas to your location?

Steps for entering: 

1. Start by making a video of yourself answering the questions above. This video can be made with your computer/laptop, cell phone or camera.

2. Once you have taken your video, please post it on YouTube. If you don't know how to upload check out the wonderful tutorial videos on YouTube.

3. Email us the link to your video along with your email address, phone number and where you are located (all of the personal information will be kept private). 

4. Make sure to like Millennial Way Farm on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (if you have an account). 

Contest Website:

Contest YouTube Video:



Millennial Way Farm for the first time ever sponsored the "Why I Want A German Angora" Contest Giveaway. We are planning on hosting this contest yearly, so please check back often.

We would like to thank all those who participated in the 2011 Spring contest! The winners entries can be found under the "Spring Winners" page on the "Why I Want A German Contest". We will be sure to take pictures of the winners with their new angoras later this year.

1st Place Best Overall - Erin Smith (Hillsboro, Texas)

                     One Free Full German Buck w/Pedigree***

1st Place Most Creative Idea - Mike Burns (Sherwood, Arkansas)

                      One Free Full German Buck w/Pedigree***

2nd Place - E. Marie Lawler (Bloomingdale, Ohio)

                   50% Off of a Full German Angora Buck of choice***

3rd Place - Melody Conatser (Mountain View, Arkansas)

                   25% Off of a Full German Angora Buck of choice***

4th Place - Beverly McConnell (Havana, Arkansas)

                  10% Off of a Full German Angora Buck of choice &  two ounces of White Prime Clip Angora***

***All winners will chose from the available Angoras offered on our blog.

Thanks for all of your support and for making our first ever contest such a sucess.

Make sure to add Millennial Way Farm to your favorite networks! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Ravelry, Blogger, YouTube and more!

Thanks, Mallory Stack @ Millennial Way Farm


Angora Rabbit Contest Giveaway - Millennial Way Farm

Check out the following link for the contest giveaway "Why I Want A German Angora"! We look forward to hearing from you!

"Why I Want A German Angora" Contest - NOW ACCEPTING ENTRIES!

Millennial Way Farm in now accepting entries and we want to hear from YOU! Make sure to submit your entries. This contest closes March 15th 2011. Send all entries to our email ( Entries can be either submitted as a written report or short video.


"Why I Want A German Angora"

We hope you will join us.... please feel free to post comments.


More Contest Information!

Now 13 days until the start of our contest.... remember to submit your entries.

The contest website is

Thanks, Millennial Way Farm

"Why I Want A German Angora" Contest Spring 2011

Have you ever wanted an Angora? Millennial Way Farm is sponsoring for the first time ever the “Why I Want A German Angora” contest. This contest is to encourage those who want an Angora bunny to pursue their dream.

Send your name, email, phone number, and a video of yourself explaining why YOU want an German Angora to us at

1st Prize:
One Free Full German Angora Rabbit Buck w/Pedigree**

2nd Prize:
50% Off a Full German Angora Rabbit of your choice**

3rd Prize:
25% Off a Full German Angora Rabbit of your choice**

4th Prize:
10% Off a Full German Angora Rabbit of your choice** & Two Ounces of White Prime Clip Angora

**delivery not included, initial care consultation included.... The contest runs from February 15th-March 15th, 2011. The entries will be voted on by our entire family and a final decision will be posted on “Why I Want A German Angora” contest site.

Millennial Way Farm – Little Rock, Arkansas
By entering this contest you give Millennial Way Farm the rights to use your video and information on the “Why I Want A German Angora” contest website and on promotional blogs and websites for the German Angora breed.



Back From Maryland Sheep & Wool

Hi Everyone!

About a week ago we were at Maryland Sheep and Wool festival in MD. It was wonderful to see old friends, shop for fibers and yarns, be in the spinning contest and most of all SPOT new trends. This years trend for yarn seemed to be soild colors, the self-striping yarn seem to have gone out. There were many vendors as always, and lots of food. We always promise ourself that we will buy fiber not food, which is a good thing since many people spend their time eating! I much rather be spinning!!! haha....

Well I better sign off for now. Keep checking back.

Mallory @ Millennial Way Farm & Celestial Studio


Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome! We are now back on Local Harvest. You will find rovings & yarns from our own animals on this website. Please check back for monthly deals!
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