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2nd Annual "Why I Want A German Angora" Contest


Millennial Way Farm is sponsoring the 2nd annual "Why I Want A German Angora" contest. 

This year we are looking for youtube video submissions. These videos can be filmed with your computer, cell phone or camera. If you don't know how to upload your videos, check out the tutorial videos on YouTube. You can find all of the specific details for the contest on the contest rules page. 

This year contestants will be competing for the opportunity to win a 100% Full German Buck (adult rabbit). Meet the lucky guy on his own page "Meet Charles"!

We hope you consider entering our contest! 


This year we are requesting that the video submissions be posted on YouTube. When making your video, we would like you to answer the following questions: Why do you want a German Angora specifically? What would you do with the fiber produced? Are you a fiber artist? If so, what inspiried you to work with fiber? Have you had any experience with raising Angoras? Do you have transportation from Arkansas to your location?

Steps for entering: 

1. Start by making a video of yourself answering the questions above. This video can be made with your computer/laptop, cell phone or camera.

2. Once you have taken your video, please post it on YouTube. If you don't know how to upload check out the wonderful tutorial videos on YouTube.

3. Email us the link to your video along with your email address, phone number and where you are located (all of the personal information will be kept private). 

4. Make sure to like Millennial Way Farm on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (if you have an account). 

Contest Website:

Contest YouTube Video:

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